Bang & Olufsen Bang and Olufsen Limited Edition BeoPlay Form 2i Headphones – : Five Stars

These are perfect for use with my ipad for discreetly watching tv in bed. The sound quality is superb and the fit over the ear very good, without the drawback of hot ears from the closed-style headphones. I have noticed that there appears to be an acoustic sweet spot in wearing these; if you don’t put them in the right place on your ear, the sound comes through as quite tinny and a bit flat; get it right (which doesn’t take much practice to be honest) and the sound is rich, full and bassy. The headset is very attractive and well made. Overall, i couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

My son bought himself a set of h6 headphones which he describes as like “having a kitten on your head”. They’re a bit rich for my blood but i have a b&o ouverture on my wall and have had a set of b&o earphones for about 15 years so i fancied trying these at a brilliant price. They are not the nicest looking set on the market, they don’t grip your head so you can bop around the house but. My sennheiser wireless set will now be relegated to gaming.

Received these today —–excellent sound quality, very light design and does not “clamp” on your ears as my other set do , so no problems with sore ears after an hour of listening to music —the only issue i have with them is the same as previous reviewer – they are not made for listening to music if moving around a lot or on the “go”– but seem ideal if your just relaxing and listening to music.

Good sound but they fall off your head all the time. If you lean forward, they fall on the floor.

Brilliant beautiful technology.

Love beautiful and great sound quality.

Well designed and good sound quality.

Great earphones and well worth the money.

  • B&O limited Edition 2i
  • Great sound (with a bit of fiddling!)
  • Good sound but they fall off your head all the

Bang and Olufsen Limited Edition BeoPlay Form 2i Headphones – Black

Product Description, BeoPlay Limited Edition Form 2i from Bang & Olufsen
BeoPlay Form 2i from Bang & Olufsen
The limited edition Form 2i will be available in 3 colours, Black, Blue & White – they have been produced with the creative artwork from leading street artist Merjin Hos on the inside of the headband. B&O PLAY has been handpicked to be a part of the “Capsule collection”, which is a collection containing co-branded, limited edition items that feature the special artwork of leading street artists. This is the Form 2i as we know them – but topped with a new colour and edgy, yet subtle details that keep the products as iconic and timeless as you’d expect from B&O PLAY.
Form 2i is an ultra-light and stylish on-ear headphone with an impressive and honest stereo sound. Form 2i features in-line microphone, 3-button remote and an improved comfort design Today’s introduction builds upon the popularity of its predecessor – plus the fact that it is part of the permanent collection at Museum of Modern Art in New York and widely recognized as a truly iconic piece of design.
Back in 1983 Steve McGugan, by then a 23-year old Canadian industrial designer, designed what would become one of the most popular headphones ever – Form 2. Today, more than 30 years after McGugan did his first sketches and 3D cardboard models, Form 2 receives a welcomed update with the addition of in-line microphone, 3-button remote and improved comfort design.
Sounds as Great as Ever
The sound profile is the same as back in the days: Authentic and clean – bringing you sound the way the artists intended it – with no tweaks or over-emphasized bass. The soundstage of Form 2i is well-defined – it’s a combination of a good bass, a focused middle and precise highs.
Form 2i weighs in at only 90 grams – making it ultra light and perfectly suited for a life on the go. The improved foam on the ear pads guarantees an even better comfort – and when you combine that with the weight and ergonomics of the headphones you get a piece of audio equipment you can use comfortably for extended periods of time.
Firmly grounded in decades of design excellence, craftsmanship and product innovation from Bang & Olufsen, B&O PLAY interprets the same values for a new type of contemporary products aimed at youthful, design-conscious urbanites with an active lifestyle. The B&O PLAY portfolio is made up of stand-alone, portable products, that are intuitive to use and easy to integrate into your daily life – at home or on the move. The stylish designs, the carefully selected materials and the best-in-class technology inside the products are all combined to fulfill one single ambition and purpose of being: To give people magical experiences based on the B&O PLAY passion.

Box Contains, Form 2i Warranty Manual

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Great sounds from these headphones the best.

Rather uncomfortable sometimesso don’t use it if you are on the move.

Excellent value – better than many headphones which cost considerably more.

I am genuinely amazed by these headphones. One of the things that attracted me is that they don’t clamp onto your ears; they just rest lightly. They have a ball joint on each ear unit which allows it to adjust perfectly to how ‘sticky out’ your ears are – and mine stick out a fair bit. The only downside to the relaxed fit is you can’t be dancing around and expect them to stay on. I compared the sound from my cowon d2 player, flac (lossless) format music across jazz, dance, dubstep, and heavy metal with my klipsch x11i and much to my surprise preferred these headphones. The bass is deep enough for this self confessed bass-head. The klipsch certainly have a deeper and stronger bass, but these headphones are just cleaner and more balanced to my ear. You can’t take them on your travels though as they are ‘open’ backed, and they don’t fold up. However for listening at home to crystal clear, balanced and effortless sound, i can’t fault these.

  • B&O limited Edition 2i
  • Great sound (with a bit of fiddling!)
  • Good sound but they fall off your head all the

Bang and Olufsen Limited Edition BeoPlay Form 2i Headphones – Black

Features and Spesification

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  • Impressive and honest stereo sound
  • Low weight, sleek ergonomics and great comfort design
  • Longest living headphones on the market
  • Part of the permanent collection at MoMA
  • Inline remote and microphone