Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – : Great sound, perfect pair with the B&O App (for

It’s good but the cord is not long enough especially if you are wearing a coat or scarf, so it’s not suitable for winter walks. If it’s cord’s length 4-5cm more, it would be best in its class.

I was really searching for a comfortable set of high quality earbuds. With a perfect classical sound quality and i am really enjoying them. It is a certain price yes but worth it. Very easy to maintain and recharge.

The bluetooth cuts out with my old phone, only seems to happen with these though.

Ok, first the good parts:- i liked the fact that they snap together with magnets, very handy for wearing around neck. – sounded good to me- look nice- easy to use, i did not have any setup issueshowever, these good parts were spoiled by the cable noise, which i very quickly started to hate every time i put these on. They would be so much better with a thinner, more slick cable, instead of the stiff, braided cable, which creates a kind of sawing noise in your ear as you walk along and the cable rubs against your collar. They were bearable when wearing a t-shirt (or also naked i assume) but for anyone who has to wear an office shirt or a jacket, you will likely have the same problem. Also, the magnets are great, but they are very weak, so they do come apart very easily when wearing around your neck. Worth a try if the above points don’t bother you.

I was a little unsure as to how much better these would be than the usual headphones i would normally buy. I’ve always had fairly decent headphones but never purchased over £50-60. The audio quality is superb. I thought they were a bit tinny at first but i didn’t have them fitted right. There are a load of fitting options in the box and when you get the right one they are awesome. The app works well and charging is a doddle. Remembering to charge them is just something to get used to with wireless headphones. I chose the green as they were a lot cheaper than black, they look aceall in all, very happy with the purchase 👍🏻.

I have very good references from b & o for a few years now. I hope with this acquisition, do not disappoint. I recognize that the battery life of 5 hours is low, although the equipment is small. * delivery of the order within the time limits.

Earphones look fantastic and the sound quality is utterly amazing given the size, and turning them off by clipping together is very coolvery sturdy build – i would definitely recommend the silicone buds for comfort & keeping in placebattery life is decent – however you do need to remember to charge them daily for heavy use. Only slightly annoying bits are the remote buttons which can be a bit fiddly and the charger being specific to this particular model.

Excellent sound quality and attractive design. Charging dock whilst it is somewhat unusual or innovative doesn’t suit practical use. The clasp ring for securing any lose cables serves no purpose also and tends to pop off.

  • Love these
  • Outstanding sound & design – just a little too much cable noise!
  • Good sounding headphones, great for running and brilliant support from B&O

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Black

Colour Name:Black  |  Style Name:Without Accessories
Product Description, Beoplay H5 wireless earphones deliver an immersive listening experience with the power to go anywhere with you. Conveniently pair them with your Bluetooth device to bring the beauty of music into your active everyday life. Whether you’re out running, listening to podcasts on your daily commute or relaxing at home with your favourite tunes, these wireless earbuds will deliver outstanding Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound to suit your activity. The Beoplay App lets you customize your listening experience via your smartphone or Apple Watch, ensuring that you can enjoy music the way the artists intended. Combined with a splash- and dust-resistant design, these elegant Beoplay H5 earphones are as fashionable as they are functional. To ensure optimal fit and sound quality, each pair comes with seven sets of earbud tips in various sizes – four made from silicone and three made from rugged and breathable Comply Sport foam. When not in use, your wireless earphones can rest comfortably and securely around your neck – simply click the magnets on the earbuds together. Not only is this a convenient hands-free way to keep your earphones accessible, clicking the batteries together also initiates power-down to conserve battery life. When you’re ready to recharge, the sleek magnetic USB charging cube quickly and easily provides up to five hours of power to meet the demands of your mobile lifestyle.

Box Contains,

  • Beoplay H5 earphones
  • USB charging cube
  • Comply sport ear tips with sweat guard (S, M, L)
  • Silicone ear tips (XS, S, M, L)
  • Cable clip (three pieces)
  • Silicone fins (S, M, L)
  • Carrying pouch
  • Quick start guide

  • From the manufacturer

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

    Bang & Olufsen

    Firmly grounded in decades of design excellence, craftsmanship and product innovation from Bang & Olufsen, the Beoplay range interprets the same values for a new type of contemporary product aimed at design-conscious, active cosmopolitan music lovers. B&O transforms your listening experience with better sound and acoustic performance wherever you go, thanks to in-home music systems, portable speakers and headphones that integrate seamlessly into everyday life.

    Whether you’re out running or on your daily commute, these wireless earbuds deliver outstanding Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound to suit your current activity. Combined with a splash- and dust-resistant design, these elegant earphones bring the beauty of music into your everyday life. When not in use, they rest comfortably around your neck – simply click the magnets on the earbuds together to power down and save the battery.

    • Ultra-portable wireless earbuds; charge lasts up to 5 hours
    • Adaptive sound profile via the Bang & Olufsen app
    • Stylish and durable splash- and dust-resistant finish
    • Magnetic earbuds conveniently click together
    • Easy-to-use magnetic charging cube

    Customised Listening Experience

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

    Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound

    Designed to deliver the best sound profile for active, metropolitan listeners, these Bluetooth earbuds have been professionally tuned by acclaimed Bang & Olufsen sound engineers. These small earphones provide big sound and are effortlessly high-tech thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 with DSP, a premium, long-lasting battery and Beoplay ToneTouch.

    Intuitive App

    The Bang & Olufsen app lets you adjust the settings of your sound profile via your smartphone or Apple Watch for a custom listening experience. Preset ToneTouch sound profiles geared toward specific activities, such as running, commuting or just relaxing, let you conveniently access the best sound quality for whatever you’re doing.

    High Quality Materials

    The Beoplay H5 comes with multiple earbud tips in different materials and sizes for added comfort. Both the silicone and Comply Sport tip materials come in a number of sizes for an extra secure fit and sound isolation. The cable connecting your earbuds is encased in a braided polyester and nylon blend textile, which not only looks great, but also prevents dirt and sweat from interfering with the delicate electronics.

    Adaptable Earbud Tips

    Conveniently adapt your listening experience to your activity through your choice of earbud tips. Three of seven are Comply Sport Premium Earphone Tips with SweatGuard. These rugged and breathable tips create a comfortable, near-perfect grip in the ear canal that is ideal for exercising. For kicking back with your favourite tunes, the four pairs of silicone tips provide a relaxed, comfortable fit.

    Dynamic & Durable Earphones

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

    Dust- and Splash-Resistant

    Beoplay H5 wireless earphones are designed to fit into your active lifestyle. A textured rubber and polymer housing protects your earphones from dust, sweat and water. These durable, dynamic earbuds are as fashionable as they are functional, making them a smart choice for use in any environment.

    Magnetic Connection

    When not actively listening to music, you can click the magnetic earbuds together. Not only does this allow the earphones to hang conveniently and securely around your neck, it also initiates power-down to conserve the battery. When the magnets are connected, the earbuds turn discreetly toward your chest.

    Long-lasting Battery

    Whether you’re getting pumped for running, listening to podcasts on your commute or relaxing with music at home, Beoplay H5 has your wireless needs covered with its powerful battery. Each charge provides up to five hours of wireless mobility so you can listen on the go, wherever you go.

    Convenient Charger

    Charging is quick and easy using the USB charging station included with your earphones. This sleek cubic charger connects to a computer or wall socket and holds the earbuds in place with magnets. Simply click your earbuds into place on your charger. When the indicator light turns solid green your earphones are fully charged.

    Beoplay E4
    Beoplay H3 Beoplay E4 Beoplay H5 Beoplay Earset Beoplay E8
    Dimensions 26 mm x 20 mm x 23 mm/16 g 20 mm x 30 mm x 26 mm/50 g 39 mm x 28 mm x 23.5 mm/18 g 40 mm x 55 mm x 24 mm/30 g 23 mm x 20 mm x 25 mm/13 g
    Headphone Type In-ear In-ear Wireless in-ear Wireless earphones Truly wireless, in-ear
    Colours Black, natural, champagne Black Black, dusty rose Graphite Brown, white, black Black, Charcoal sand
    Connection 3.5 mm mini jack 3.5 mm mini jack, USB to Micro USB cable for charging Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, supports aptX and AAC codecs Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity AAC codecs Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 with DSP
    Frequency Range 20 – 16,000 Hz 20 – 16,000 Hz 20 – 20,000 Hz 20 – 20,000 Hz 20 – 20,000 Hz
    Driver 10.8 mm dynamic 10.8 mm electro-dynamic 6.4 mm dynamic 14.2 mm electro-dynamic 5.7 mm electro-dynamic
    Remote 3 Control buttons and microphone 3 Control buttons and microphone 3 Control buttons and microphone 3 Control buttons and microphone Touch functionality on earbuds
    Materials Stainless steel, rubber, polymer Stainless steel, rubber, polymer, aluminium Aluminium, textile, rubber, polymer Aluminium, rubber, polymer, foam Aluminium, textile, polymer, silicone, foam, leather
    Microphone MicroElectrical-Mechanical System (MEMS) MicroElectrical-Mechanical System (MEMS) Omnidirectional Omnidirectional MicroElectrical-Mechanical System (MEMS) Omnidirectional

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    I got these as a present for my sister. She absolutely loves them, however the cord does pick up dirt so getting them in pink probably wasn’t the best idea.

    Purchased as a gift but they are brilliant.

    Great sound, but much lager than i expected them to be. You have to use a separate charger for these, there is no usb port on the headphones themselves. If the 5 hour playtime is sufficient and you don’t need to travel with them, that might be fine for you. The charger block is ungainly large and has a long usb cable permanently attached, so for me that was already putting me off them. I wanted to use the ear hook attachments to help them stay in my ears. But you cannot charge the headphones with the hooks attached – you have to remove the hook to fit them in the charger. And you can’t remove the hook without removing the rubber ear bud. That’s too much faff and likely to cause the rubber components to fail quickly.

    They belong to my son, who loved everything about them.

    Brilliantly comfortable earphones, with excellent sound and a really funky little charging unit. Sound quality has to be good, to match the price tag, and the earbuds allow for (in almost every case) a perfect fit. Bought as a treat for myself, well worth it – i’m hoping they’ll prove very durable.

    These are ‘the best’ earphones i’ve used in a long time. Considering they are wireless it’s near impossible to tell the difference between them and a wired pair.

    Do not buy these if you want them for sport as they will fall out,but apart from that these are stunning from quality to sound, i’ve got other ines which don’t fall out which i use for sport but these h5’s i use for best , listening to music in car, on holidays and at home , they even connect to my apple tv 4 for music and movies , sound is flawless music and movies , i’ve got klipsch , beats had bose and more and these h5’s whoop them all.

    Most amazing sound quality ever, really comfortable fit and secure when training in the gym. Only criticism i would say is that the supporting app is pointless as it does nothing – was expecting at least a graphic equaliser on it. Holds a reasonable charge as i use it a lot i guess but do need to charge every night.

    • Love these
    • Outstanding sound & design – just a little too much cable noise!
    • Good sounding headphones, great for running and brilliant support from B&O

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Black

    B&o’s earphones always have a stethoscope effect, but the level of appearance is great. I prefer bose for performance, especially since it can connect two phones at the same time, which is very important for me.

    As with all b&o products they’re great quality and very durable.

    Very nice but no so good in the fitness of my ears. And i always use it in my daily life.

    Excellent productexcellent sound well worth the money.

    I was skeptical about how good the sound would be over bluetooth but i was surprised to hear that the sound quality is brilliant. My review would be 5 stars if the battery life was longer and the charger wasn’t a funny wee cube thing. There’s no need for proprietary charging connectors in this day and age.

    These headphones arrived yesterday and i am already in love with them. They wouldn’t pair with my phone right away, so i left them to charge overnight. They took 7 hours to charge (not great and if that continues, i will be looking to return them) but i’m hoping that was a one off as they were new. Since charging them, everything seems to be working fine (touch wood). I love the fact you can change the bass using the b&o app. They fit perfectly in my ears (using the extra small buds) and the noise cancellation is better than i expected for in-ear headphones. I’ve also made a call using them. Had absolutely no problems with being able to hear or being heard, despite being on a packed tube. For me, they have been a worth while luxury purchase so far.

    The best earphones i have ever had. Great sound, easy to use, good looking. Sad thing is the 5 hr battery life.

    Battery life is shocking, if you commute on long journeys i don’t recomend, but the quality is great and the sound is great.

    Never thought i’d spend so much on a set of headphones but these justify every penny. The sound quality is amazing, i’ve a bit of a varied taste in music and these headphones can handle what ever i throw at them. Great sound no matter what the genre. The design is pretty funky too. I guess i’m lucky as the ear buds fit straight out of the box, but there are lots of different types and sizes supplied so i’m sure you’d find you fit. These paired very easily with my phone, laptop and tv. Edithad these for a week now and still impressed. I’m laying in bed listening to tubular bells and for the past 40 years i’ve been missing so much. The sound quality on these bad boys is amazing.

    Yeah, as the tittle says, i can find its warrenty information according to its series number, and i have consumed 2 products from this brand in retail store before, i can recognise the fantastic clear sound. It was the black friday that i buy it, it came to my door the very next day.

    Great sound quality, wish they had more than a 4 hour battery life but i am really happy with them.

    Great headphones but low autonomy. Sound is top of the line though.

    I’m used to buying bose but thought i would give b&o a try they are a nice sound but when watching films ect there is a time lapse which puts me off i don’t know if all wireless headphones are the same but not impressed.

    My son loves them and wld highly recommend , says the sounds is brilliant.

    Bought these on black friday and have been waiting a few months before writing a review. I was slightly apprehensive from reading other reviews and left it about a year before pulling the trigger. Sound quality is very impressive. These are replacing some ageing sennheiser ie6 which i thought couldn’t be better for the sound/value but the h5s trump them in every respect. For commuting they are perfect. I’ve used comply isolation tips for years so quickly got some to fit these – they give a big improvement on sound and fit. When you first use them, you can sometimes hear some rustling from the fabric cord brushing your clothing, but once you are actively listening to music or podcasts that rustling disappears. Battery life is good, i’ve never been caught short, and they charge up quickly. The only thing i’m not a fan of is the charging station, it would be so much easier if you could simply plug a micro usb straight in.

    I would say that earbuds are best i have bought, the only down side for me is the fitting in my ears when i get them in they are brilliant. I’am going to have ear moulds made for them which will sort it out . But i would 100% recommend them.

    These are very good build quality and stylish as you would expect from b&o. The audio is very crisp and good quality. I spent a lot of time researching these before i bought and many review on youtube and online. I am a big fan of bose and this is my first b&o product. A good level of bass but also very pure sounding. It really handles all music well. My only issue, which its something that other reviewers have mentioned, is that the cable can be a bit irritating as you do feel the noise from any contact that the cable has with clothing. Even a t-shirt will make some audible noise when in contact with the cable. I did find it better wearing the cable at the front, rather than going around the back as this does reduce this noise. They come with lots of different earbuds including some some for sport, so if you go jogging etc then they should be fine. The big thing is though that the sound is good. I would certainly recommend them to friends as they are really nice and do the job well. Just wish the cable was a bit different, but then you never really get everything 100% perfect on anything.

    Great sound, perfect pair with the b&o app (for iphone and ipad). 1 have 2 weeks use and the battery life is very good. Charging is a wonderful and exquisite procedure. Great soundstage, perfect trebles, balanced mids and a fine tuned bass (all these for my taste of listening). I also use the ‘equalizer’ app in my iphone so i can adjust the settings to my taste.

    Features and Spesification

    • Make sure this fits
      by entering your model number.
    • Wireless earphones are tuned by acclaimed sound engineers to deliver immersive Bang & Olufsen signature sound on the go. Impedance : 16 Ohm
    • Beoplay app lets you choose presets or adjust settings via your smartphone or Apple watch to customise your earphones sound profile to your activity
    • Beoplay H5 come with a choice of ear tips including Comply Sport, ideal for exercise or life on the go
    • When not in use durable splash and dust resistant earbuds magnetically connect to conserve battery power and hang securely around your neck
    • Long-lasting battery provides up to 5 hours of power between charges to keep your earphones as active as you are