Bang & Olufsen B&O PLAY by BeoPlay Form 2i On-Ear Headphones – : Replacement for Sennheiser PX-100IIs

These are very comfortable and quite stylish too. Several issues:- they feel a little flimsy around the earbud (the bit that touches your ear). – the plastic material that the band is made of is a magnet for grease – it glistens unless your hands are super clean- for a pair of headphones this price range, there should be a case that comes with them to protect them. However if you look around you can pick a good one up for about £10-15.

Excellent sound & light weight.

Wow, as someone else said, i always wanted something by b & o but going into local b & o shop meant a long wait and too much pressure to buy. However this price was great and amazon is very reliable, so i took a chance. So glad i did, they are light, smart to look at and the sound is superb and i am hooked on earphones in ear and over ear. These are well worth the money. Plus, on line registry and the warranty is 3 years, not just 2.

Excellent sound well worth the price.

I feel like my head is under a hydraulic press but its worth it.

Lovely and stylish and not so big on your head as some other headphones, brilliant.

Lovely sound and a bargain on prime day. Using with asus zenfone 2 and buttons don’t work as expected, but do pause music. Comfortable to wear and look the business.

I really like this earphone. Light, beautiful and powerful.

  • Incredible Headphones
  • Sound is great and they are lite but they are fragile.
  • Pretty Good

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay Form 2i On-Ear Headphones – Red

Product Description, B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay Form 2i On-Ear Headphones – Red.

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From the manufacturer

The longest living headphones on the market

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B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen

Firmly grounded in Bang & Olufsen”s sound and design principles, B&O PLAY interprets the same core values for contemporary products created for a life on the move. We deliver best-in-class acoustic performance to bring you music the way the artists intended it – authentic and clean.

Form 2i – Red

B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen

Form 2i from B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen are lightweight on-ear headphones which combine high-quality sound with an iconic design. Delivering an impressive and honest sound performance, the headphones boast a combination of a good bass, a focused middle, and precise highs.

  • Bang & Olufsen signature sound
  • The longest living headphones on the market
  • Featured in MoMA”s permanent collection
  • Lightweight and stylish on-ear design
  • Three button inline remote and microphone

Form 2i Details

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Bang & Olufsen sound

The soundstage is well-defined – it”s a combination of a good bass, a focused middle, and precise highs. The ambition is simple: to bring you sound the way the artists intended it – authentic and clean.

Longest living headphones

In 1985 Form 2i was introduced to the world; an ultra-light, iconic shaped on-ear headphone with an impressive stereo sound. Now more than 30 years after Steve McGugan did his first sketches on the product, it is still on the market as popular as it ever was.

Iconic design

In 1992 Form 2i was included in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of art (MoMA).

Comfortable functionality

The light weight of Form2i headphones combined with their comfortable fit makes them very pleasant to wear – even for that 3 hour long DJ set you just discovered online.

Colour Options Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, White
Headphone type On-ear headphone 3 control buttons and microphone Design: Steve McGugan
Dimensions 15.6 cm x 15.7 cm x 4 cm Weight: 90 grams Cord: 1.2 m
Sound Frequency Range:20 Hz – 21000 Hz Headphone Principle: Dynamic, semi open

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I saw all the review expecting to get a pair of headphones with no bass. They feature 31mm drivers so should be fairly decent. Well, after using them i can confirm, they is bass. It is controlled and only appears on songs that have bass. It presents a representation of the source as accurately as it can. Not a bassy song, no bass, bassy song, bass. I was really impressed with their openness. They sound very grado like rather than dr dre beats. If you like your music to sound open, neutral and punchy with controlled bass, buy these. If you like bass emphasised and bassy everywhere buy beats.

Very lightweight, clean looking but seemingly quite flimsy. Sound quality is good but just as good as any £30 earphone and was expecting better things from bang & olufsen.

I was looking for a retro look headphones with great sound and well. I got them:)they were super comfortable and the sound was amazing. As you noticed i wrote were. Well, i had them for 2 days and unfortunately. I was standing up from my desk and the cable got tangled on the armrest and long story short the cable was ripped out of them damaging the earpiece. Won’t be buying them again because i got disappointed by the build quality. I know, my fault but now have a bad taste in my mouth because of that fragile build.

My wife bought me these for my birthday, not only do they look brilliant, but they sound it too. Tried with rock, pop and classical music and they all sounded excellent to me.

Superb sound along with good looks.

Light as a feather, excellent sound, minimalistic design and a fantastic choice of colours. I got these a week ago and so far they’ve exceeded expectations in so many ways, always a good sign. And the best thing is they’re built to last, so i won’t have to fork out for a new set of headphones any time soon.

They keep falling off my ears and not very high in sound quality.

  • Incredible Headphones
  • Sound is great and they are lite but they are fragile.
  • Pretty Good

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay Form 2i On-Ear Headphones – Red

These are great headphones for the money. I am upgrading from a set of 5 year old sennheiser px-100iis after my cat decided to chew through the lead. Very crisp highs with less emphasis on bass than the sennheisers.

Very good sound and super lightwight. Available in various colours.

Best headphones i have ever had.

Awesome sounds depending on what device you are using, with my nvidia shield tablet, they rock. Keeping them on your head is a mission if your active, and sponges are forever falling off, spent all the money on excellent drivers, and the asthetics have just been skimped on.

Smaller than you think when you receive it. Slight discomfort over a certain long period of use. Can come across as slightly fragile so would recommend taking out and about. Sound quality is great but could be better from b&o as they are a premium audio brand.

I bought these headphones as a punt because they were on sale. Having read the previous reviews i was a bit concerned but i need not have been. I have spent hundreds, almost a thousand of pounds on headphones; bose, sony, philips and never been happy; i like melodic rock; w. T, eclipse, art nation and the like and have never found the right headphones for the genre until now; these b&o headphones are simply amazing, the sound is the best; perfect clarity and bass and i can hear things on these that i could not on £400 headphones. They are not noise cancelling but i don’t care; the sound quality is so good it overrides the lack of nc for me. The design; some say they look cheap; i like the design because they look different and i like the way i can move the ear pads to get the best sound. Comfort; unlike other reviewers i have not had any issues with these slipping off my head and they stay put for me. The foam pads; i agree that is a bit of a disappointment but for a few quid i bought aftermarket velvet pads from amazon and they look and feel much better than the foam ones. I can finally stop looking for the perfect headphones (for me); buy these b&o play headphones – you won’t get a better set of headphones for the money.

Only problem is that other people can hear them too even at low volume.

Excellent headphones as you would expect from b&o. Superb price and first class customer service from gary at digital ict.

Affordable, looks great, sounds great and they have finally added in the in-line controls mfi approved. They look really good and are style icon. Recommended for great sound.

This is a fantastic pair of headphones. They have the best headphone design i have ever seen, and i feel very proud wearing it. But the most important feature of any headphones is sound. These have a very soft, precise sound, without noticeable distortion, and muffling. Dre studio, which is completely different, but i feel more comfortable listening to this one. It doesn’t lack any bass, but i don’t feel an uncomfortable throbbing in my ears. Music is really enjoyable with these headphones.

These iconic headphones are just fantastic. Whatever your style of music clear and full music experience – better than beats and bose.

Sound quality, design, weight (or lack of it), all perfect.

Got this for the wife and she likes it so good for me.

Superb sound quality great auto turn down when your calls kick in. Only downside is they can fall/ slide of your head easily if you vigourously move your head.

Sound quality is good for the price. Cable is of a sensible length for out-and-about use; long enough to reach to a trouser pocket without being so long that you have to bundle it up over itself. Sound isolation is not particularly good, but personally i like this for using around town – it helps to hear a little of the outside world to stop yourself from getting run over. The cable is a little thin, which makes me question how long it will last, but so far it has not been a problem. Despite having quite a wide collection of (arguably much better) headphones, i have found a use for these headphones, and have never felt disappointed when taking them out.

I was lucky enough to grab a pair of these in the prime day sale. But if i’d known how good they were i would have bought them before. They ooze quality and have the sound quality to back it up. I have a reasonable collection of headphones all in the £40 to £100 price range and what these b & o headphones bring that the others cannot is pricesion. The sign of a good set of headphones is that they bring your attention to nuisances in your favourite music. Currently listening to steven wilson’s ‘hand cannot erase’ album and have noticed more layers than i had been previously aware of. An i’m only 2 hrs into my ownership. And i know they’ll improve further as they are run in. Therefore, i’d recommend these without reservation. I bought a pair of very similarly designed headphones from b&o way back in the late 1980’s. They were great headphones and just shows how designs if done right the first time will stand the test of time.

Bought them to go with my b&o sound system when i am not allowed to play my music to loud for my teenage daughters idea of how a 50 odd year old mother should have it playing.

I normally steer well clear of ‘stylish’ – ie under-performing over-priced stuff from this hyper fluffed up company but these headphones are a delight – they weigh 2. 8 ounces (78 grams) – so light you don’t notice them once you’ve adjusted them for your noggin. Mine are brand new so sound is a bit tight as the speakers settle in but the acoustic range, stereo separation and overall balance is superb – lovely crisp sound and good details including for such light phones a decent bass throughout the range. I’m using them with an apple i-pod classic mainly for rock music currently set on the i-pod’s neutral eq and they sound great. Not cheap but hey, you deserve them, unless you like status quo – only kidding rick.

Features and Spesification

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  • Form 2i is an ultra-light and stylish on-ear headphone with an impressive and honest stereo sound, made for Urban Creative Professionals.
  • Part of the permanent collection at Museum of Modern Art in New York and widely recognized as a truly iconic piece of design.
  • Features a microphone and a remote control. Functionality of the buttons may vary according to the device.
  • Sounds as great as ever – it’s a combination of a good bass, a focused middle and precise highs. An even better fit – Form 2i weighs in at only 90 grams – making it ultra light and perfectly suited for a life on the go. The improved foam on the ear pads guarantees an even better comfort.
  • Form 2i is available in a total of 6 vibrant and everlasting colors: Black, White and Red – joined by the new additions Blue, Green and Grey.