Bang & Olufsen B&O PLAY by Beoplay H8i : difficulty achieving 2 simultaneous connections

First off, i’m not a hifi or music buff. I’m using my headphones largely for listening to speech recording, while i’m studying phonetics, various other speech recordings and only a small percentage is listening to music. Physically, these are lovely comfortable head phones. Most headphones are too big for me on the smallest setting and hang just below my ears (i have resorted to putting a small block on the top of my head to lift them). Additionally, they don’t trap my ears against the arms of my spectacles, which can be a real issue with some headphones. The controls are fairly easy to feel, identify and operate. The noise cancelling feature is excellent and allows me to concentrate much better, in fact i sometimes put the headphones on while they are turned off, as even like that quite a lot of noise is dampened. Setting up the blue tooth connection with my motog 5s plus was simple, but took a few minutes before it engaged, however other connections such as amazon prime were immediate. The product description states “pair these cordless headphones with up to two devices at the same time. ” i haven’t found a way to do that yet, when i connect to the second device it seems to drop the first, but as the instructions consist of 9 diagrams (the b&o website doesn’t have any more instructions to download, or information on the subject).

Vine customer of a free product. The headphones are polite in appearance but none the worse for that. Although they are on-ear and initially a little tight, the memory foam padding adapts quickly. 2 has good range but it doesn’t have aptx. It comes with a monochrome quick start guide, but you have to install the beoplay app to read the instructions that explain the colours of the single led. Controls are via push buttons: the right ear cup has volume buttons and a multi-function switch that includes phone calls; the left ear cup has a multi-function switch for on/off, bluetooth, anc, and there is the 3. There is also a switchable function that detects whether the headphones are on your head. Note that bluetooth does not function if the audio cable is plugged into the 3.

Edited feedback:my initial feedback was 1 star because i received a faulty piece. My headphone’s built-in proximity sensor was not working so the headphones didn’t auto-stop playback when i removed them and resumed when i put them back on. I returned the headphone and received a quick refund from amazon. New feedback: (changed from 1 star to 5 stars)i bought a new pair from band & olufsen london showroom. I am very impressed with the headphone qualitypros:1. It is lightweight and looks nice. The black color makes a style statement. Proximity sensor works fine so you can auto-play / pause when you remove and put them back. I use apple watch to change tracks or vol control etc. So not much fancy about touch control buttons on h9i. Bluetooth range is really good, no drops. Simultaneously connects to my macbook and iphone. Two mic makes a difference when you are on call. I tried talking long hours on office conference calls and my sound was crystal clear and i can hear my colleagues with ease and take short walks in the house without dropping the call. Transparency mode works well when i wanted to hear bus or train announcements during daily travel without removing the headphones. Active noise canceling is heaven. I checked it on jubilee line underground train in london and then in stratford westfield mall (london). I was very impressed with the noise canceling feature.

I had the bose qc3 then went on to the bowers and wilkins px. The bowers are too heavy and hurt the top of my head as well as the sides after lengthy use. The bose were my favourite for comfort but they don’t do a wireless version of the qc3. After using the px for a year and going back to the qc35 ii there’s a noticeable difference in sound quality (the px are better for sound quality). These b&o are better than both for sound quality but this is a very subjective thing. In terms of comfort the bose are better, however these ate better than px but perhaps not as comfy as bose. Sound wise i think these are better though.

If i had to pick one short phrase to sum up these headphones with, it would be ‘sonic heft’. From the moment you begin to listen to them it’s apparent that the h8i’s are powerful beasts, with the ability to deliver a punchy performance with deep, rumbling low bass notes in particular. They’re capable of wrapping you in a wide and immersive soundscape, with astonishing degrees of incision at times. But for all that, they do have one or two slightly weaker points, that perhaps b&o might improve on in future iterations. Even so, they’re definitely capable performers and good value for money. This is an in-depth review, so if you’d like to know my detailed conclusions, please read on. I’ve also added a short summary at the end. To begin with though, i must say how impressive this product looks and feels. At a premium price one expects a high level of attention to detail, and b&o have of course been renowned for their cutting edge design and product aesthetic for many years. Occasionally in the past one feels that that b&o have placed aesthetic ahead of performance, but not so with the new h8i headphones.

These headphones would receive a well deserved five stars except for the automatic pause function which is a problem if you want to lie down when using them. If they are not fit tight on the ears it keeps on pausing whatever you’re listening too. The function that you can flick a switch that automatically pauses what you are listening to then turns on the outside microphones enabling you to hear what is happening around you without removing the headphones. You can wear them for hours and they will stay comfortable even when resting on shoulders. The battery life is amazing far outlasting any other headphones that my family has owned, the headband is firm yet doesn’t feel heavy. They are very robust and should last for a long time. The sound of listening to both films and music is incredible. The base and mid range sound are extremely clear and you can pick out every sound, this beats other high-end headphones my family has owned. When you first turn the headphones on the two beeps are rather loud. It would be beneficial if the battery level was spoken when switched on and what it is connecting to, as bose does.

These b&o h8i cordless headphones are fantasticwhen you open the box the presentation is premium, very typical of the b&o brand, you get a quick setup guide, a dust bag to keep the headphones in, plus your charging wires. After charging them, i initially i found them a bit faffy to set up – you have to install the app first before you can pair them with your device via bluetooth. I initially did this with both my android phone and my ipod so both versions of the app worked fine. After they are set up you basically just play and go. Put them on, they start playing, take them off they stop playing. You just need to stay within about 10 meters of your device to keep the connection going which means you can happily walk around in the house or at work and continue listening. Noise cancelling works well, i am often in a workshop and they really help to dampen out some of the machinery noises and general noise in the room. I had to look up what transparency meant – move the switch while listening to pause playback and enable the microphone to clearly hear what is going on in the room / being said to you. This feature is really handy and i use it a lot to great effect.

In my engineering days, i happened to canvas the opinion of audioheads on bang&olufsen stereos. Most were derisive – style over substance, they said; the audio is never as good as the appearance; overpriced. This set of headphones is expensive, true, but i am glad to say that it is indeed very substantial. When i opened the box, i noticed that one earmuff was detached. It took a bit of fiddling to attach it to the set. That was pretty much the only disappointment. The cushioning is pretty soft. Usually i end up with an outer-ear-ache when i use headphones, but with these i spent a couple of happy hours painfree. Even better, the cutoff of ambient noise is quite effective. To be honest, though, i haven’t braved the outdoors with the device yet – one does like to hear at least some of traffic noise.

  • multiple issues
  • Disappointing for the name and money
  • Worth the investment!!

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i (Black) with Fabric Headphone Carry Bag

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These b&o play bang and olufsen h8i on ear wireless headphones are the latest on a very crowdedmarket so how did they perform?. I was particularly interested to know how the noise cancelling aspectworked in practice, can they for instance eliminate noise on a crowded flight?i have sampled and tested them over a two week period which i believe is a reasonable time to put aproduct through its paces and try it out both at home and travelling. The product comes with an audio cable, (which i found useful as i still have my ipod classic with the mega sized capacity)a quick set up guide, usb connector for charging and a soft cloth bag for carrying and storing them. The set up guide isoutlined for you by the use of diagrams which are easy to follow. In operation they were easy to set up wirelessly, linking effortlessly with my iphone, an android phone, and computers. To activate you merely use the buttons on the left headphone -this can be achieved with minimum fuss. The big revelation for me is that unlike previous noise cancelling headphones these worked effectively both in terms oflistening to music and excluding the outside world or without music and silence. They were especially efficient on athree hour flight cutting out noisy conversationsthe performance of the bluetooth was very good and for me not patchy unlike some of the rivals out there. The sound is particularly praiseworthy -for me pitch perfect without blurring. Overall, this is a really good product.

These headphones are absolutely incredible. I am a bit of a headphone addict, owning pairs by beats, sennheiser, house of marley, bose and others and these are by far the best. They have crystal clear sound thats not too bass-y but you really feel the sound whether it’s listening to music or watching a movie with them. The setup is a bit fiddly the first time – holding the power button, then the sync button whilst looking up the bluetooth device on your phone/tablet, but once this step is done (once) it connects instantly once you switch them on. Another great feature is it detects when you take them off your ears, then automatically pauses/unpauses the music for you. Very clever and extremely useful. I can’t recommend these headphones highly enough. They are quite pricey but to be honest you really are paying for noticeable quality here.

Great sound just keep having trouble connecting them.

As my first set of ‘proper’ headphones (as opposed to the standard issue iphone earphones) these bang and olufsen h8i headphones are quite somethingthey are incredibly beautiful to hold, to wear – and simply – to look at. They are definitely above anything else i have seen. The comfort is amazing – the soft cowhide leather and lambskin is sheer luxury to feel and sit on your ears. Setting the headphones up is both simple and tricky. Simple because the three-step ‘get started easily’ instructions on the box tell you what to do – turn on, pair with bluetooth and download the app. The app appeared straight away on my phone and then it took me through the basics of setting the headphones up. However the tricky part was trying to understand the various features. The app does show you what to do and how to do it but there are two slight problems. Firstly the app assumes that the user understands the terminology and what they are buying and whilst i have heard of ‘noise cancellation’ and other terms, a bit of a description (for the uninitiated) would be very helpful – not least to get the best benefit out of these quality headphones. Secondly, the app invites you to experiment with the various features whilst wearing the headphones.

What can i say: it’s an amazing set of headphones. You pay a lot, you expect a lot and this brand usually delivers. This product is no exception. Setup and operation is very intuitive once you understand the function of each button. B&o really put some thought into the design and there isn’t an excessive number of buttons here: for example, you can either slide the on/off switch to turn on your headphones or slide the same switch to put them into noiseless mode and back. You can also use the bluetooth pairing button for pairing or for answering calls. It’s very clear that b&o really thought about the design and how to make the product both convenient and sleek. Your music can also be controlled from the headset: you can skip to the previous and next song as well as adjust volume. The quality of sound is very crisp and rich at the same time. You can hear a wide variety of sounds and instruments when listening to your music and at the same time you can drown out external noise when answering calls.

I so wanted to love these headphones as they look amazing and the sound quality is awesome. I gave up the ghost trying to get bluetooth to work, even had a few others try, i must admit it worked for the first month and then it just would not pair with anything, cant even update the software as the app doesn’t recognise the headphones, tried resetting etc. Tried their customer service on different days and different times continuously engaged, so got no help there. Another problem with them is, i look down and they slip off my head. The leather headband looks stylish and classy. I noticed that people with smaller heads will find a problem of staying on power, they have movement to fit bigger heads. . 13/9/18after getting in contact via the link in the comments, followed their instructions and got them working via bluetooth again, really really happy over this as they are fantastic headphones for listening to music, audiobooks etc, they seem to play every little note so you miss nothing in the song etc. They feel nice and solid whilst not being to heavy, which is a boon after wearing them for a few hours.

What’s not to love?well, for me, quite a lot. I wanted to love these, but actually hated them. They look good, but on the head they stick out too much and are very uncomfortable. I am tall, but fairly ‘normal’ sized, but these phones do not extend far enough to reach my ears without putting too much pressure on the top of my head. The extension is really quite small. I hate over-ear ‘phones, so these seemed to be mana from heaven, as on-ear, bluetooth, with noise cancelling, an ideal replacement for my ageing bose qc 3.

After reading some of the reviews, i was a little apprehensive on spending so much on a pair of headphones but i’m incredibly glad that i did. These are my first pair by bang & olufsen, after testing out a friends older model and hearing their speakers, i decided to give them a try. After spending years using in-ear headphones, buying a pair of on-ears was a bit of a risk; however they are lightweight yet sturdy, whilst still looking sleek and stylish. I was worried they’d look and feel clunky but that isn’t the case at allso far the manufacturers description has been accurate, they took around 2 hours to fully charge and although i have them on the highest volume, the battery hasn’t decreased that much. I like that you can have these wired too as i’ve used them with the ps4, although i do wish the app was a bit better. I don’t currently have wifi at home and can’t seem to update the headphones whilst using 4g which is a shame, that being said i love how much you can customise the sound with the newer app. The presets are wonderful, it’s great to be able to swipe around the screen to find the perfect balance between tracks. I was a little disappointed with the button features being the same for switching the headphones on and enabling transparency mode; also as a few other reviews have pointed out, whilst walking you can hear a slightly thump of the footsteps but if you’re listening to quite bass heavy music then that shouldn’t be an issue. All in all, i’m very impressed with this purchase and look forward to buying more bang & olufsen products in the future.

  • multiple issues
  • Disappointing for the name and money
  • Worth the investment!!

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i (Black) with Fabric Headphone Carry Bag

Great headphones and sound is great but i returned them as they kept losing connection with both my phone and my ipad.

I am really impressed with these headphones, i have always had much cheaper versions so feel really lucky to be reviewing these. The sound quality is as you would maybe expect at this level and makes such a difference to the experience, especially listening to vinyl. The features are impressive like pausing audio when you take the headphones off for a minute or two. The bluetooth has a good range. They are very comfortable to wear with a specific left and right side. The controls are mounted directly on the earpiece for easy use and the battery life is more than enough. It has the addition of a direct cable if you need it. All of the highest quality in this case you definitley get what you pay for.

These bang and olufsen headphones really are the dictionary definition of a premium quality headset. They have some great features that actually work, such as automatically pausing the music when you take them off and starting it again when you put them back on. More importantly than that, the audio quality is faultless: clear and deep sound, with a great balance betwixt bass and treble (some more popular headphones think it’s all about bass and just present a rather muddy, distorted sound). In addition to this great sound, these headphones have excellent noise reduction, so the external world does not bleed in to your music (unless you want it to) and likewise, audio leakage from these headphones to the outside is minimal at most. Bluetooth pairing to two devices is quick and easy and so fast, the batteries have lasted about ten hours and show no signs of giving up (apparently they will last around thirty hours). My only issue with these headphones is the material parts of them are made out of: it includes leather, so these headphones are not “vegetarian. “apart from the above issue, i love these bang and olufsen headphones: excellent sound quality, totally comfortable, some nice little features that actually work. If these are in your price range, there are no others i’d recommend ahead of them.

So happy with these, was a bit apprehensive about ordering after reading some of the reviews. No slipping off the head, no sound interruptions or sensitivity issues.

These headphones sound amazing. I’m not a hi-fi nerd, but i do listen to a lot of different genres of music from hard rock to jazz, classical and choral, and i’ve not discovered a track yet which doesn’t sound better on these headphones than it does on speakers. The bass response is especially good, but all sounds are crisp and easily audible, at least to my somewhat older ears. Battery life is also very impressive, and it’s easy to recharge the headphones from a computer or a laptop via the cord provided. I’m not entirely sure how the noise cancelling feature works, but i do know that when i’m listening to music on my laptop, my vinyl deck or my phone i can barely hear the dog bark or the landline ring. My husband also uses these headphones to listen to films on his laptop while the kids enjoy a netflix binge in the next room, and they do effectively isolate him so his enjoyment isn’t spoiled. So the separate features i’m asked to rate above this review all merit five stars. The headphones are heavy, and although they are well-cushioned and feel comfortable on the ears, lean forward and they will slide off.

As enthusiasts of the brand will know, bang and olufsen have always set themselves a little apart from other electronics manufacturers, taking an alternative view of the market and offering a slightly different type of product. They’re too successful to be called a ‘cult brand’ but they certainly have a dedicated following among those to whom high design and production values are priorities. The headphones, like all of their designs, are understated and minimal, and aren’t aimed at the swag-loving punter who wants something flashy. The b&o play series, then, is the companies reinvention of the bluetooth headphone. And a lot about this product is simply what you’d expect from the company: high end materials – adonised aluminium, leather and lambswool padding – together with very crisp, richly detailed audio on playback, and when using them for calls. You’d expect that from a pair of headphones at this price, of course (though you wouldn’t necessarily get it), and it’s the ideas around portability and bluetooth technology where these really stand out. First of all, a feature where if your listening to music and take the headphones off, the music pauses until you put them on again. Features called active noise cancellation and transparency, which give you the choice of immersive music, or music plus outside ambient sounds, or total silence, if you fancy that. I’ve no idea how they achieve that last one. An app where you can set the sound frequency levels for your headphones.

I have been really lucky with headphones. I’ve had grado’s at over £1k and b&w’s, dr beats and everything in between and below. I also recently had a set of b&o h9’s and they were a disaster. The sound quality is as you would expect at this level. Reference quality and detail and bass is superb. There’s nothing not to like. Bluetooth is good even in environments like liverpool’s street station where i’ve had headphones cut in and out due to the level of bluetooth signal and interference. So why are they better than the bigger and more expensive h9 model?simply put the h9i has a touch sensitive control system on the earpiece that is terrible and badly implemented. It continually causes the headset to cut out and misperform and some of the control are simpley a ‘faff’this has none of those bleeding edge problems and teething issues. The controls are mounted directly on the earpiece and work like a charm. The ear side / cup is slightly smaller but still good enough for most guys unless you have particularly big ears. It has the usual thing of a direct cable if you need it.

Enjoyed these but had to return them due to the low level of anc. The sound quality was good (not up there with b&w but close), and the choice of materials was impressive. They were a good fit and ofered pleanty of low end sound.

The headset now keeps dropping it connection with my i-phone. Updated the headphones via the b&o site but made no difference. Sound quality is very good whist connected but just too hit and miss with its poor bluetooth connections. I find myself just wiring the headphones direct to my iphone to listen to music as it’s the only way to guarantee a connection.

I’ve a few different products from b&o, and i’ve had trouble setting up all of them for one reason or another, so it’s really nice to tell you that these were a cinch to set up, and within no time at all, i was up and running and listening to some tunes (note that it wasn’t me that was up and running, more the watch was connected). As far as the sound goes, there’s no doubt that b&o know what they’re doing. Certainly you’re paying a premium price for a premium brand; but you know what you’re getting, and the sound quality is, well – music to my ears. The controls are quite intuitive; although for someone who hasn’t used b&o products before, they take a few minutes to get used to – the sliding button for switching between nose cancelling mode, and pausing the music works well, but took a while before i wasn’t continuously pressing the wrong way. I suspect that’s down to me being old though. Overall, i really like these headphones. I’ve dropped a star though because i prefer earphones – headphones are great, but after a long session i tend to find i get a headache (not specific to these though). Something to note though, but if you’re looking for a decent pair of bluetooth headphones, these will certainly do the job, and keep people talking (although you probably won’t know, as the noise cancelling feature works very well).

Absolutely marvellous, worth every penny (mind you, quite a few penny 🙂 )crisp sound and great bass. The transparency function very handy. And most useful, the battery time is unbelievable. I’ve been wearing them for more than 9 hours and still going. A premium product with what i believe to be the unique b&o sound.

This is actually the first bang & olufsen headphones i’ve ever used and i must admit i now see what the fuss is all about with b&o equipment as these headphones just exude high quality. As soon as i put them on i could feel the quality, even the padded cups are superbly designed and make the headphones extremely comfortable to wear. The noise cancellation works wonderfully and the sound of silence it creates it quite surreal, though i’m glad the transparency mode allows outside sounds to be heard if required as this is essential when wearing these at work. I also love the way the proximity sensor automatically pauses sound when you remove the headphone, i found this worked faultlessly. Soundwise the headphones are fantastic, music has amazing clarity and cleanness of sound, the bass is absolutely spot on and even with the volume turned up very high there was no distortion whatsoever. I can confidently say these are the best wireless headphones i’ve ever used.

I’ll start by saying that i’m no expert on headphones but i chose these because they ticked all the boxes i needed, anc, not too big (on-ear) and bluetooth. The headphones look good but the first problem i found as soon as i put them on and glanced down at the booklet that came with them – they slipped right off my head. This wasn’t a one off and i found that the slightest movement made them slip. Thinking it might just be me, my husband tried them and they slipped off his head too. As i want to wear them while i’m gardening they would be completely useless for that or any activity that involves moving your head. I connected them via bluetooth to my iphone 6 and tried listening to an audible book and some music. The sound was great when it worked except that the bluetooth kept cutting out, for a split second about once every 45 seconds – enough to be really annoying. I couldn’t connect to 2 devices as advertised but i gave up trying. I also couldn’t take the firmware update as the app said it couldn’t find my headphones even though they were set up and connected in the app. Within 30 mins of opening the box i wanted to throw them out of the window.

Great product, fast delivery.

In a very unfair comparison, i am comparing them with my four year old bose cans, which are the only other headphones i have with active noise cancellation. Appearance – black, understated. My daughter doesn’t like them because they aren’t beats. If style matters more than substance, then move alongfunction – rechargeable battery, bluetooth or wired operation. You can use them with a flat battery, but using the included 3. 5mm cable, but you won’t get anc. Fit – on-ear, rather than over-ear, which can get a bit uncomfortable for wearers of glasses, but less sweaty than over-ear. If you want over-ear checkout out the h9i version, which is the same in all other respects. Sound – they sound like expensive cans should, and take you to another place.

Let’s start with the positives. This is a high-quality, good-looking product, battery life is outstanding and there’s a terrific set of features. After two days of fairly solid use, they’re still working well, so i can believe the 30 hours claim. If you do run out of battery, you can switch to corded use. The proximity sensor makes them pause automatically if you take them off, then play when you put them back on. Transparency mode lets you quickly switch off noise cancelling and focus on things like public address announcements or just someone wanting to talk to you. Noise cancelling is highly effective and sound is well-contained by the cans. The controls, both on the cans and on the cord, are comprehensive and yet easy to use (except there’s no way i can find of disabling the proximity sensor). The microphones work well, according to people i called. Lastly, i love being able to manage the headphones from my apple watch.

Features and Spesification