Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones – Siren : Great headphones for the gym but not all around !

Great improvement n the powerbeats 2. Longer battery life & quicker charging.

Training for the london marathon at present and wanted something wireless. Taken these out on my long runs and they have been fantastic. Sound is good and the fit is perfect – came with several different sizes of fittings. The small case is handy too. In summary, yes, i could have got a cheaper pair but not only do they look great, sound great, they also perform great.

Could do with more volume personally.

Great earphones, worked as described, but haven’t even lasted a year, broken after 11 months, very disappointing.

Reading the 1 star reviews are truly shocking, they do these headphones no justice whatsoever. These are, in a word, spectacular. Straight out of the box and on they went. Brilliant sound quality, bass and clarity. Not the biggest fan of in-ear headphones but these work, the ear hook is a big help to that. The strap is useful for taking them off and letting them hang round your neck, very nice compact rubberised case provided. I’ve been an avid user of various beats headphones for 7 years now, ignore the 1 star reviews, these are simply superb, quality and build wise.

Great for my outdoors power walking.

Good lot of range i love it great for traveling and running great 10 out of 10.

Been really happy it was between these and the bose delighted i decided to go with the beats.

  • Great earphones, sound quality is great considering compact size
  • Dre Beats never disappoint!
  • Seen some poor reviews – nearly put me off – glad they didn’t

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones – Siren Red

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Great earphones, sound quality is great considering compact size. Dont fall out your ears when training hard. However7 months later they wont turn on after charging, this is very common fault it turns out, and ive since learnt apple only warrant the parts for a year. I look after my things, they are not charged until they are dead, and not over charged over night etc, and considering they cost me £160 i would be fuming if they packed up outside just 1 year. Not filled with the greatest confidence they will last me much longer now which has kind of killed the love i once had for this item. Music is a massive part of my gym session, i would consider wired versions to avoid this if i was you. If they break outside the year warranty i will never buy apple products again.

For running & cycling these are literally perfect. I have had many different sets on running headphones between £50-100 but these are amazing and so work the cash if you a runner like me these are a must.

Good price, good sound, comfortable and not intrusive.

Comfy, stylish, great sound, good battery life, i use these around an hour every day in the gym and the charge lasts around 2 weeks, can’t complain. I know they are known for their battery problems, luckily i haven’t had one but if you do have one apple will fix it for free.

Sounds amazing and looks great.

I have both the beats solo wireless 3 and the beats x and i recently tried these ones for the gym. Well if you want headphones for your daily commute or other activities skip these and buy the beats x. They are so much better in terms of fitting in the ear and comfort. If you are looking specifically though for a headphone for the gym buy the powerbeats. The battery is great, they are water resistant and with these on you can do literally anything in the gymsound wise and in terms of comfort though beats x are better i think.

So i was interested in this product because it is part of the apple eco-system and seemed to tick a lot of boxes. However i’ve seen some poor reviews on sound quality amongst other things and it nearly put me off buying given the price. Now i’m no audiophile but i’ve owned some decent earphones from sennheiser and bose and these are certainly up there with them in terms of sound quality (i hasten to add they were not wireless either). I’ve only tested on apple products so i can’t comment on other devices. I was impressed at the simplicity of connection. I literally had to turn them on and hold them near my iphone and they were connected. Apple watch and imac instantly connected. The only issue was my older macbook pro from 2009. I understand thats because it uses a slightly different bluetooth chip.

  • Great earphones, sound quality is great considering compact size
  • Dre Beats never disappoint!
  • Seen some poor reviews – nearly put me off – glad they didn’t

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones – Siren Red

Having never been a beats fan, i thought i’d try these out for a while before writing a review. I have had these for quite a while now. The sound quality is very reasonable. The battery life is great too (my mine reason for buying these over other wireless earphones in the market). The charge really is quick, with 1 hour usually getting them from flat to 12 hours battery life. Easy to sync with your products (iphone/ipad etc). These are the first pair of around the ear clips i have ever found comfortable, tending to avoid them in the past. My only issue is that i have had complaints from people on phone calls that the “line sounds bad” when i use them during calls, but when i switch to phone speaker/mic the callers say it is better – suggests these are not the greatest for microphone clarity. Overall though i was happy with the purchase.

Was so annoyed at the things constantly coming loose that it added 10kg to my bench – important to find the right ear sizes.

I’ve tried various in ear headphones for both the gym and road running and nothing compares to these – they are awesome – the best thing about them is they stay in your ears and are very comfortable. All previous headphones either fell out regularly or the seal was that tight that it formed a suction that actually hurt when you removed them from your ear. These sit effortlessly in the ear and the in line controls makes turning music up or down / answering calls etc very easy. The sound quality is also very good – if anything a tad heavy on bass for some people but i like my music that way and to be honest it isn’t enough to mark it down for. A heavy investment for a set of running headphones but money well spent.

Good sounding headphones and much better battery life than pretty much anything else wireless out there. Expected bass driven sound, but not unpleasant. Wind noise created from the slightly bulky earpieces is absolutely terrible. Cycling at 15mph with the volume on about 75%, at times i was unable to hear anything at all, and had to turn up to full to try and drown out the rushing noise. Had to return them in the end- just so exhausting to listen to. Have replaced with beatsx which actually fit even better, have better sound quality and because they fit snugly in my ears, create very little wind noise.

Still going strong after almost daily use for a very long time (around a year). Excellent battery life and good sound quality. Shows no signs of wear, and still works as good as the day they came.

This is my 4th pair of these in less than 2 years don’t buy them waste of money. Overpriced an apple argue under the warranty whether they replace them or not. This pair have now stopped holding their charge again same as 1st & 2nd pair, the 3rd pair the small control panel fell off and apple refused to replace under warranty – i wont be buying a 5th pair sick of them breaking.

Fantastic headphonespair with the iphone like a dream and syncs with all your cloud devices. Without re-pairing they worked with my apple watch, ipad, and imacvery impressed with the visibility of the battery status on be iphone too when you swipe right to the widget centre. Sounds great too with great bass it manages to block the drivel played in the gym without losing any audio quality. Fits well on my ears out of the box. There are a number of ear buds in the box though for different sized ears.

It is very confortable to use and the clips allow to move yourself keeping them in the ears. The quality of the sound is excellent and even it has some external noise reduction effect. Only negative comment is about it looks it has a very high price from my point of view.

They came with medium ear buds attached then spare small, medium and large ones and a rubber pouch to store everything in. I didn’t realise they came with spare earbuds so i had also ordered ‘eboof replacement earbuds’ that come in a little zip up case. I prefer that case as, being zip, up it’ll keep the new earphones secure. Also there’s a little mesh pocket for the usb cord.

3rd time i have sent these back. Great headphones but they keep breaking.

I purchased these recently for the gym after having a few of the cheaper pairs listed on amazon and not being happy with the sound they produced. The packaging looks amazing. They give off the look of a quality, high end product which is what they should. Inside the box you’ll find the headphones with the basic earbuds attached, a set of different sized earbuds for a more comfortable fit depending on ear canal size, a few books about warranty, product info, quick start guide and 3 months of apple music. Lastly, you’ll be disappointed with the case that you’re given for these headphones. I purchased a pair on here for around £30 back in december, the headphones themselves were adequate but not on the level of beats. However, the case that came with those £30 headphones, is a lot better than the, quite frankly, insulting silicone case you get from apple. I owned one of the first generation of beats headphones and was highly put off by how they sounded, too heavy on the bass and really crappy mids. I bit the bullet after reading multiple, professional reviews (sorry amazon, i don’t trust any reviews on here anymore) and i couldn’t be happier.

They’re ok, not convinced they’re better then the previous powerbeats.

Very good because it takes 20mins to charge and u have about 15 hours of life and they connect really easy.

Features and Spesification

  • Connect via class 1 Bluetooth with your device for wireless workout freedom
  • Sweat and water resistance to handle tough training
  • Flexible, secure-fit ear hooks maximise comfort and stability
  • Take calls, control your music and activate Siri with RemoteTalk