Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Gloss : Issues just after 6 weeks of use

Love these, so easy to connect and the sound is great. Battery life is good and an option to connect a wire to c9nserve battery life if needed.

Excellent, if expensive, pair of headphones. Quality sound and volume, and the battery life is exceptional. Additionally certain part can be replaced when worn, which increases the versatility and longevity of the product and counter balances/offsets the initial purchase price.

Awesome sound, great quality, 40 hours of battery is perfect. You don’t have to be recharging every 4 hours. I’ve got one negative thing to say: makes my ears sweat a lot while exercising, and i need to keep cleaning ‘em. Sometimes it moves out of my gear a little.

The sound is great and are fantastic when listening to a heavy base song. They connect automatically (once paired) when they’re switched on. Comfortable padding which is easy to clean with anti-bacterial wipes (i use them for the gym a lot). Like i said i use them everyday day and i can last 3/4 days without charging them. One thing to note is that after long period of use they tend to get uncomfortable on the top of my head and on my ears though this may not happen to everyone.

Bought this as a gift for my wife. Very quick pairing with iphone 6s, and the built doesnt look cheap even if its made of plastic so a must for someone looking for fashion headsets. And the battery life is soooo long. I cant even remember the last time we charged it.

Decent sound & great battery life. I have removed a star because 4 months after purchase the battery began to drain persistently even when the headphones were turned off. This meant i had to recharge the headphones every couple of days even though they had only been in use for a few hours. Great service from amazon who sent out a replacement pair which are working as intended.

My daughter had been asking for these for ages and ages. Decided to finally buy them for her. Great quality, arrived undamaged. Even comes with a case, which is awesome. Gave a 4 star for the durability, as she has only had them for just under a month, so can’t really comment on the durability at this point.

They are comfortable, easy to use and have a fantastic range. I left my phone charging in one room (with the music app playing) and walked to another room and the headphones still continued to play. I was completely surprised (but in a good way). The battery lasts ages and since purchasing i’ve only charged the headphones twice.

  • awesome sound!
  • Wonderful
  • Issues just after 6 weeks of use

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Gloss Black

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I know these headphones are pretty expensive but for me this has been one of the best purchases i have made. They are brilliant, the sound quality is out of this world and the noise cancellation is absolutely excellent. They feel premium and so comfortable on the ears.

My boy loves these so much that he never takes them off. The battery lasts for ever and the fold up real neat. Arrived quickly, items is well built and as described.

What is missing in this wireless headphones is has not music changer buttons just volume control and play/pouse buttons on headphones itself which may be very annoying when you would like to skip a song while you exercise or running, cleaning or cooking either and many for this amount of money it should be in there like in many other cheaper brands do have so beats i hope you will change it in next gen. Sound it self with proper equalizer settings is stunning battery life long enaught.

I was really excited to try these out as an upgrade from my low end earphones. They’re really stylish and modern and i absolutely love this matte gold color so i’ll give it that. Everything was going great until the 6th week of using these. The bluetooth had stopped working and the charging lights kept flashing on and off whenever i turned it on to try and sync with my phone. After trying all methods and solutions to try and fix this (from, mind you, numerous of others who have encountered this issue with their beats) i had to send them in to a apple care to be fixed. However i did receive it back within a week and all was good after that. The noise cancellation on these are not great at all. So if you are travelling on the tube or where it’s quite a busy, you will still hear the noise outside. I didn’t really expect much in this department.

Bought these for my boyfriend on theamazon prime day as he’d wanted a pair for a while now. He uses them every day on his commute to work and wears them to the gym. These are good for the gym as they are wireless. They are stylish and we got them at a good price. Considering getting myself a pair.

Battery life is insane, i went and did 1 week without charging and that’s me listening to music a lot. It does get warm when you wear it too long and can lead to headaches. Colour is great and comes with its own bag, charger and aux cord. Simple click to the left side for pause and skip music, also great for calls.

I really like these, epic sound quality and easily beats the airpods that i bought these to replace, i bought it in a sale where it was £100 off the price, and they work seamlessly with my iphone 7plus, however, to people around me when i am listening to songs, they can hear too, even at half volume, which makes it hard to be subtle in quiet places and means people can hear me when im listening to nikki minaj :/.

The quality, battery life, controllers and look of it are great but the sound quality is not what i would expect from beats. The highest volume is not that high. Especially during the commute, it doesn’t block the sound very well. The jubilee line’s weird noise is more powerful than them.

  • awesome sound!
  • Wonderful
  • Issues just after 6 weeks of use

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Gloss Black

Really impressed with these. They sound amazing and are really loud should you need that. They also last forever on 1 charge. How long they’ll last remains to be seen as i’ve read some reviews which comment on their lack of reliability but so far i’ve absolutely no complaints.

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