Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones – Shadow Grey : Fantastic headphones

Can’t go wrong with beats product.

Great wireless headphones – brilliant sound.

I already had a white pair and then bought this pair for my husband for christmas. They are excellent quality, really well finished and the battery lasts a long time. The only downside is that they turn off (when walking my dog outside in the winter) when they get too cold. I assume that’s because of preserving the battery?. It’s only happened once, but it has happened to both of us. We live in the uk if that’s any indication. Otherwise, they are fantastic headphones and i’d strongly recommend them.

Like the designdislike battery life and not as loud as other headphonesused for listening to music on a daily basis.

Very good product, does exactly as i expected and hoped, only had a month and not an issue but i’ll update the review if i encounter anything.

Perfect gift greatly received by our daughter.

Good sound quality good design battery lasts long and charges quickly bluetooth connectivity has no issues good range and noise cancelling works like wonder nothing to complain about.

My daughter absolutely loves these. She wears them sometimes to revise even without any music on just because they cancel the noise out so much she can’t hear anything, so she can beaver away.

  • Amazing headphones!
  • 100% amazing!
  • Awesome headphones

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones – Shadow Grey

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I use these mainly for the gym/running – the noise cancelling really gets you in the zone and the sound quality is the best i’ve experienced yet. I also travel by plane a lot and they are great for cutting out all surrounding sounds. The battery life-time is also really good – i charge them once a month. I was quite reluctant to buy beats due to the price, but they’re top quality and hopefully will last a long time.

The noise cancelling is amazing. The look and feel of them is lovely. I’m not sure if the sound is any better then any other cheaper headphones i’ve had but the noise cancelling more then makes up for it.

Got these for my son for christmas, he was very happy with them, he listens to heavy metal all the time so i was worried about the volume. I needn’t have , he said that even though his old beats had higher volume these are a lot more clear . Not sure heavy metal is clear it’s just noise to me but that’s personal preference.

It’s been working great and worth the price. Just the noise cancellation is not that great when that mode is turned on. Overall great headphone for this price.

Best thing i’ve ever bought. Can listen to music without hearing back ground noise. I can also make phone calls on them.

I bought these for my son for christmas. He let me try them and they are amazing, turned on sound cancelling and all our side noise just vanished like magic. My only criticism is nothing to do with the product rather the packaging. Do you really need to use single use plastic to seal the box, when the box is of high enough quality in the first place?.

Awesome product i bought these for my wife who has a noisy and busy commute to deal with. Now she can enjoy her music with great sound quality. Sometimes she doesn’t even have the music very loud as the noise cancelling is that good that she can just enjoy the peace and quiet. She quite often calls me from the headphones and the quality is pretty good although the mic does pic up a lot of external noise (which is its job really).

Had a pair of sony my-1000 and although the sound quality was unreal they just weren’t loud enough. These beats on the other hand are perfect and more comefortable to wear as they’re smaller. Work so well with an ipone too. Glad the old ones got nicked now.

  • Amazing headphones!
  • 100% amazing!
  • Awesome headphones

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones – Shadow Grey

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