Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – : Shame. Not loud enough for me

Great headphones for travellers ect. I wanted to use for gym so like my music loud. These felt half the power of my ‘cheap’ headphones but loved the sound deaderning but just not loud enough.

The bass and treble in these are amazing, i have found myself working out slightly harder with the enjoyment of “proper” sounding music in my ears. The battery last for an extrodinary amount of time considering they are bluetooth connectivity, and the comfort is outstanding, sometimes i even forget i have them on the head if it wasnt for the music playing. And this is for long 2 hour sessions with them on my head. I cant review the call quality as use other headphones for this though, but im sure it is as clear as the powerbeats. Just a shame you have to connect an added cable to get the mic part to work. But tbh they were made for listening to music not aking phone calls.

I already had a white pair and then bought this pair for my husband for christmas. They are excellent quality, really well finished and the battery lasts a long time. The only downside is that they turn off (when walking my dog outside in the winter) when they get too cold. I assume that’s because of preserving the battery?. It’s only happened once, but it has happened to both of us. We live in the uk if that’s any indication. Otherwise, they are fantastic headphones and i’d strongly recommend them.

Not as basey as previous models, very bose esque sound.

I’ve only had these a couple of months and the padding on the right side of the headphones is wearing down quite a lot and i’m not really using them an awful lot. However, this is making them quite uncomfortable to wear. Although the sound is a lot better to what i’m used to, in this case the cons outweighs the pros. For the price, i would suggest going for something else which is a shame because all other aspects are great.

Noise cancelling is really good. Design and materials doesn’t feel very premium (apart from the packaging).

Love these, probably not worth it for the cost but whatever. Works well with apple devices but tbh connects just as quick with my s9. Before buying maybe look at the true wireless earphones, some good options and a lot more conspicuous.

I have 1 per family member – best in the market.

  • Beats are great for iPhone users
  • The bass and treble in these are amazing, I have found myself working out slightly harder
  • Simply fantastic. Everything you could want!

Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – White

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These are the second pair of beats headphones i have owned,and by fair the best. Yes they are not cheap but well worth the money,and even better because i got them on black friday. The sound quality and noise cancelling are second to none. Setup is so easy to especially with a iphone.Highly recommend them if you love your music and sound quality.

Easy to use look beautiful but. . First pair the right side stopped working after a couple of weeks exchanged for a new pair let’s see how these do.

Pro and conspro great sound qualitycon price expensive.

Had a pair of sony my-1000 and although the sound quality was unreal they just weren’t loud enough. These beats on the other hand are perfect and more comefortable to wear as they’re smaller. Work so well with an ipone too. Glad the old ones got nicked now.

If u like this brand you’ll have no complaints, love the look, feel and sound. But honestly, some albums/artists sound ok, some fantastic, a bit hit and miss. Base isn’t what it was, which i prefer.

Easy to set up, comes with a wire. I got it in the sale definitely worth the sale price.

Ah mate absolutely brilliant man, the noise cancelling feature is top notch i couldn’t tell that my neighbour was getting robbed only when the police broke through my door and tapped me on the shoulder was i aware of the situation. 5 stars from me great product.

Bought as a gift and rating given by recipient. Very happy with the headphones.

  • Beats are great for iPhone users
  • The bass and treble in these are amazing, I have found myself working out slightly harder
  • Simply fantastic. Everything you could want!

Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – White

I had the studio wireless 1 for 3 years and they stopped working so under guarantee was given these insteadfirstly they are so much comfier and lighter which is amazing. Secondly the bass wont give you a headache. Everything is nicely balanced and i can hear every instrument clearly and equally. They also look awesome obviously.And you do get 3 hours playback in just 10 minutes charge which is so handyi’m in love.

I absolutely love these headphones. They only down fall is that they are slightly too big. So if you are petite they i would advise trying them on first. They are also a little heavy on your head. But you can’t deny the sound quality. Amazing and they always hook up to your device quickly.

Love these new studio3 over-ear headphones. Supreme upgrade from my old beats solo3 version. The sound is superb compared to that of the on-ear solo3 and the noise cancelling is incredible. I can’t believe these only cost a little more than the solo3.

I tried out many wireless headphones in john lewis. The beats or sony wh-1000xm3. The sony do have superior anc. But you get the best out of them on android mobiles. I tried on the beats studio 3 wireless and was impressed. Cheaper headphones (under £150) felt cheap & nasty. Also the sennheiser range did not feel or look premium. For audiophiles the beats may not be the ones. But i am impressed and the build quality is great. Tho plastic it’s durable in a way that other brands are not. The leather on the ears feels stronger than competitors. Beats are greatdo try wireless headphones on first. But the build quality is impressive, sturdy & has a strong battery life.

I bought these for my son for christmas. He let me try them and they are amazing, turned on sound cancelling and all our side noise just vanished like magic. My only criticism is nothing to do with the product rather the packaging. Do you really need to use single use plastic to seal the box, when the box is of high enough quality in the first place?.

I use these mainly for the gym/running – the noise cancelling really gets you in the zone and the sound quality is the best i’ve experienced yet. I also travel by plane a lot and they are great for cutting out all surrounding sounds. The battery life-time is also really good – i charge them once a month. I was quite reluctant to buy beats due to the price, but they’re top quality and hopefully will last a long time.

Bought for my son for xmas hasn’t mohamed about them so i guess there ok.

Got these for my son for christmas, he was very happy with them, he listens to heavy metal all the time so i was worried about the volume. I needn’t have , he said that even though his old beats had higher volume these are a lot more clear . Not sure heavy metal is clear it’s just noise to me but that’s personal preference.

Really excellent head phones , top quality sound & excellent quality care. Really trilled with the headphone.

Awesome product i bought these for my wife who has a noisy and busy commute to deal with. Now she can enjoy her music with great sound quality. Sometimes she doesn’t even have the music very loud as the noise cancelling is that good that she can just enjoy the peace and quiet. She quite often calls me from the headphones and the quality is pretty good although the mic does pic up a lot of external noise (which is its job really).

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