Beauty Favourites in July 2018

It’s been a while since I last did a beauty favourites post (or a post at all), but after a long break, I’m back and ready to share some new products I’ve been trying out. Not all of these are new on the market, but they are current favourites out of my little beauty stash that I’ve been enjoying.July 2018 Beauty Favourites

MOR Boutique Little Luxuries

I used to hate travel products; small bottles or samples which I often had no use for. However, I’ve suddenly found a new love for them and they’re fitting into my daily routine just nice. I’ve been trying out three products from the Belladonna fragrance of Little Luxuries by MOR Boutique and the smell is beautiful.

I love perfume, but I don’t like carrying around even a 30ml bottle in my bag, so the Belladonna Perfume Oil has been the latest addition to my handbag. If you’re a fan of soft, floral scents, then this range is definitely one to try. It’s not overpowering, but I prefer that. The scent lasts long, but it isn’t over-strong to the point where you smell like you’ve applied a little too much.

I’ve also been trying the matching hand cream which has made a nice little addition to my work desk, plus the little soapette. Unfortunately, although the soapette smells lovely and I can assure would be lovely to try in the shower, I struggle with scented soaps due to minor case of eczema on my legs.

New Look Green CC Cream

I have a fair bit of redness on my cheeks and nose and after failed attempts of using colour correcting concealers, I thought I’d give the Green CC Cream from New Look a whirl – after all, it was in the sale! I’ve never tried New Look’s own makeup range and in all honesty, didn’t have high expectations, but it genuinely isn’t bad at all! I still have some redness on show after applying this, but it does make a noticeable difference. With it being a cream formula, it works well for my dry skin. That was my issue beforehand, as colour-correcting concealers were far too heavy for my skin type.

Percy & Reed Dry Instant Volumising Spray

I bloody love Percy & Reed hair products. Percy & Reed and Charles Worthington are probably two of my favourite hair brands, as the smell and results they give, are just brilliant in comparison to other products I’ve tried. This one is a new one for me and I think I got it in a recent Glossybox subscription. I’m growing my hair out at the moment, and with that, I’ve found my hair has lost its shape and is no longer lightweight, so sits very flat on my head. I simply spray this on to the areas of my (dry) hair where I want volume, scrunch it up, then ta-dah. VOLUME!