Beauty Tips for Those That Suck at Makeup

I was once a self-proclaimed beauty blogger. When I first started out blogging back in 2014, that’s all I blogged about for months, until the realisation hit (or I already knew, but refused to admit it), that I quite literally sucked at makeup. I know it’s not the be all or end all that I physically am not any good at applying makeup other than the ultimate basics (and even that’s a struggle at the best of times), but let’s be honest, it kinda sucks. Doesn’t it?

Contouring is still alien to me, winged liner is a technique I’ll never master, smoky eyes will always remain as panda eyes, and my blusher will forever resemble a clown or even a baboons arse. The good thing is that I know I’m not the only one. Therefore, this post is a shout-out to all those out there who equally suck at makeup, but still love playing around with it. I’m going to provide you with some beauty tips I’ve learned to help us get it right. We’re in this together! makeup tips

1 | Match your foundation shade to your neck – not your arm, leg or butt cheek. This will ensure you’re not left with the dreaded ‘line’ around your jaw that we all know someone will point out.

2 | Buy a foundation that’s suitable for your skin type. You see foundations – new and old – being raved about in the beauty world and everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon. Do your research before buying; is it suitable for your skin type? If it’s mattifying and you have dry skin, you’re essentially setting yourself up for disaster.

3 | Know your colour chart. I don’t colour correct, as I simply don’t have time in the mornings, but if you do then make sure you know how. Firstly, apply your foundation and then apply your magical colour-correcting concealer(s):
Purple = Yellow-toned discolouration or other yellow undertones.
Pink = Blue-tones and dark spots, plus blue-toned under-eye circles.
Yellow = Purple or black-toned bruises and under eye circles.
Green = Red spots, acne, pink-toned scars or other redness on the skin.
Skin-tone = Use skin-toned concealers for minor discolourations and blemishes.Makeup

4 | Don’t conceal minor spots with lighter concealers. Use a concealer that is your actual skin tone – similar to your foundation – as this will avoid drawing attention to the raised up area.

5 | Choose the best foundation applicator for you. A damp beauty blender/sponge is great for those with dry skin as it doesn’t drag like brushes do. These are also ideal for using liquid products.

6 | Add a white base to your eyelids to help coloured shadows appear brighter and bolder.

7 | We’ve all gone a little heavy on the mascara before (and still do), but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to put two coats of the stuff on. However, you should always let the first coat dry before applying the second.

8 | Fed up of your eyeliner crumbling into a million pieces every time you sharpen it? Put it in a clean food bag, and freeze it for 15 minutes. Sharpen it whilst frozen to provide a sharp point with no wasted product! Obviously wait for it to come back to room temperature before use!

9 | Suck at winged liner? Me too. My best tip for this is to get an angled or flat-edge makeup brush, dip into a dark eyeshadow and simply press on the eye where you want the ‘wing’ to appear. This then leaves a stamp if you will, which will work as a stencil for your liner. Simply get your fine liner, go over it and ta-dah!