BEEM Germany Beem Espresso Perfect Crema Plus Espresso Machine : It does as it says

It is much better than my previous italian one. Makes great foam in every cup. The coffee comes out strong and full of flavour. They send me even an uk plug but i am using an adaptor, it`s easier.

Its only flaw is the height from nozzles to base plate is small for mugs.

This really is a superb machine especially at this price point. I have owned one of these for eight months now and have made excellent espresso based coffees from the first attempt. As others have said, there is no automatic cut off so you need to keep an eye on it. It is always a good idea to use the steamer to heat the coffee cup first so you can enjoy your drink at optimum temperature. One thing to look out for is that the machine releases the back pressure, after delivering your espresso shot, through the drip tray. As this is steam, some of it manages to bypass the drip tray and exit through the drain holes below onto the work surface beneath the machine making it look asthough it is leaking. People with real wood work surfaces would be best sitting the coffee maker on a tray. My last bit of guidance is don’t buy ground espresso coffee. It tends to be ground more finely and clogs the machine preventing water from getting through. Just buy ordinary ground coffee for cafetieres and filter machines and you will enjoy good espresso everytime.

Makes a great cup of coffee,what is there not to like?.

This coffee machine was fine for about one month then it the steamer went faulty followed by a failure of some component insidewhich cause a considerable amount of water to be leaked onto the work surface each time it was used hence over use of water and electricity to heat the water. Has been returned to manufacturer awaiting update from the and replacement item. Not expecting a reply until 3rd or 4th jan 2013 it does make a fine cup of coffee when working. It did take me nearly half a day to obtain a returns lable to send the item back suggest that future products are sent with a prepaid returns label to cover the warranty period.

I’ve now had it for over a year and it still works brilliantly. I notice that someone’s machine blew up who bought his own plug converter (it comes with a continental plug because its a german machine) and i wonder if that might have been the result of a cheap converter as ‘advertised’ on ‘fake britain’.

Why not leave enough room for the mug?.

I am rarely moved to write product reviews, but having bought my beem a month ago with only one previous review to go on, i wanted to share my experience so far. Item was shipped directly from germany, so took somewhat longer than originally expected, but response to my query was reassuring and it promptly arrived the very next day. As expected, the plug is of continental (two-pin) type and after fiddling with adapters, i cut it off and attached a uk plug, though the cord might have been longer. I chose the beem over better-known brands, as it seemed one of the simplest machines on the market, with fewer switches/settings to go wrong than some. I am less interested in frothed milk than i am in aromatic espresso with plenty of crema and so far i am not disappointed. I would say that the crema is richer than just about any other basic domestic machine i have experienced, without the need for special settings, inserts, or fiddling about. Having used three types of bean, home ground or prepacked, results have been consistently excellent. I over-ground some beans early on, resulting in very fine tamped coffee, with no water coming through at all, but lesson learnt. Having used the steamer on a handful of occasions, this produces very smooth, creamy froth and is a cinch to clean. Yes, the machine and the steamer both drip/leak somewhat after use, but that’s what the drip tray is for and i expect water where there is steam, so i would say other reviewers shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Excellent little machine
  • Otherwise it’s fine
  • Still excellent!

Beem Espresso Perfect Crema Plus Espresso Machine, 1.5 Litre, 1350 Watt, 15 Bar, Red

Product Description, BEEM Espresso Perfect Crema Plus espresso machine with 15 bar of pressure for ground coffee and pads. For one-of-a-kind crema rich and fine.
Unique thermo-block heating and pump system with stainless-steel water line for pure coffee enjoyment with pivoting metal steam nozzle. Easy-to-work combination switch for 3 functions: Stand-by, espresso/coffee, steam with electronic temperature control system for optimum coffee or espresso temperature.
Fills two espresso cups simultaneously from two outlets in the filter holder with power and ready signal lights. 2 different stainless-steel filter sizes for 1 or 2 cups of espresso or coffee pads.
Modern, unique coffee filter with multi-layer metal grilles in the outlet opening for richer, finer froth compared to old-fashioned espresso machines. Removable water tank with 1.5 litres of usable capacity.
Drip tray and drip plate are simple to remove and easy to clean, even in the dishwasher. Filter holder made of strong cast aluminium. Removable aluminium warming plate on the housing. Powerful 1350 watts.
Our name stands for over 30 years for innovative household appliances. BEEM designed and developed electrical appliances and kitchen utensils made of stainless steel and aluminium for domestic and gastronomy, which we distribute worldwide. A high customer satisfaction through outstanding performance and quality is our main business objectives.

Box Contains, 1 x Espresso Machine

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5 years before the water leaks started. Beem supplied me with a replacement seal for the water inlet, but it’s actually the pump that leaks. See other reviews for a description of the water leaking everywhere. Sadly, it seems to be irreparable 🙁 until it started leaking, it was fine and made ok espresso, but i suspect that at this price the components are just not built to last, so you get what you pay for, hence only three stars.

This is the best coffee maker i have ever purchased, it comes with a continental plug which i replaced with. It produces a first class drink would reccommend.

  • Excellent little machine
  • Otherwise it’s fine
  • Still excellent!

Beem Espresso Perfect Crema Plus Espresso Machine, 1.5 Litre, 1350 Watt, 15 Bar, Red

Features and Spesification

  • Espresso machine with 15 bar of pressure for ground coffee and pads
  • Unique thermo-block heating and pump system with stainless-steel water pipe
  • Easy-to-work switch for 3 functions: Stand-by, espresso/coffee, steam
  • Removable water tank with 1.5 litres of usable capacity
  • Available in brilliant red colour