Beem Modell 2019 Germany Bean to Cup Filter Coffee Machine : Great versatile machine, for coffee lovers.

The brew is fine, not outstanding. If you make for two which is the minimum then it’s tepid. I pre-heat the jug and cup which is a drag everyday.

Have been without a coffee machine for ages. Really pleased i bought this. Impulse purchase when i accidently came across it. It’s great that it uses coffee beans and powder. 31 mayi had been very pleased with this machine. Then it stopped grinding coffee after a couple of months. Cleaned grinding chamber (not particularly easy) as per troubleshooting in manual. Still the same, repeated a few times. It still worked using powder. Sent an email to the manufacturer (who was not the same as the seller) and got no response. No problem whatsoever with return. Would have liked to order it again but not confident to do so after mfg could not be bothered giving me any info. Got a cupboard full of coffee bean packets now.

Easy to use and the grind / strength is fully adjustable to give the coffee precisely to your taste. Great using the timer to get up to freshly milled and brewed coffee. Permanent filter which seems to be robust and expect will last. Easy to take apart filter and holder for cleaning.

Great taste and super easy to use. Timer, ground or bean, coffee is really tasty.

We bought this so that we could set the timer for morning coffee. The functions are really simple to use, coffee brews nicely and the pot stays warm for quite a while (at least an hour, we have drunk it all by then so don’t know how long it would stay hot for). We haven’t used it for coffee beans so can’t comment on this part of the machine. The little release button on the side to pop the filter section open gets stuck inside the hole which is really annoying and shouldn’t really happen for a machine costing the price that this one does. Not sure if i would recommend it based on this.

This is the first bean to cup coffee machine for our small home office. It has all essential functions and very easy to use. The jug’s insulation is good. Don’t know whether it is true but feel the coffee is much better than made by ground coffee machines.

Makes very good filter coffee as other reviews have said, and easy to use. If only making one mug (2 cups) the coffee is not hot enough. This is because using the silver pot the coffee drips onto a large unheated area. I think the glass pot would be better, as the base is heated, however this costs £40 to buy separately. I partially solve the problem by using boiling water to heat the pot first.

This is the best thing i have bought myself in years.

  • Good Machine
  • Makes good hot coffee
  • Morning coffee

Beem Modell 2019 Germany Bean to Cup Filter Coffee Machine with Grinder and Timer 92C° 1000W Fresh-Aroma-Perfect-Glas, Stainless_Steel

Product Description, Energy-saving grinding and brewing coffee machine with precision grinder and double-walled stainless steel insulating jug Recommended by the cook of the century Eckart Witzigmann The multiple award-winning Fresh-Aroma-Perfect Thermolux offers coffee enjoyment in perfection and maximum aroma utilization. With a push of a button, it grinds and brews your favored coffee beans in five degrees. With another button press you can have 2 to 10 cups in three starches. And with the AromaPlus function, you can prolong the brewing time and get the full flavor of your coffee – perhaps even better than hand-made. With time display and timer which allows you to grind and brew your coffee for up to 24 hours New: Optimized brewing temperature New Glas jug with ergonomic handle that keeps your coffee hot. integrated coffee grinder Glas jug Professional conical grinder made of hardened “High-Speed Steel” for various grinding degree settings Water tank with internal level indicator for 10 cups Coffee beans compartment with freshnes cover and UV protector for maximum aroma protection Removable filter holder, suitable for basket filters BEEM filter paper D2000644 (can be purchased as a 100-piece set). Filter holder can be swung out with a push of a button. Cable can be stowed in the housing. Heatingplate keeps your coffee hot for hours. Anti-drip function. Delivery: measuring spoon, Cleaning brush for coffee, Activated carbon filter, Permanent Gold filter

From the manufacturer

BEEM Basic selection coffee Banner Brand

BEEM Fresh Aroma Perfect Glas

As always, time is pressing in the morning – but with a cup of coffee the day simply starts much better! The FRESH-AROMA-PERFECT glass with its clever features brings a smile to your face in the morning. At the touch of a button, the popular classic grinds and brews the morning coffee in the desired strength and with an optimum brewing temperature! If desired, the Aroma Plus function can be used to extend the brewing time to take full advantage of the coffee’s aroma. Enjoy particularly aromatic coffee made from whole beans, but also with ground coffee! The integrated precision cone grinder grinds the coffee always fresh and allows individual grind settings – because the right grind is also decisive for the taste. Thanks to the 24-hour timer, the FRESH-AROMA-PERFECT glass starts preparing the coffee at the desired time and lures it out of bed in the morning with the scent of freshly brewed coffee.

Typically BEEM:

  • 24-hour timer
  • Integrated cone grinder
  • 5-stage grind adjustment
  • 1.25 l glass jug for up to 10 cups of coffee
  • Hot plate for long time hot coffee
  • Bean container with freshness protection lid
  • Optimum brewing temperature

BEEM Fresh Aroma Perfect Glas


With the BEEM BASIC SELECTION you can fully concentrate on enjoying your coffee. Our coffee and espresso machines offer you an intuitive design with a focus on the essentials – clear and easy to operate. Functionally well thought-out, with details that inspire, they get the best out of every bean. You can taste it and enjoy it, with friends, family or just for you – day after day. This is coffee enjoyment without compromise!

Smart Details

BEEM Fresh Aroma Perfect Glas

BEEM Fresh Aroma Perfect Glas

BEEM Fresh Aroma Perfect Glas

5-stage grind adjustment

The BEEM Fresh Aroma Perfect enables five different grinding degrees, so that nothing stands in the way of your individual coffee enjoyment.

Integrated cone grinder

The integrated precision cone grinder grinds your coffee fresh. If desired, the brewing time can also be extended to take full advantage of the aroma.

Permanent filter included

The supplied permanent filter makes the purchase of paper filters superfluous! Simply remove the filter insert for cleaning and use it again.

BEEM Brand Logo


BEEM brings the world of coffee and tea culture to your home – with a sense of enjoyment and a keen eye for detail! If you want to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea to the full, you are often looking for something special. BEEM inspires coffee and tea lovers alike with its excellent ease of use, high-quality materials and modern design. Discover with BEEM the great variety of preparation possibilities, from machine to manual, which make daily coffee, espresso or tea a pleasure!

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I have always had an nespresso, which is great for what it is, but i have travelled around and always wanted to try some coffee which comes straight from the beans, but i didn’t want the mess, or have the time to do this. Which is where i found this item, it is an all in one machine which is exactly what i was after. It’s easy to use and looks great in the kitchen, now when i travel abroad i can grab some of the native coffee beans and try it when i get home.

The taste is amazing there’s so many different settings which allows you to do so many things. Can’t recommend this machine enough.

There really is nothing better than freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee in the morning, and this machine so fits the bill.

Great coffeemaker at a great price. It makes terrific, very hot coffee. Used the 1-4 cup setting and it makes a nice strong cup. I don’t know if the water filter makes the difference, but coffee was not bitter at all, which it was on my last one. Coffeemaker is great color and modern and looks great on the counter. Like the fact that it beeps several times when coffee is ready.

The first beem coffee machine delivered seemed to have a defective thermal jug – coffee went cold quickly and it dribbled when pouring. Contacted beem germany support, only to be told they no longer stocked the item and we should contact amazon. Amazon support duly replaced the entire machine and both problems are much better – although we would still like our coffee to stay warmer for longer. We do not use the bean grinder, just filter coffee. Works well enough and much better than single mugs at a time with pod machine – at a stretch you can make 5 big mugs of coffee at a time.

Great little machine makes a great cup or pot of coffee.

This is a very good machine. Having the ability to use either beans or ready ground coffee, makes it quite versatile. Nice function is the timer, which means we can come down to fresh coffee in the morning. The thermally insulated pot, plus the heating plate means the coffee stays hot. Found that preheating the pot with boiling water can make the coffee hotter. Reuse that water to heat the cups so the coffee stays hotter longer. Easy to clean and the permanent filter is a bonus. The controls are pretty straight forward, coffee strength, number of cups and the “aroma” button for extra taste. With variably coarseness for grinding the beans, can’t really fault it. Just been a while finding a coffee that we both like.

Great coffee machine, so far, i can’t fault it.

  • Good Machine
  • Makes good hot coffee
  • Morning coffee

Beem Modell 2019 Germany Bean to Cup Filter Coffee Machine with Grinder and Timer 92C° 1000W Fresh-Aroma-Perfect-Glas, Stainless_Steel

Features and Spesification

  • Bean to cup coffee maker with integrated stainless-steel cone grinder for an even grounding process and adjustable grounding levels
  • Optimized brewing temperature of 92C° for extra hot coffee and permanent reusable gold filter 2-10 Cups
  • With 24 hours timer – always have your freshly grounded coffee ready when you want it. Wake up with the delicious smell of hot fresh coffee in the morning or at any desired time
  • With separate switchable heating plate and tempered glass coffee pot with Anti-drip feature for extra-long fresh hot coffee
  • With activated carbon filter in the water tank for pure coffee enjoyment (can be purchased) – German quality and 2 years Manufacturer warranty