Beko CEG7425B Bean to Cup ESPRESSO Maker – Great to use and good value for money

Instructions a bit misleading. And unable to register the product.

I have always wanted a bean to cup coffee machine. I love the idea of being able to try varying coffee beans and flavours as opposed to being stuck to one brand like you are with the capsule style machines. I have tried and used many various coffee machines from a bialetti venus induction espresso maker 6 cup to your basic caffettiera, traditional pump espresso coffee machines. Then to capsule machines such as the nescafÉ dolce gusto melody 3 coffee machine by de’longhi – black,francis francis for illy x7. 1 expresso coffee maker, black, and more recently the lavazza italian fantasia coffee maker machine 10080388 – capsules included. All had there advantages and disadvantages. My latest coffee machine is the de’longhi nespresso en550. W lattissima touch automatic coffee machine – white which is my personal favourite of the ones i have used. Great tasting coffee, excellent milk frother and extremely easy to use and clean. But thats enough about my previous machines and on to the review.

I have just replaced my 12-year old siemens surpresso (used almost daily with no problems) with this beko machine. It takes a while to get used to a new machine, but so far, it’s good. It takes a little while to warm up, but the selection of cup/mug, and grind strength is easy. It switches ‘off’ rather than go into standby, so doesn’t waste electricity. The water tank is smaller than my old machine, but easy to fill. The bean holder is also smaller capacity. And this is where the ‘grind’ (fine, medium, coarse) lever is found. I filled it up with the beans before finding iti would suggest using only bottled water rather than try to fiddle with the water hardness test strips. Neat, small item, doesn’t take up much space in my little kitchen.

This is a great bean to cup machine, at an amazing price. The coffee tastes good with a hot temperature, unlike my previous machine ( de longi). I only drink americano & espresso, so can’t comment on the milk frother.

Exactly what i’d hoped for from a bean to cup machine. I drink coffee black and very simply it makes great tasting coffee.

Milk system a bit fiddly but other wise excellent.

I was delighted to be invited to review this beko bean to cup coffee maker on vine; it was a thing i’ve always fancied but the cost was prohibitive for me. In preparation of getting that perfect coffee i invested in some lavazza beans, a bag of demerrera sugar and a tub of fresh single cream. The set up of the machine is straight forward, there is an instruction manual and a quick start guide. The manual takes a bit of working out and getting used to and for specifics such as setting the water temperature, descaling, etc, you need to keep the manual for future reference. So, the machine is plugged in, coffee beans placed in the top feeding chamber, and there’s water in the reservoir. The machine lets you programme/select the cup size. Small for espresso, medium for a small cup and large for a mug. I found the factory set mug size only dispenses enough to fill to around two-thirds full, but again the amount of water dispensed can be custom set following the directions in the instruction manual. The coarseness of the grind can also be adjusted via a dial in the bean chamber. The strength of the coffee is selected via the display on the front of the machine.

Wow makes nice coffee at nice pricenot used milk function yet i like long coffee bearing in mind beans will make big difference on qualityeasy to set up lot of options that other makes charge lot more cash forcant beat it for value and nice coffee looks nice toogive it a try it wont dissapoint.

It makes very nice coffee but i bought it for my office and it is a pain that it goes through its self cleaning evertime it’s gone into sleep. Just too slow for a business and a bit fiddly with the milk cleaning. It would be just fine for a home machine and is attractive and easy to fill etc. Ok as an office machine if you go without the milk.

Great quality,especially grinder and self cleaning.

3 weeks since i owned this practical machine, i use it mainly to make an americano coffee. Great value for money for a single home user.

I like everything about this machine makes great coffee and so easy to use all pros no cons.

I bought this on impulse, to replace my pod machine. It was prime day, and although the machine wasn’t a prime day item, the price was still good. My first cup of coffee was fairly thin and horrible, but i did not let this put me off. I took some time to play with the grind settings and now it is producing excellent hot coffee, with a good body. It is a slightly steeper learning curve than my pod machine (which does it all for you), but not that difficult. Currently i have small amounts of about 5 different beans sitting on my counter. At least one of them i’ll never buy again, and i’ve marked two of them down for a larger order to be made. I won’t advise on beans, as what is awful to me might be wonderful to you. Just try some different varieties (bean type, roast intensity etc. ), with different grind settings, until you find something you like. Here are the specifications for the Beko CEG7425B Bean to Cup ESPRESSO Maker:

  • Integrated Milk Frothing
  • Cup Quantity Selection
  • Coffee Strength Selection

Needs cleaned especially milk connection after use. Good slim size compared to some.

I just love the taste of the coffee from this machine. I initially found the instructions complicated and this was a real problem. I had perused the pdf file of the manual on this beko model so knew it was going to be a bit complex when the machine arrived. I found the best instructions, though not comprehensive, enough, on you tube.This really helped in getting started. The instructions that came with the machine are in small writing so i personally had to use reading glasses, plus some instructions seem to repeat themselves and also found looking for what i wanted quite hard to find. I did try the milk frother but have decided not to use it because the tube is flimsy and seemed to be an after thought by the manufacturer plus it had to be cleaned all the time. Instead, i use a manual frother and the microwave as a matter of choice. The machine came with samples of cleaning materials/solutions and ‘ getting started’ instructions, again with very small writing. The manufacturer could do a very good video and put it on you tube with step by step instructions.

I’ve had this machine for a while now giving it a real test to see if it does what it says and yes it does. I enjoy coffee especially the stronger tastes which i know are not to everyone’s palette. The milder and latte are catered for as well. The first thing your asked to do is test the water whether hard or soft, your given a test strip to do this. This info is put into the machine before you start. The machine is very comprehensive in covering all the different aspects of coffee making, also keeping the machine clean and giving a good choice of variation in what you produce. The coffee beans are loaded into the top of the machine, you can also use ground coffee as long as it is still granular, fine powder just goes straight thru and produces nothing. The beans are ground before each individual cup. I forgot to say that you also have to fill the water tank before you start. When the machine is switched on it does two things, it heats the water and dispenses some water as a cleaner thru the jets.

Maybe i was unlucky but the grinder stopped working after only 2 months. Liked the 3 available coffee options (espresso/long espresso/mug) and the fact that it was reasonably compact (short width, a bit deeper). Quality of espresso was good, but not great. Note to irish users: in 2018, beko ireland did not provide support to beko coffee machines, so if support is an issue, research that before you buy.

As part of the kitchen makeover, we wanted the appliances to blend with the cupboards and drawers. A matching coffee making machine would have cost us £1800. We went without and continued using the trusty and overworked kettle. When this beko unit became available, we jumped at the chance. The beko unit isn’t too heavy. The compact footprint means it does not take up too much space on the worktop. The unit comes with an array of accessories including clean samples. The beko does not require any plumbing which is either a good or bad thing depending on your preference. For us, it’s a bit inconvenient when you’ve forgotten to fill it up. Check the hardness of your water supply.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Consistently great tasting coffee, good value for money. Worth spending the time to set up properly.
  • patience!
  • Makes great coffee

A bit fussy as requires constant maintenance and cleaning if using milk function, on the upside can’t complain to much as decent value for bean to cup machine.

I’m reviewing the beko ceg7425b bean to cup espresso maker, 15 bar, black. Here are my thoughts:^^ this is the first time i’ve tried one of these larger types of coffee machines. I have a teasmaid, (which i use for coffee) or i use a drip filter that sits over a mug, so i am pleased to try this out as a first timer let loose on a proper coffee making machine as a home barista^^ first, i really like how this is capable of taking any type of whole beans or ground coffee. I now love whole bean coffee and have really learnt how to use this coffee machine experimenting in various different ways, with many different types of whole bean coffee, too. I especially like strong espressos with with crema. ^^ i’ve had this for a few weeks now and have adjusted the strength of coffee to my taste. I have also adjusted how much water to use for one of my cups and have set it so the machine fills the cup just to the right level that i like. ^^ in addition, i have also changed the settings for my type of water, which is very hard. ^^ the internal milk frother is really easy to use. The integrated milk frother draws milk from an external container to heat and froth the milk.

Excellent machine, very simple to use, with a perfect cup every time.

Used in my salon for fresh coffee for clients.

Really happy with this coffee machine. We have a de longhi ay work so i get to make a lot of coffee and definitely prefer my beko purchase. Money well spent, great looks too and goes well with our black smeg kitchen accessories.

Well i’ve nearly had to return this already had it not been for my husband who discovered that the coffee grinds were backing up into the filter drop off hole, very odd and it had completely blocked stopping the machine from working completely. Took ages to clean out and there was mouldy bits too. . I shall be watching this very carefully from now on. However when it works properly the coffee is delicious.

Very pleased with my new coffee machine, makes a good quality coffee, and not so complicated to use. For the amount of money i paid is worthy and i do recommend it ,as a home coffee machine is just great.

So, i have been living with this machine for a week now and i’m happy to share my opinions so far. I am by no means a “coffee snob’ but i do enjoy a nice brew. Actually, i enjoy a lot of them. I drink far, far more coffee than i’m sure they say you should, but to heck with that, if i am to die, i’ll die happy thank you very much ;-)i have had more coffee machines in my life than i dare to count, in my house at the moment there are more than six, a number my wife assures me — at every opportunity, is too many. But i’ve never been truly happy with a single one of them (bar the trusty old cafetière(s) – i have three of those). What i have always wanted is a good automatic machine. I have tried to get just such a thing with various types of machine, from using bean-to-cup drip coffee makers to the more common (now days) pod coffee machines. Tl;drif you wish to read no further then the short story is, this beko machine has replaced them all — at least to the point where i have stored the others away. For a machine at this price range i think it’s an absolute bargain, it out-performs some coffee machines (of various types) which i have paid significantly more money for. I am delighted with this and would not hesitate in recommending it.

Grinds your beans and makes perfect espresso. Can also be used to froth milk for cappuccinos etc. A bit of learning curve on setup but once you’ve sorted it all out, it’s great. Love the little touches like the water hardness testing kit and the waterproof instruction booklet that fits behind the drip tray. If you’re serious about coffee, this is the machine for you.