Beko CFD6151W Digital Display Sense Filter Coffee Machine – A decent brew

I’ve recently just returned one of the very popular morphy richards 162009 pour over filter coffee maker, 1. 8 litre, 900 w – red owing to a fault – so a lot of this review will be in comparison to that. Pros:* i like the white design and the materials do not feel overly cheap or plasticy. There is a full range of kitchen accessories in this range that match nicely if you are kitting out a whole kitchen. * the jug in particular really is of a nice design and good quality* detachable water reservoir that can be filled under a tap without opening the lid. However – limit yourself to 10 cups or so when bringing the tank to the sink – any more and water will slosh out of the overflow holes onto your feet. * the anti drip feature works perfectly* the backlit screen is very clear, even if it only displays a time* the entire device is very simple to use – not complicated at allcons:* as mentioned above, the tank can drip on you easily* high water temperature – i’m not sure yet as i have only tried one brand of coffee, but i feel it may be hot enough to scorch the coffee. There is no option to change this setting* requires coffee filters (some other models have washable baskets). * timer function seems needlessly complicated – there is a program set and an auto button which are ambiguously labelled, i have to check the manual each time. * there is an aroma button that i believe extends the brewing process to fill the room with coffee smell.

So decided to buy a filter coffee machine. I like this one as it’s stylish. Easy to use, does need filters. Stays hot for about an hour. I didn’t take the water filter out to fill it it, i used a jug. However the white plastic lets it down. The lid doesn’t sit flush and although no heat escapes it just doesn’t look as sharp.

Pros:the system will let you have coffee at a time of your choosing (teasmade style)it pours reasonably wellit looks reasonably smart (see photo)it makes coffee quite adequately. Cons:i do not find the water tank a convenient shape to hold and fill once the volume of water renders it heavy (ideally the shape demands two hands to avoid squeezing the middle, but one is needed for the tap)the lid has not been well designed for washing up and the pot has to balance awkwardly upside down on the lid. The lid of the water tank doesn’t hinge well, so that i cannot easily just fill with a jug as i do my espresso maker.

Great coffee machine lovely design, i carnt understand why some people complain that its awkward to fill the water up i just put the amount i need into the coffee jug and pour it into the water tub so there is no need to take it off. It was great to set the setting to have the machine turn on few min before i get up and have the coffee all ready for me. I don’t mind using the paper filters i think its a lot cleaner that way just take it out and discard no messing straight forward.

This beko coffee machine is at the budget end of the market, it has sacrificed some features to keep the costs down but has retained some things that more expensive coffee machines boast. Things i likearoma button- a nice touch to give your coffee a little umphprogrammable- coffee when you comes downstairs in the morning just waiting for you. Removable water tank- i like to wash this out to keep things clean. Coffee pot tucks right into the machine body. Hot plate- with auto cut out as required by regulationsbig jug- the whole family can have a big mug and one or two can even get a refill. Jug measurements tie up pretty much with those on the water tankthings i’m not too sure aboutno permanent filter- seems a bit mean not to include this and so force you to buy coffee papers. Oval shaped coffee filter basket- this means that you can’t simply interchange an old permanent filter as the shape is unique. Jug feels a little cheap and the top plastic-y. The white plastic finish would be massively improved if it was a steel finish. Conclusionit makes good coffee, you need to do several rinse throughs to get rid of the ‘shop fresh’ plastic taint but as long as you use a decent coffee it makes a great cup.

Here are the specifications for the Beko CFD6151W Digital Display Sense Filter Coffee Machine:

  • 1250 ml carafe
  • Auto Timer
  • 95°C brewing temperature
  • Drip-stop function
  • Removable coffee filter

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good solid coffee machine
  • A decent brew
  • Great coffee machine lovely design