Beko CFM6151W Sense Filter Coffee Machine : You need to buy filter papers

I purchased this as i wanted a coffee machine to leave in a static caravan, and therefore did not want to pay £40 + for a machine which would only be used 2/3 times every couple of weeks. I have a few winges firstly the product description says that there is a auto shut off feature which means you do not have to wait for the pot to brew before pouring a cup. This is not the case it continues to try and fill the carafe and therefore makes a lot of mess. If you do not finish the carafe before the 40 minute shut off happens then you cannot just re-power the machine you have to wait till the time has ended before re-powering the machine. I use size 4 paper filters and so far it continues to allow granules to get into the carafe. Would i buy this for my home no, i would spend more money and get a better quality machine. Positives nice big carafe so a lot of coffee can be made at once.

This beko coffee machine is at the budget end of the market, it has sacrificed some features to keep the costs down but has retained some things that more expensive coffee machines boast. Things i like:it is pretty compact in design so it doesn’t take up a huge amount of worktop space. Aroma button- a nice touch to give your coffee a little umph ( it works by slowing down the speed at which the water goes through the grinds)removable water tank- i like to wash this out to keep things clean. Coffee pot tucks right into the machine body. Hot plate- with auto cut out as required by regulationsbig jug- the whole family can have a big mug and one or two can even get a refill. Jug measurements tie up pretty much with those on the water tankthings i’m not too keen on:no permanent filter- seems a bit mean not to include this and so force you to buy coffee papers. Oval shaped coffee filter basket- this means that you can’t simply interchange an old permanent filter as the shape is unique. Jug feels a little cheap and the top plastic-y. The white plastic finish would be massively improved if it was a steel finish. No clock or programmable timer to enable you to have a coffee waiting for you when you wake.

If you want an easy to use, stylish filter coffee machine, this beko will be the perfect buy. My old coffee machine has a timer, it will make small amounts of coffee, and does other things which i never use, and it has so many different buttons you forget which one to press just to get a pot of coffee. However, this beko machine has 2 buttons, one to switch it on and the aroma button which alters the filter process to get a better cup of coffee. I liked the white design, the tank is easy to fill and it is really easy to clean. I don’t mind putting a filter paper in but some reviewers have said this is a negative. Build wise, again some reviewers have said it is a bit plasticy, personally i feel that the build is fine. If you are looking for a filter coffee machine and are on a budget then i would suggest putting the beko on your list.

This is a sturdy and well-made machine that provides good coffee in the generous amounts. Its main downside is that it has some design quirks that might make it that little bit more difficult to use than the traditionally designed regulator. The machine looks impressive with sleek lines and an assertive presence on your work surface. The access to the coffee and water is well-designed on the whole-however if you want to take advantage of the feature to remove the whole reservoir, and fill it up the tap, you will have to pull the whole machine away from the wall and turn around which seems to be counter to the design of the machine and the way it’s meant to look on your kitchen work surface. That said, the machine works extremely well and while we can’t quite see what difference the aroma button makes we enjoy having it pressed.

This is a great coffee machine that makes great coffee in what i think is quicker than normal time. The instructions are clear to understand and the machine looks great.

Unlike some of the other reviewers, i think this is a pretty smart looking machine and it makes a change from the black machines that don’t suit everybody’s kitchen. It does have quite a large footprint which i hadn’t realised. The water tank is removeable (you pull it out from the back) which i like as it is easier to clean that way. Other features are limited (just an aroma button which is supposed to improve the brew although i can’t honestly say i noticed much difference). This doesn’t bother me in the least as i have never bothered to use extras such as timer functions when i’ve had them. The touted benefit of being able to put the jug is a dishwasher doesn’t really amount to much – how hard is it to wash out a jug under a hot tap?. The brew is no different to any other machine i have used – it all comes down to the coffee you use and the water you have. The downside for me is that there is no permanent filter – i had to go out to buy filter papers for the first time in ten years or more.

The variety of coffee machines on the market today is quite staggering so the real successful ones are those that have standout features or are simply good value budget machines. This beko falls firmly into the budget category and offers everything needed without really excelling in any way. It’s a nice sized unit, not taking up the huge amounts of space some do, it’s easy to operate and simple to clean with an easily detachable reservoir, it holds a decent amount of water so you won’t need to keep topping it up all the time and the components are all dishwasher safe. On the negative side it does feel cheap a little cheap with all the plastic, it uses throwaway filters rather than a washable reusable one and it doesn’t have a timer function to allow you to wake up to hot coffee. For the price though it is a decent enough machine.

  • YOu get what you pay for
  • Brews up
  • Assertive

Beko CFM6151W Sense Filter Coffee Machine, 1000 W, White

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  • YOu get what you pay for
  • Brews up
  • Assertive

Beko CFM6151W Sense Filter Coffee Machine, 1000 W, White

Features and Spesification

Product Info

  • Brand Beko
  • Model Number CFM6151W
  • Colour White
  • Item Weight 99.8 g
  • Product Dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 cm
  • Capacity 1.25 litres
  • Volume Capacity 1.8 litres
  • Power / Wattage 1000 watts
  • Material plastic
  • Energy Efficiency Class A to G