Natural Makeup for Autumn by Benecos

I’ll be honest, natural makeup isn’t something I’ve considered in the past and is not something I’ve read into a great deal; where to find them, what to look for and also which brands offer the best of the best? I did a small review on mineral makeup a couple months back as this was at a time that I was experimenting with more natural products, but it just didn’t stick. I was simply intrigued. However, over the months I have done my research and that’s where I’m happy to introduce you to Benecos Natural Beauty.Benecos Natural Makeup Autumn Collection

The three products I’m going to share with you today are all from the new Autumn collection which launches TODAY! I was fortunate enough to get my hands on these a couple weeks early to test for myself, and I know for sure the shimmery mono eyeshadow is going to be purchased in a few more colours. First up however, is the Natural Lipstick in Poppy Red*. As you might be able to see in the image, I already made a lovely dent with my nail – anyone else manage to do this with a brand new product? Anyway, this is a really moisturising lipstick which doesn’t cake and doesn’t feel drying on the lips. The shade I have is in Poppy Red which is on the lighter side, with a coral undertone which appears slightly peachy on my lips – in all honesty, if the colour was swatched then I wouldn’t personally pick it from choice, but it surprisingly suits me. WIN!Benecos Natural Makeup Autumn Collection

Next up we have my favourite which is the Natural Mono Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz*. This is a stunning shimmery pink shadow which isn’t extremely pigmented, but really helps brighten up the eyes. I simply place this all over the lids with a thin winged liner and a small helping of mascara and off I go. The shimmer looks beautiful in the light and isn’t over the top, but the pink is just so feminine and soft and would suit anyone. If shimmer isn’t your thing though, there are matte versions of this range of eyeshadows. They’ve got you covered!

Lastly is this Natural Quattro Eyeshadow in Smokey Eyes* which is the perfect palette for creating several eye looks. This palette of colours is the most dramatic out of the others available, but the pigmentation isn’t as strong as others out there. However, personally this is something I like. Pigmentation is one of the values to a well-priced product, but sometimes it’s not the pigment I want, it’s just the quality and longevity of the product itself. I love smokey eyes, but on me I prefer a softer approach and this palette gives me just that! The 3 grey shades I use to smoke out my eye, then using an angled brush I will apply the black shadow across my lash line to help put it all together.