BenQ TH535 Full HD 1080p Home Entertainment Projector – Such an amazing all in one product

I found this is a great product. It supports for 3d which is awesome.

Recommend product and function well in day time as well.

The picture is very clear, it is easy to focus and equally easy to zoom. The picture is very clear yet i had lights on. My light bulbs are class a++ in terms of energy-saving, 3. 6w and 250 lumens bright, and we have 3 such bulbs in a cluster. But why would it not overpower the room lighting since the projector brightness is 3,300 lumens?. With high brightness, you should get a very good picture even in relatively brighter rooms due to winning combination of high brightness and high native contrast (15,000: 1) plus its native resolution is 1920 x 1080p, full high definition. Our walls are white, so did not need to use the wall color correction feature. You can set your wall colour setting closer to your wall colour from the following options: light yellow, pink, light green, blue, and blackboardi have owned several beqq projectors but they were all hd-ready and not full hd and maxed at 2800 lumens. I use my projectors for both business presentations and entertainment. For business, my material does contain a lot of text so i need a projector that is able to clearly show text.

The th534 offers decent connectivity and impressive performance. It weighs less than most comparable projectors and is compact, given its spec. A case is available as an option for the benq, as is a ceiling-mount kit and a spare lamp kit. Details of the lamp are not stated anywhere. I do hope its 10,000-hour life (eco mode) is achievable, given the £170 cost of the lamp kit. The projector is easy and generally intuitive to use although there are many setup options to fiddle with, if you wish. The lens seems superb – images are very sharp and keystone correction does a great job of squaring them up. High brightness and contrast levels lead to outstanding results from high-def movies and photos. Fan noise is noticeable but acceptable. Audio through external speakers is good but it’s a shame there’s no bluetooth capability.

I’ve used a 1080p benq projector in the past and was very impressed with it so i had high expectations of this – i have to say it didn’t disappoint. Out of the box it’s a pretty big beast, so if you’re after a projector to carry around you might want to look elsewhere – but it doesn’t come across as a quality piece of kit. Set-up was pretty much plug and play (on a macbook), with a few on screen questions to get you going (you need to provide your own connecting cable though). Focus and zoom are manual and once powered up it’s very quite with only the slightest fan hum. In use image quality is dependent on the source – and with 4k it certainly shines (although you may be asking too much of a wi-fi network). There were no visible artefacts and the image with bright and crisp – even in a fairly bright room on a regular white wall. 1080p is good too (and easier on my network). Surprisingly, audio quality from the built in speaker was loud and clear and perfectly good for general viewing. Overall a great projector with little to complain about.

This benq compares to projectors costing 4 times the price. This model presents a huge picture that is zoom adjustable. The picture is top notch – crystal clear and very sharp focus and high contrast. It is a compact size as well and it doesn’t run too hot. The noise level is minimal not in any way intrusive. The remote control is neat and small too. I had this working within 2 minutes of unpacking it. In addition to 2 x hmdi connections – it also has vga connectors (who uses vga these days?). It’s even compatible with 3d output.

This is such an amazing product. I am so happy that i got it for my home. It is truly like having a cinema in your own home. The picture quality is phenomenal. It’s so great because you can watch it on any blank wall and can adjust the size to your own preference. It can be put in a cupboard when not being used and the room is clear again, without loads of appliances like a tv, dvd player etc. I love that it works as a smart tv and can be connected to all of my subscriptions like netlix and now tv. I know that you can also connect kody but i have not figured out how to work that function yet. I love that you can use your phone as a remote, making it even easier to use. It also comes with a basic remote control that works well too.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This is a awesome deal from amazon with best in quality picture
  • Great product and quality
  • Seriously impressive