BenQ TH550 Full HD 1080p Home Entertainment Projector – I like what I see

This review is for the th534 projector. I am really impressed with this projector. I have only had it a short time but with the projector set to eco-mode, it has still been bright enough to watch during the day. The image is crystal clear with what i would consider good colour, and nice contrast levels. Regarding the fan noise, it is fine. It is audible when i am browsing for something to watch, but it is not intrusive, being easy to ignore. When i am actually watching something i cease to notice it at all. The only negative thing i have to say about it is very minor indeed and regards the remote control. It functions just fine and with regards to the signal, it has been working fine regardless of the fact that i am always pointing it away from the projector. My issues are related to the small size of the remote, the small buttons which mean i have to examine it carefully to see what the buttons actually do (though this aspect will no doubt matter less once i get familiar with the control), and the lack of lighting for the remote.

Received this projector at a very low price this month £625 from the amazon warehouse in a used – like new description, the box was unopened and no damage to it either so everything was pretty much perfect. The only problem i would say is that the power lead was a european 2 pin rather than a uk 3 pin plug, not an issue as i had one from the projector this is replacing. The image quality is superb on this and so much sharper than my previous 1080p unit. The on board speaker is actually half decent too and i would have no issue just watching a show or a film through it, don’t expect booming bass, but it’s not a tinny sounding mono speaker like you normally get. The remote is nice with a orange backlight glow, a stark contrast to the bright blinding blue of the optoma remotes. Fan noise is pretty good with it only being slightly noticeable when watching anything, there is a quiet mode which literally does what it says, it does drop the brightness down though slightly. Although there are 2 inputs to the projector only one will take a 4k source so you may want a hdmi switch or run through an av unit before getting to it. I have a switch to soundbar to projector so it works for me. Be warned that there is no image shift on this projector so you will need to get a good positioning for your screen or some good movement on a mount bracket if you use one. It does have keystone correction which is automatic and works well.

Great projector with fantastic picture quality, colours and brightness – 4 stars because of heat output and some glitching in the image *might have a faulty unit, not sure yet. This is my first ever projector and i must say, coming from a 49 inch tv, this is a huge step up. I currently have it projecting 75 or so inches onto a grey wall (haven’t bought a screen just yet) and the quality is pretty damn great. 4k performance:hdr 10 bit and 4k 60hz is working great. In comparison to my samsung ks7500, the colours are nearly as vivid. On a proper projector screen, i’m hoping it will pop slightly more however in a dark room it’s fantastic as is. In a bright room the colours and contrast are lessened however still perfectly watchable – i just wouldn’t advise watching a movie in a bright room as you’ll miss out. For sports in a bright room, i can imagine this being absolutely fine. I haven’t checked chroma 4:4:4 settings on this but if anyone needs, i can have a look into it later on. 3d performance:this is where i drop a few points.

This is my second projector, the first one suffering a mishap with a hammer (long story), and since it was a few years old, i decided to upgrade. The th534 is ideal for my home cinema. Set back from the screen by 4. 8 metres, it delivers a bright, crisp image some 3. Remote control works well, pointing anywhere in the room – sounds like a small point, but it’s not until you have a device which requires laser-like accuracy, you realise how important that is. Dual hdmi inputs are useful, although i only use one most of the time, so it’s great you can tell the device not to scan all it’s inputs – so rather than wait for it to cycle through them all, plug in, turn on, and away you go. No comments on the inbuilt speaker – i don’t use it. Downsides are the fan can be a little noisy, but it’s an audible low pitched hum, rather than a screech, when the temperature gets too much. You can set it to use the fan all the time in an ‘altitude’ siting (eg: hanging from the ceiling), but i haven’t done that.

After much research before buying a mid-range projector this model seemed the best. My main criteria was ability to watch uhd but after failing to install sky uhd channels we called the benq helpline to discover the one that was delivered had out of date firmware installed that did not allow uhdbenq have (so far) been great and organised collection and an engineer to reinstall the correct firmware and we are hoping to get it back and working properly within 2 weeks. Irritating that we are without it for another few weeks but from what we saw before return picture is very good already so looking forward to what it will be like when functioning as it should.

This is a brilliant projector in every respect but the remote control is dreadful. Its thin cheap plastic , very small and impossible to see what each button is for without turning the lights on in the room. I have the older benq w700 and although the 534 is a better projector the remote is basically rubbish. The old one for the w700 lights up as soon as you touch it the new one for the 534 is on the right. Benq should be ashamed for penny pinching.

It seems that you can spend an infinite amount on av equipment and when my friend returned to the uk and asked for his older, hd projector back i found myself needing to buy my own. I didn’t want to spend a fortune and as my cinema room doubles up as a playroom for the kids i knew i was never going to see the full benefit of a £4/5k ‘true 4k’ projector (i’m not allowed black walla). So, my expectations were not high but i was absolutely blown away by the image quality of this projector – it looks beautiful when fed 4k and still looks natural with a lower definition input. The only downside is the limited adjustment. Make sure you use the benq screen size calculator and ensure you can get the projector in the correct location.

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