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I needed a short throw projector that would fill my bedroom wall, giving me over 100″ display, i am replacing a very budget projector i got last year that the dark parts in movies and series were impossible to see what was going on. The quality of this projector is absolutely brilliant, no more issues with dark scenes and the audio was better than expected, though i realise many people will want a sound bar or better sound system. The only issue with the sound i have found, is that the minimum setting on it, is actually still a bit too loud at night (i have older neighbours and don’t want to get any grief over it). The fan is a bit loud but no more so that you should expect of most projectors, the other issue i have is the amount of heat this thing generates. No issue during winter but i can imagine some times in summer when it will make it unbearable to even have it switched on for too long. Neither of those issues detract from the projector for me though, as i expect some minor issues like that. It is at the top end of what i would be willing to pay for this type of technology but i do think it’s worth it for the extra quality image. I like the cinema experience of it and this gets you that type of picture. Before you buy a projector i advise you to search on google for a projector calculator that will tell you how far away from the screen the projector needs to be and then measure your room and work out where the projector will sit / mount.

This is way better than the tk800. No happy with it but the tk2050 is way better 10 out of 10. Benq makes very good projector đź“˝.

The colour is accurate and comes with a factory calibration certificate for rec709 spec. Is also capable of displaying almost full range greyscale (0-255) for use with pc etc. Not suitable for daylight use. Motion is judder free with little to no bluring. Black levels are decent but recommend a grey screen to use with it. Not too noisy unless listening at very low volume movies. For the money its a great buy imo.

I had the w1070 for about 5 years before i thought that it was worth upgrading. And even then i wasn’t sure that it was at this price point. But i bought this and it’s great. Very bright and lovely colours. The blacks are way better and the machine is very quiet indeed. I use it against a grey painted wall and it’s very rich looking.

Good product, i use it to watch movies and football.

This is my first full 1080p projector and lam very impressed. Only let down is the sound only 2 w speaker. I use an external speakers for cinema sound.

Really pleased – does exactly what’s promised and has transformed our viewing experience for sports events, cinema and video games. We have a tv room where we use this and it is fantastic. Does need to be a fair distance form the screen though.

  • Impressive at the price.
  • Stunning picture but
  • Another Projector – Almost perfect!

BenQ W1720 True 4K UHD HDR Video Projector, DLP, Home Theatre, 2000 Lumens 3D

Style Name:2000 ANSI Lumen  |  Size Name:4K UHD with Upgraded DMD Chip
Product Description, Gather your friends and family in front of the 4K HDR movies. BenQ W1720 4K HDR CineHome Projector with CinematicColor technology delivers precise colours, elevates your enjoyment with a genuine movie-going experience that ideally preserves the director’s vision in immersive film-like cinematic experiences, expanding the thrill of giant screen visuals in your living room.

Legal Disclaimer, Product is sourced and shipped from the European Economic Area (EEA). Product is genuine original from manufacturer authorized distributors.

From the manufacturer

BenQ video projector W1720 helps gathering friends and family for stunning 4K HDR movie enjoyment

Designed for big screen living room / home cinema entertainment, W1720 creates stunning 4K HDR movie experience for your friends and family

DMD Chip

Upgraded 2019 4K DMD Chip Increasing Visible Screen Size with 20%

The W1720 projector is equipped with the new 4K DMD chip from Texas Instruments. This new chip ensures a 50% thinner light grey border, that used to be visible with the first generation 4K DLP projectors. The light grey border is now the same as on all other existing projectors and therefor barely visible. Furthermore, the space where the light grey border used to be is now filled with the projected image, meaning you get around 20% more screen surface than before.

BenQ CineHome home theater projector W1720’s lightweight design and sleek, compact profile

BenQ W1720, Your Perfect 4K HDR Home Theater Projector

Gather your friends and family in front of the stunning 4K HDR movies. BenQ W1720 4K HDR CineHome Projector with CinematicColor™ technology delivers precise colours, elevates your enjoyment with a genuine movie-going experience that perfectly preserves the director’s vision in immersive film-like cinematic experiences, expanding the thrill of giant screen visuals in your living room.

Key Features

  • True 4K UHD Resolution
  • 100% Rec.709 CinematicColor with Factory Calibration Report
  • Projector-Optimized HDR (HDR10 & HLG Support)
  • Sleek Design with Auto Vertical Keystone and 1.1X zoom

BenQ home cinema projector W1720 delivers 100% Rec.709 Color Accuracy with the RGBRGB color wheel

W1720’s projector-optimized HDR offers greater brightness and contrast range to show video details

W1720 delivers true 4K which reduced pixel blur for profound clarity and crisply defined details

Each W1720 comes with Individual factory calibration report to guarantee the color performance

100% Rec.709 Colour Accuracy

Rec.709 is the international HDTV standard that guarantees cinematic colours the director intended. With the RGBRGB colour wheel, W1720 achieves 100% Rec.709 coverage, guaranteeing a Delta E performance of less than 3 to reproduce the authentic colours of Hollywood films.

Hyper-Realistic Projector-Optimized HDR

Supercharged by HDR10 and HLG support with BenQ exclusive projector-optimized HDR, W1720’s high dynamic range performance offers greater brightness, contrast range, and image optimization, bringing out every detail in 4K video content for superior cinema enjoyment.

4K UHD True 8.3 Million Pixel Perfection

Producing 4K UHD 3840×2160 resolution with 8.3 million distinct pixels for each frame, W1720 utilizes revolutionary 0.47” single-DMD DLP technology to minimize the projector’s sleek, compact profile for modern lifestyles. With four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p, 4K UHD reduces pixel blur for awe-inspiring clarity and crisply defined fine details.

Factory Calibrated Out-of-the-Box Colour Accuracy

Using special instruments and software, W1720 is tested and adjusted for precise D65 colour temperature, gamma, black level, white level, neutral grey, RGBCMY colour tracking, hue, saturation, brightness and output from different interfaces based on ITU-R Rec. 709.

W1720 equips BenQ CinemaMaster™ Video+ technology which can turn and room into world-class theaters

BenQ CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 technology of W1720 provide perfect sound modes to fit various occasions

BenQ W1720’s keystone correction function makes it simple to project ideally aligned images

Using video projector W1720’s LampSave Mode can extend projector lamp life up to 15,000 hours

CinemaMaster Video+ for Majestic Scenes

CinemaMaster™ Video+ turns any room into a world-class home theatre with video-enhancing technologies including 4K pixel enhancer, colour enhancer, motion enhancer, and flesh tone adjustment, ensuring that even the most critical movie enthusiasts can be satisfied.

Perfect Sound Modes to Fit Any Occasion

Upgraded with dramatically wider frequency range from powerful 5-watt audio housed in a resonant sound chamber for deep bass and soaring highs. BenQ CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 technology provides custom-tuned sound modes to deliver ideal audiovisual experiences for any type of entertainment, as if you were there live.

Auto Vertical Keystone for Easy Setup

Keystone correction makes it simple to project ideally aligned images from a variety of locations. Countering the trapezoid effect when the projector must be placed off-centre, such as simple placement on top of a table, the vertical keystone function adjusts the image for a professionally squared image.

Smart Power Saving and Long Lamp Life

BenQ SmartEco™ technology automatically adjusts lamp brightness based on content to project richer blacks and increase contrast for image details. LampSave Mode further extends projector lamp life up to 15,000 hours, minimizing lamp replacements and maintenance for an overall lower cost of ownership.

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Very impressed with the w2000 for the money. I was originally going to buy the w1070 but was persuaded by the sales team at richer sounds that the w2000 was worth the extra outlay. I have not seen the w1070 in action but really love the w2000. I’m actually more impressed by the in built speaker, i think it is better than my samsung tv (d8000) speakers. I have a surround sound connected, but incase anyone is considering buying this and not running surround sound, it would manage just fine i would think. Picture quality is very good, no blur that i can see. I have not tried gaming on it yet.

Having used a similarly specified and priced optoma projector for some time i can’t fault this one on quality, colour projection or general ease of use. It’s easy and intuitive to set up and and use and brilliant for home projection if you have a spare room available. It doesn’t need a long throw for a decent picture so you could use it across the width of a modest sitting room or lounge. In the past i haven’t liked sitting too close to a projector but found i could sit next to this one without it being too distracting with light reflections or noisy workings. You need to get to grips with the colour wheel to get the best colour depth and minimise the rainbow effect. There is a built in speaker claiming ‘cinemamaster audio’ but i was unimpressed with it’s 10w power – it might be acceptable for an office presentation but not, in my opinion, for a home movie. Fortunately there is an aux out socket so you can connect it to a sound system or speaker to improve the sound quality. Unfortunately it doesn’t connect via bluetooth, which is my preferred connection on the optoma projector – very handy that is given the quality of some current bluetooth speakers. I wouldn’t recommend it as an office projector but if you want one for home that you might want to use occasionally for a presentation for a club or society this would double up ok. On balance i didn’t find much to distinguish it from similar projectors.

The benq w1090 is a dlp projector which supports full 1080p hd video. I already use a benq projector in my home av system – the earlier w1110s, which was a similar price when i bought it a year or so ago, although it was by that point quite an old model and had dropped in price since launch. I was interested to see how an up-to-date version compared, and i have to say that i am very pleased with the w1110s, so wasn’t expecting to be blown away by the differences. I hooked the projector up to my system with an hdmi cable and performed a brief calibration with a thx disc. Out of the box, this projector isn’t too far off where it needs to be – i turned on “smart eco” mode for the light, switched to the “cinema” mode and turned the brightness up to 55, leaving the contrast on the default setting of 50; this gave decent results on the thx patterns, so i tried some films and music videos, off both bluray and dvd. One of the first things i noticed is that this projector is slightly quieter than the w1110 – the fan is slightly quieter, but the main difference is the colour wheel (a spinning set of filters that convert the black and white picture from a dlp array to colour, which can make a noticeable whining noise) – this was pretty much silent except when spinning up and down when a new signal was sent. The projector isn’t silent, but the noise it makes is barely noticeable over most scenes in a movie, and is inaudible in a concert video. The next thing i noticed was that the picture noise in dark areas that the w1110 has was conspicuous by its absence – dark areas on the w1090 are plain in colour without the random speckling patterns that occur in similar areas on the w1110. Linearity of colours is also very good – on the w1110, an area of blue with slight variations in colour sometimes shows up as distinct banded regions; the w1090 seemed pretty much immune to this. Black areas are very black – surprisingly so for a dlp device – but you do lose detail in the darker areas; then again, that is pretty inevitable in a projector of this type.

Cinema quality projection in the comfort of my own home- could not ask for better.

This is hands the best projector i’ve come across. Absolutely definitely worth the extra money compared to cheaper options.

So the good and the bad about this projector. I have owned many projectors over the years, from a 720p to 1080p and now a 4k projector. Excellent picture quality, giving it 4 stars for two reasons,a) tv’s now are getting bigger and the quality is much better, i appreciate for the size of the projection your getting more bang for your buck but at ÂŁ1100 the projector is not cheap and this leads me onto point 2. B) you do notice a difference between the 4k projector and full hd projectors, but i personally do not believe it’s worth nearly 3 times the cost. Benq w1050 is ÂŁ414 on amazon. Uk if i was buying again i would buy a 1080p projector at half the price, unless you have cash to splash its not worth the extra. Brightness, at 2000 ansi lumens this really is a very poor, projectors in the past i owned were much better. What this basically means is the room needs to be pretty much dark for you to get the best out of this. Why o why does benq, invest time and money and space adding a speaker to their projectors. I am pretty sure that 99% of people who have a cinema projector in the living room do not use the speaker. We have a nice samsung sound bar and surround sound speakers. To me this would be like buying a ferrari and having a vw golf engine in it. Benq, i would much prefer you put this money and space into making the projector smaller and giving us a decent ansi lumens.

Warning: not a cinephile reviewnow, i will start this review by admitting i’m not an audiophile or a cinephile or other any kind of phile really. I already have a projector, a modest epson eh-tw570. I only say modest after having the benq w1700 to play with, i never thought of it as modest before. I’ve always been happy with the epson and every weekend we have family cinema nights with popcorn and stuff. So, why am i not a cinephile?. Well, our projector isn’t mounted on the ceiling in our cinema room (ha, if only). We get the projector out of its box from under the stairs. We move our dining room table, take the picture off the wall (but leave the nail in), stick the epson on a chair and watch our movies straight onto the white walls of our dining room. We don’t hook the projector up to the sound system but use its internal speaker. Sometimes we may use our £20 soundbar to improve the sound.

This is my 3rd benq projector in as many years – not because they’ve broken or have let me down, but because of my changing needs i upgrade yearly. Benq is a brand i trust above all others, and whose picture quality is unparalleled at this price point. Starting with the w1070 in late 2014, then upgrading to the w1080st+ (ht1085st in us) when i moved to a smaller apartment but wanted to have a big screen, and now to the w1210st (ht2150st in us). Although i’ve always been impressed with the picture quality, each iteration i’ve purchased has improved subtly on the previous design. The rbe i noticed in the w1070 was reduced in the w1080st+, and is nearly eliminated in the w1210st. The brightness in ansi lumens increased from 2000 with w1070 to 2200 with w1080st+ and w1210st. A change that seems insignificant, but real-world provides a subjectively much brighter image. Fan noise was quite high in the w1070, which was much more audible with w1080st+ despite the same dba output (because i was much closer to it), and is very reduced down to a hum with the w1210st. Its much larger (25%) size footprint and larger fan account for this difference. I have the space to deal with the larger footprint, but some might take this as a negative.

  • Impressive at the price.
  • Stunning picture but
  • Another Projector – Almost perfect!

BenQ W1720 True 4K UHD HDR Video Projector, DLP, Home Theatre, 2000 Lumens 3D

I had bought this projector to replace my benq w1070+. I’ve used that projector day and night for two years, still haven’t replaced the lamp but the fan started getting louder and louder so i’ve decided to buy the new benq w1700. Pros: stunning visuals, i had play uhd movies and tv shows, played 4k game using xbox one x. I was blown away by the quality, it is no way near the quality output of uhd tvs but you really shouldn’t expect this unless you spend serious amount of money. Cons: fan sound, it is super loud, there is a high pitch sound coming from the projector as well. It’s like it’s stuck in high altitude mode, fan sound doesn’t decrease even if you choose eco lamb mode however the fan sound be reduced to minimum of you put it on silence mode but it reduces the quality, no hdr support either. Fan / colour wheel sound gets even louder when the input frequency is changed to 50hz. On normal mode the fan sound should be 33db, which is the same as benq w1070+, however my older projector definitely runs quieter even after 2 years of abuse than benq w1700. I was told by the amazon customer support team that i was sent a brand new projector however the package i had received was previously opened, and box had wear and tear from opening it multiple times.

This my 1st dlp and am well pleased with the performance. After initial straightforward set up i hooked the projector up to my yamaha av amp and watched the film everest. I was simply blown away by the benqs performance. My screen hasn’t arrived yet so i rigged up a screen from an old bed sheet and even with that level of screen the picture was breath taking.

Great buy, lovely picture quality.

Superb quality picture, for films too. Sound tinny, but acceptable as emergency fallback. Fan a bit noisy, but only audible during the quiet bits.

Stunning colors, fast boot up.

I am amazed by how clear and crisp the image quality is and how vibrant the colours are. A huge difference between this and other brands with similar specs. There’s a reason this brand is preferred by most cinemas. If you go with this choice i can assure you you absolutely will not be disappointed.

Review of benq w1050 1080p dlp cinehome projectoredit 23/01/18*****a new projector was sent to me and after testing everything is working i am very happy. Upgraded the review to 5 stars as i really felt this deserved it in completely working condition. 5 star rating to the support too, so good 2 new projectors came on the same day and i got to choose the one i wanted. *****edit 17/01/18*****projector returned from repair but failed to even power up now, knocked it down to 2 stars for the overall experience. Now i have to go through the whole support returns again. *****i got this to compliment my home theatre pc for a nicer experience than watching on a small 32′ tv. I’m not super experienced at this as this is my first projector. The unit itself is decent sized with a plastic case and it’s not too heavy nor is it super light. It is white plastic and feels robust enough with a textured top. The picture quality is superb.

Benq w2000very easy to set up with a personal picture size of 110′ from about 3m away. Picture bright and clear and very quiet running. If your into 3d movies i had to buy new glasses as the previous ones would not work properly even though they were for a benq projector and the picture for 3d was a lot darker.

I agree with all the positive reviews about the projector. Been using it for a couple of months now and its awesome.

Awesome projector for the price. Not sure why they put the cheap sounding speaker in it as if you’re getting a 4k projector you better be putting it through a decent sound systemit is for its price the best on the market atm .

Amazing projector cant fault this.

Great picture quality for the money – ok it’s not true 4k chip but does a good enough job of emulating it. I watched some hdr content off of netflix and have to say, couldn’t really vastly the difference between this and my old panasonic ae3000 1080 projector. The real issue was the system noise – in addition to the fan which was acceptable and on a par with the panasonic, there was a loud high pitched whine which sounded like i had tinnitus – absolutely ruined the overall experience and thus i have returned the unit for a refund. Problem with silent mode is that only works in 1080 mode, so absolutely useless when i’ve just bought a 4k projector. I’ll stick with my ae3000 until the technology improves .

This is one of the best things i’ve ever purchased, now my room is like a mini cinema.

The best projector for the money. Picture is absolutely outstanding. My first watched blue ray dvd was planet earth 2. The colures and blacks are just amazing. It made my house very spacial, every weekend my friends over for a movie night. I can not see myself with out it now.

Superb budget projector, i blow it up onto 120 inch screen and the picture is still amazingly vibrant. Only drawback is that you will need a soundbar or speakers as the sound is very low.

After checking many projectors out from this price range and about 2-3 times the price, i settled with this as the w3000 is no longer being made or sold. I have a panasonic oled at home (the absolute best tv out there at the moment) and for watching movies we use this projector and a homegear 120” electric screen. The throw is very good in a small room and from the pics below taken at midday on a very bright day you can watch a movie without any annoyance and do so quite often. But the truest and best quality is in a dark room. If you’ve ever seen a dodgy cine-cam copy movie you can see that the actual picture taken is not like the actual experience. The pic below should be considered the same it actually is for the money imho the best projector out there for the price at the moment. It has 3d capability but you need the glasses which don’t come in the box (not cheap)if you have a projector mount on side at an angle or corner of the room then it will work. But you lose on pixel count so best only do it if you have to. A very good projector for the money and you will not be disappointed.

An amazing projector which replaced my 12 year old benq. It’s very easy to set up, plug and play. The picture is very crisp, bright and amazing contrast. We use the project for blu-ray and hd streaming in a dark room and quality greywolf projector screen. For this price i cannot fault it.

At first glance we found the picture fantastic. Colors, brightness and contrast were superb and the sharpness was spot on. The biggest problem that we found was when we changed to 3d. All the brightness went, probably by half. The contrast and brightness was set around half-way for 2d films which were amazingly bright and clear, but when we changed to 3d we found that it went too dark and we had mess around and increase them both to nearly all the way up. Before you think it was the glasses id like to say that we didn’t even have them on. We saw the difference just by switching the blu ray player between 2d and 3d. We was trying it to upgrade from a epson tw5100 but i’m sorry to say that we’ve had to return. If you only like 2d films then you will be amazed but if you like 3d then you will be disappointed.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • High Image Quality Via True 4K UHD Resolution: 8.3 million distinct pixels deliver ideal 4K UHD image quality with stunning clarity and crisply defined details
  • 100 percent REC.709 Cinematic Image Quality: BenQ CinematicColor technology accurately reproduces 100 percent Rec.709 colour gamut for authentic cinema experiences
  • Projector-Optimised HDR (HDR10/HLG): Supercharged by HDR10 and HLG support with BenQ exclusive Auto HDR Colour Rendition and Cinema-Optimized technology
  • Exceptional Audiovisual Enjoyment in Home Cinema/Living Room: BenQ CinemaMaster Video+ and Audio+2 technology turns any room into a world-class home theatre
  • Small and Light 4K HDR Projector: W1720’s light, sleek, compact design with auto vertical keystone and 1.1X zoom make installation quick and easy