Berg 1000 Watt 4 Litre Electric Kitchen Food Stand 10 in 1 Multi Mixer With Bowl : The food mixer is easy to use

Wonderful gadget, and had no issues with it initially. We have used the food processor and the stand mixer regularly since purchasing with absolutely no issues. Since the weather is nice we decided to make some smoothies and use the blender option for the first time. Was very disappointed because it didn’t work. The piece that connects the blender blade to the base didn’t turn on the machine itself and therefore the blender blade wouldn’t turn. I would have given this 5 stars with no hesitation had the blender not been broken.

Lovely gift for my daughter who loves cooking and baking.

Prompt delivery, as described. I really like it and it does everything i want. My only issue is the slicer disc in the food processor snapped (the central plastic part) after only a couple of goes and i’m concerned this won’t last in future. The company replaced it immediately, no problem at all.

Great mixer very functionality and helpful in kitchen. Little a bit loud but that only in highest speed.

It looks really good in the kitchen and has all the possible accessories one could ever want from a multi mixer. The whisk touches the bottom of the bowl which is important when making smaller batches. Two of the accessories were cracked on arrival but the seller replaced these very quickly which enabled us to keep the mixer rather than having to return it.

Multi-function machine but the back blender dead at the first time using. But i think it is a good machine at all.

Delivery arrived quickly, mixer looks nice and robust. We are happy with the product.

When i recieved it i noticed a few parts were broken and a few months later another part broken which i didn’t do but consumer service was excellent. They sent out new parts immediately.

  • Good value
  • Great machine
  • Good value for price

Berg 1000 Watt 4 Litre Electric Kitchen Food Stand 10 in 1 Multi Mixer With Bowl, Splash Guard, Dough Hook, Whisk, Beater, Juicer, Blender, Food Processor, Meat Grinder, Coffee Mill (Champagne)

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Slight damage on grinder when arrived, company replaced free of charge.

Great machine, easy to use and clean. The lid was broken in the box, but as soon as seller was made aware they promptly sent me a replacement.

I purchased this berg 1000 watt 4l electric food stand as a christmas present for my daughter/in/law, on being unpacked it was found that some damage had occurred in transit, the damage part was reported and replaced by fralli trading ltdthis is a ideal home kitchen stand mixer cleverly design making it space saving, and versatile to process up to ten different functions on it powerful 1000 watt unit. Over the christmas period the daughter/in/law put the machine to good use with most of its many different functions, and was well pleased with the versatility of it.

The colour isn’t quite the same as the picture – the contrast between silver and gold is unoticable and it almost looks all one colour. Also looks quite plasticy and a bit cheaper than i expected but still good quality. Worked well to whisk my mix – some bits of unmixed sugar were left on the bottom of the bowl – a little annoying. Whisk tool was complicated to detach (push up and rotate before pulling out – there is a spring inside). Excellent service from fralli trading – the mixer arrived the next day and they replied within minutes when i sent a question via email. Overall very pleased with the purchase.

Absolutely love my berg 1000 watt 4l electric food stand 10 in 1 multi mixer. Does everything i need it to, is easy to use and clean and i love the colour. I have recently started a whole food plant based diet so make/cook a lot of things from scratch, this multi mixer makes it so much more easier and quicker.

The mixer was a christmas present from my husband – who is now the primary beneficiary of what is an excellent addition to my kitchen. It is an attractive piece which has been noted by plenty of visitors but more importantly it performs really well and has every utensil that i need. I am delighted with the berg and have no hesitation in recommending it for home use.

This is a really nice product, an amazing amount of attachments, we haven’t used them all yet but my son is working his way through them. I got so my son could work independently in the kitchen and it has definitely helped.

So far i’ve ground my coffee beans and made dinner rolls and it’s lovely. Next on my agenda are tabbouleh salad and some fancy cocktails. Customer service is amazing. I discovered a small crack in a jug i hadn’t used yet and a single email resolved the situation. My new jug was delivered in less than 36 hours. Oh and it is beautiful on my work top.

  • Good value
  • Great machine
  • Good value for price

Berg 1000 Watt 4 Litre Electric Kitchen Food Stand 10 in 1 Multi Mixer With Bowl, Splash Guard, Dough Hook, Whisk, Beater, Juicer, Blender, Food Processor, Meat Grinder, Coffee Mill (Champagne)

I am very impressed with this food processor. It has lots of attachments but they are all very easy to insert and remove. So far i have used for making soups, chopping vegetables and making pesto and cake dough, but i can’t wait to put all the other features to the test at xmas. It is fast and powerful, yet not too noisy, and it’s stylish so it looks great on the kitchen worktop. Delivery and packaging also very good.

Very nice “kit” easy to use and clean. Slight problem with broken splash guard,quickly sorted out by fralli within 24 hours. Excellent after sales service. The mixer is sturdy, well built and runs very smoothly. Haven’t had a chance to use it a lot yet but so far so very good. I’m very pleased with the product and the backup.

At its very basic level this stand mixer operates with a whisk, beater and dough hook. But this machine also features the following attachments: a citrus juicer/ meat grinder/ grinding mill/ blender/ food processor. Each attachment fits onto the top of the stand mixer and locks firmly into place, with a reassuring click. I road tested all attachments as soon as my stand mixer was delivered and was highly delighted. I never expected to be able to grind my own meat (and with such ease). And as for the grater on the food processor, let’s just say my ability to make a noteworthy, crispy, crunchy coleslaw has gone up a level. I may just have to retire my previous food processor as this one gives far better results. The blender can cope with fresh fruit, frozen fruit and ice and the mill grinder is ideal for grinding coffee beans, herbs and spice with blades for a coarse and fine grind. All attachments are easy to clean – even by hand, although many items can withstand the dishwasher treatment. The instruction manual has a chart identifying which elements are dishwasher safe.

Not only is the product amazing, the customer service is the best ever. I had an issue trying to use the blender (my fault not the machines) and the lovely customer service man (ross) emailed me 4 times on a sunday. I will definitely be recommending and using this company again.

I have not used this yet but it is beautiful and feels sturdy. It does everything and now i can get rid of all the other equipment i have cluttering up my cupboards that i won’t need anymore. It came the day after i ordered it and the packaging was really good. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good food processor.

The food mixer is easy to use, it is a well made mixer it makes lovely cakes also very easy to clean.

*update*following this review i was contacted by the supplier, fralli, who have been incredibly helpful in resolving the issues i had with the machine. They have repaired the liquidiser drive and replaced the bowl so an extra star for first class after sales service. ——-this looks really smart and has loads more attachments than i could ever want or need, but after almost a year of pretty light use durability is becoming an issue. The handle came off the mixing bowl about 3 months ago. Not really a problem, it works fine without. Now, after only about 3 uses the liquidiser doesn’t work. On investigation it’s because the square nut that attaches the thing that spins on the top of the machine is just spinning inside it. I can’t work out how to get at it but may be able to fix it by stuffing something down the side of it or the nuclear option of superglue. All in all i like the machine, but would expect better build quality for that money.

Very good quality but i did have problems with the instructions. I had problems looking for a switch to switch it on as i could not get it startedto start it up – everything needs to click into a lock position. If you are using the top unit make sure they click into place or the blue flashing light on the speed knob will not light up.

Had problems initially but was due to a bent pin on the machineonce bent back it works perfectly.

Overall i’m very pleased with this product. I bought it to replace my 40 year old kenwood chef and, inevitably, the berg is much more plasticky than the old kenwood. However, they are all plasticky these days, even the current kenwoods. It appears to function well and the range of accessories is welcome, replacing those i had for the kenwood, which i had accumulated over the years. An interesting bonus has been that the kenwood chef dust cover fits and the kenwood sausage making nozzle also fits. You just remove the mincer locking ring, slip it in from behind and lock it up again. I’d done some research before buying it. I always want decent stuff but object to paying over the odds for it. Basically, i’m looking for quality at the best price. Berg wasn’t a name i knew so i went on their website and soon realised that most of their products are aimed at the catering trade, which suggests a degree of robustness and a reasonable life span, rather than cheap and cheerful.

Great deal,great customer service.

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