BERG 1350W Soup Maker / Blender / Smoothie Maker / Ice Crusher : so far so good, a tad loud but good product for the

This is a top notch product.

This soup maker is study and easy to use. It only takes about 30 mins to make delicious soup. When looking inside the jug the writing is inside out and you have to guess which is minimum and maximum levels. Before i had bought a soup maker from aldi and then a second one to replace the first as it didn’t work. The second one packed in within two weeks. So i think it is well worth paying more for a reliable machine. . It is easy to clean and looks good in the kitchen. I recommend it and i am using frequently.

Excellent robust machine and easy to use.

Amazing had it while now it does exactly what it says it should do. Really happy with this purchase.

Brilliant machine , can’t stop making soup.

Great machine does what it says on the tin.

So far so good, done smoothies, soups and crushed ice without any issues. The suction pads on the bottom really hold it still on the counter, which is reassuring as it is very loud and when blending or crushing there is a lot of movement on the top section. (first couple of times i worried, but no issues what so ever)soon as lid is off it turns itself off, probably not an unusual feature but one i really like, especially when making stuff with my 7 year old daughter. Equally the ease of cleaning is great, used it everyday the past week for variety of things and very impressed. I would prefer a glass or plastic jug so you could see the progress in it. Especially with smoothies, depending on ingrediants there have been a few where i would of left it longer had i seen the chunks. I can see the advantage of the other blenders that have smaller jugs also as that would be useful when blending for one, however those do not have the soup feature which i was not sure about at first but now using an awful lot. I wanted an all rounder and this really ticks the boxes. Very happy with this purchase, justa little louder than expected and would like a see through jug as an improvement.

Got some vouchers for xmas so i thought i’d get one , great bit of kit and easy to use ,.

  • I love this blender
  • unsafe
  • BERG Soup Maker

BERG 1350W Soup Maker / Blender / Smoothie Maker / Ice Crusher

Make your daily chores around the kitchen a bit easier, and invite the latest technology of kitchen appliances into your home with this practical and innovative soup maker. Designed to fit in modern homes, this soup makes it quick and easy to make homemade soup to your own individual taste, with minimum fuss. Place the ingredients needed for your favourite recipe inside your Soup Maker, then it’s as simple as selecting either the smooth or chunky soup setting, depending on your preference. A short wait while your Soup Maker blends and gently cooks the ingredients for perfectly delicious homemade soup, you can check your soups progress on the digital interface with countdown timer. The BERG Soup Maker has a stylish design comprising a 1.7L capacity catering for up to 6 people. The true versatility of this Soup Maker also means that during the summer months you can not only make smoothies and milkshakes using the 4-speed blend function, but also prepare crushed ice at the push of a dedicated ICE button.Comes complete with user guide, colour recipe book and 1 year automatic warranty.For full manufacturer details please see

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You have healthy soup in 30 minutes.

Works well and well made except for 2 points:-1. The safety switch on the lid is easily be broken. (however, a replacement lid is easy to obtain for approx £20)2. There is no automatic switch off. As instructed, to clean it i put some water and washing up liquid in the bowl etc, decided to warm the water a little and then forgot all about it. Next day i found it no longer heated the contents. It comes on and then 1 second later the display goes blank and the on off button remains flashing red. The liquidiser works but that is all. Haven’t yet decided whether to buy another, will look at alternatives first.

1st one never worked but customer support brill sending new one out.

Works well, but holly hell is it load. This is the only standing blender i’ve seen in action, so i don’t know if they’re all as load, though.

Never had one of these before but whow this is incredible. I’ve only done soup so far but it cooks it as well. Brilliant piece of equipment.

This is unknown has the brand wont.

Looks good bought for xmas presents one of them didn’t contain brush for cleaning.

Soups are great, super handy, works by itself.

  • I love this blender
  • unsafe
  • BERG Soup Maker

BERG 1350W Soup Maker / Blender / Smoothie Maker / Ice Crusher

Good quality product and i use this to make soup 2 to 3 times a week. Instructions are not that clear but once you work out the buttons makes a great soup.

At first i thought this is amazing. It makes soup, it’s an amazing blender. . However, less than 4 months after that it starts to have a mind of it’s own. I turn it on and the blades start on full power without me pressing the blend button. . The only way to stop it is to lift the whole unit off.

It’s really noisy and starting from first use it had a smell of burning wires. Not exactly what i was expecting, but it’s ok. The case is made from a hard durable plastic.

This product has stopped heating the soup. The rest of the product works – just no heating.

Very useful and simple to use.

Excellent product and easy to use.

Brilliant only used twice but i am most impressed by this soup maker.

Makes lovely smooth soup, but had to use the blend function at the end as there were still a few lumpy bits.

Home-made soup has become popular, now it can be prepared so easily.

Great product and great customer service from berg – a small piece of the plastic lid broke off and berg replaced it immediately.

Would be great if they offered a soup maker with greater capacity.

My second blender as my daughter took mine with her when she moved out, so far so good, a tad loud but good product for the money.

Fantastic soups maker, could be a bit noisy. It cooks very well and the soup is so smooth.

Very well made and does the job.

I bought this as a present for someone and so i have not used it. It looks the part and from my research i expect it to work very well, but i can only give it 4 stars, simply because it hasn’t been used as yet.

I’ve made my hot coffee and soups in it and it works amazingly. Just in this year i went through 3 blenders in which they all cracked or literally fell into pieces, but this one has made an impression on me. I have to admit that it’s not the quietest blender out there – in fact, it’s pretty loud so i wouldn’t suggest this blender if you are looking for a subtle sounding one – but it has power, a lot of great features, and it conducts heat so well.I love the fact that it’s stainless steel and has the safety feature that you have to have the lid completely on and locked for the power to turn on. The only other downside i found was the fact that the lid and measuring cup is plastic 🙁 within 3 days the measuring cup cracked, but i contacted the seller who is willing to replace the part. Great customer service and great blender in general.

Brilliant machine, load it up and push the button, could’nt be easier.

Does my smoothies everyday and the odd soup.

Features and Spesification

  • Soup Machine with 3 Temperature settings – 60°C, 80°C and 100°C bringing soup from a gentle simmer to boil.
  • 4-speed + PULSE functions – Blend ingredients to desired consistency much more efficiently than using hand blenders for soup.
  • Easy to use Soup Maker with SMOOTH or CHUNKY program options – Have your soup your way.
  • 1350W combined power: 1000W (heating) + 350W (mixing)
  • 3-in-1 Function: Heating Mode, Blending Mode and Combined Heating + Blending mode. Therefore can be used as both a soup maker, smoothie maker, blender and ice crusher.