Best Blogger Templates & Where to Find Them

Whether you’re looking to re-vamp your little space on the internet or are starting from scratch, finding the best blogger templates to match your vision can be difficult. Where do you even begin? This post shares all the sites I’ve used in the past to find blog templates for the free Blogger platform by Google. All these sites offer you basic templates as well as responsive templates, as being mobile-friendly is oh-so important now and is something you should definitely be making a priority!Best Blogger Templates


Etsy UK is an online marketplace where creatives sell their unique goods, one of which is a whole array of blogger templates. Prices vary depending on who you buy from and what you want, but pre-designed templates are so easy to come across on here and you will find something decent for your budget; no matter how big or small it may be.

Before transitioning over to WordPress, I bought the template for my blog off Etsy and this only cost me around £7. Bargain, right? As this was a pre-designed template, with many sellers on Etsy, they do offer additional ‘add-ons’ at a small extra cost, such as a custom header, blog buttons, plus any other alterations you may want. This works out a little cheaper than going in for a fully-custom blogger template right from the get-go.

Sounds pretty obvious, but Blogger do have their own set of free Blogger templates you can use which are fully-customisable too. When I first started out and set up this blog, I was originally on Blogger and used the Simple Template. Just like it states, this is a simple layout which has all the components you need to build a great-looking blog; navigation bar, header, post feed, sidebar and footer. In the template settings you can toggle the widths, change the colour theme and choose your fonts to get it looking how you want. If you happen to know your way around coding; HTML & CSS, then you are capable of being able to customise your free template to an advanced level.

Don’t know how to code? Now’s your chance! Blogger is a free platform with free templates, giving you the opportunity to customise your space with no extra cost. All it’ll cost you is time, effort and commitment. There are so many sites out there which will run you through the step by steps of coding certain features, some even offering them on a plate by telling you to just ‘copy & paste’ the code into certain parts of your template. Word of warning, always back up your template before you make any alterations to the code – just in case.

I recently came across this site which offers free Blogger templates. FREE I tell you, free! The catch? With these free templates you will have a credit to their site in the footer of your blog. It’s not all doom and gloom and most people don’t get put off by this, but there is the option to have this small piece of detail removed by paying a small fee of anything between $5-$10. I believe this depends on which theme you pick, but you can easily contact them via email to enquire.

The Wonder Forest
I have followed Dana Fox since I first started setting up my own blog and her space has grown from strength to strength ever since, and she has come such a long way! Better yet, she has her own shop filled with Blogger templates, but also other pieces; home décor, books & e-books, phone cases, zip pouches and even courses you can book yourself onto to listen to her words of wisdom when it comes to growing as a blogger.

Last but not least, is Pipdig. These are guys behind my new blog design as you see it today and I love it. If you are in need of a high-quality Blogger template and are willing to spend £29+ then I highly recommend these guys. I bought a Blogger template from them before which was the Venture theme, and now I have the WordPress theme called Aquae


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