Best Healthy Snacks to Boost Energy & Increase Concentration


I am a big foodie, but generally on a daily basis I am good with what I eat. I eat breakfast; typically cereal or some toast, I have a packed lunch with your generic lunch-style foods and tasty snacks to get you through the day, and I make myself a decent evening meal from the likes of Spag Bol, Jacket Potatoes, Avocado & egg salads and of course my favourite, Scampi & Chips. Although I have a somewhat healthy lifestyle, I of course eat the crap stuff too; biscuits, cake (and lots of it), chocolate, crisps, caffeine, you name it, I have it.

However, I am fully aware of my sugar and caffeine intake and know it could be reduced significantly and I know I’d benefit from doing this too. But sometimes it is difficult when you need that quick pick-me-up to get you through the afternoon as you start to slump. Therefore, I’ve done my research and looked for the best healthy foods that will give us that boost of energy we need:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so they say. They’re high in fibre, which means they’ll take longer to digest, giving you a kick of energy which will last longer in comparison to many other fruits.

This delicious yellow fruit is one I eat daily without failure. There’s been times where I leave the house for work and run back because I forgot my healthy snack. Dedication at its finest. They are composed mainly of sugars and fibre, which will give you that boost of energy you were hoping for but whilst remaining healthy.

Not everybody’s cup of tea, but it doesn’t taste as bad as you may think. The smell is slightly off putting when steamed in my opinion, but it’s full of iron which plays a key role for energy production in the body.

In order to improve your concentration, you should consider these simple drink and meal options:

For breakfast I usually opt for a bowl of bran flakes or make myself a smoothie containing: 2 bananas, an apple, a handful of frozen berries, a handful of spinach and some cranberry juice. Either of the two is enough to carry me through to lunch. However if you know it’s going to be a busy day that may involve skipping lunch altogether, you could take in a small porridge pot to eat whilst replying to emails and sorting out the day’s agenda.

This is extremely  important to firstly prevent dehydration. Amongst the copious mugs of tea I have throughout the day, I make sure I’ve filled a litre bottle of water to sit in front of me. Although I drink lots of tea throughout the day, this also makes me very dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water is what helps our bodies and brains function properly.

Are you stressed? Whether it’s work, family, or life in general there are some great foods out there to help reduce stress:

Although this is one of the vegetables that is fairly expensive to buy, it is full of vitamin B. So when you’re feeling the strain from whatever may be worrying you, asparagus will help you keep your cool. Plus you can mix it up a little and wrap it in a little bit of bacon, sprinkle with pepper and pop it under the grill for a couple of minutes and hey presto! You have a quick and delicious snack.

These are a great source of vitamin C which is known to help relieve tension. The best part, they taste great too!

There are so many habits you can change for the better by swapping sugary treats like cake and chocolate, for a handful of berries or other fruits. You’ll still get the energy you need, but instead these will contain natural sugars and still taste great. Another helpful post I recently created features my 5 tips to help you sleep better.


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