Best WordPress Themes & Where to Find Them

I recently did a post on the best blogger themes and where you can find them – some even being for free – so I figured now was the time to do a WordPress edition, since I made the move from Blogger to WP just two months ago! So, if you want to know where you can find affordable templates for your blog, then read on for the best WordPress themes and where you can find them!Best WordPress Templates

This marketplace was mentioned in the Blogger edition to this post, but Etsy UK is seriously a great place to look if you want both quality and affordable blog themes. I’ve noticed WordPress themes are more expensive than Blogger, which is somewhat expected really, but if you still want to find the best WordPress themes for less, then Etsy is the place in my opinion.

Again, these were featured in the Blogger edition but they feature both platforms at decent prices. Albeit they are a little more pricey than other places, but if you are willing to spend the pennies on a blog theme that readers are going to love, then you may as well choose these guys. I bought the Aquae theme by Pipdig for £49 and I am so happy with it! It’s exactly the vision I had for my blog for a long, long time so is definitely worth the money in my eyes.

Of course, WordPress itself has a bunch of themes for you to choose from and also for free! If you’re just starting out and are not too sure where you see the visual aspect of your blog/site going, then opting for a free theme to begin with is the best choice for you. That way, if it’s just a matter of weeks or months down the line that you then decide on a new theme, you won’t feel bad for switching it so soon – because you didn’t pay a penny!

Elegant Themes
Now, I’ve only ever used these when it came to my previous job in a marketing/web design agency. The majority of clients were based on WordPress and as a business, we had access to Elegant Themes. I’m unsure of the price plan, but I believe this will be the most expensive out of the options provided to you in this post. However, you pay one price and have access to at least 80 blog templates which one of them being Divi. This one I am fairly familiar with as this provides you with the most flexibility when it comes to your design. It works as a generic template which essentially has modules for photos, text, coding etc, which you can move around, rather than having one fixed design.