Beurer KS54 Stainless Steel Bowl Kitchen Scales : Smart and accurate

Its good to find scales that have a bowl attached, as many are just flat plates. That perhaps makes them more adaptable, but if your weighing is ingredients like flour and liquids, its a good to have a bowl based version. The bowl lifts off, so other things can be easily weighed as well although it does not give a large platform to balance things on. It powers up to reveal a brightly backlit white lcd screen with good sized black numbers on the display. The bowl tends to hang over the display, but the viewing angle remains pretty good and the display is bright and clear. It takes a few moments to zero and the tare is almost instantaneous. There is also a timer which is reasonably straightforward to use and so reasonably practical. There is also a temperature reading, but this is clearly situated in the base of the machine and essentially reflects room temperature. Something that showed the temperature of the ingredients would have been really useful – but i can’t think of any point in knowing room temperature. The construction does not feel particularly robust, but all the exterior surfaces (except underneath) are stainless steel covered, so it is likely to stand up to everyday domestic kitchen use fairly well.

This set of digital kitchen scales is in brushed stainless steel on top with a bowl of the same material, the underside with the battery compartment is black plastic. When switched on it should set itself to 0 but in practice mine seems to always set to 1gram, a minor inconvenience. There is a toggle button on each side of the dial, the left hand side one has tara shown at the top and this reduces the weight to 0 which means you can keep adding ingredients to the same bowl. The bottom of this button changes the scales from metric to imperial. The right hand side toggle is the on/off switch and quite a useful timer which has a loud beep. There is also an integrated temperature reading, not sure why. With the bowl turned upside down it can be stored on top of the base unit although not a snug fit. The instructions in several languages are minimal but operation is easy. Having said all that the whole thing feels quite flimsy and lightweight and i would prefer something a bit stronger.

A beautifully made stainless steel scale which is perfect for medium (1. 5 litre capacity) size jobs. The digital readout is customisable and very responsive and the room temperature gauge is a nice touch. The scale is powered by two aaa batteries (supplied). Lovely looking item at a decent price.

Out of the box you get a very stylish looking stainless steel bowl and set of scales plus 2 x aaa batteries. You simply pop the batteries in, give the bowl a quick rinse and you are ready for use. The booklet that comes with the scales is very basic and lists the instructions in four very easy steps and in eight languages. Step 1: insert batteries, turn on. Step 2: pop the bowl on and press the button called – tare. This will calibrate the scale to zero. Step 3: set timer (yes it has an additional timer feature which is really useful)step 4: lists error messages and their meanings. The scales are very simple and accurate to use, you just add your ingredients. Then if you want to add a second ingredient on top you just hit the tare button which resets to zero allowing you to top up with a second ingredient. Very useful as you don’t have to keep pouring out the first ingredient to weight the next if you are going to mix the two ingredients together anyway.

This is for me the perfect kitchen scales. Looks beautiful, well made and performs well. German made so you know the quality of both performance and build is going to be good. The brushed stainless steel bowl is light but well made and is dishwasher safe. The bottom part is also made from brushed stainless steel. Underneath is plastic and it is easy to install the battery’s that are supplied ( 2 x aaa 1. I did think the battery part was a bit loose though. It will only weigh up to 5kg (11lb).

It will weigh in either grams or ounces. The bowl makes weighing material which contains liquid easy and will not spill. The bowl rests on the scale and therefore very handy for removing and puting into a dishwasher. One very handy feature is that if you were weighing something in a container you simly put the container on the scales, set the weight at zero then add the material thus finding its weight. It also gives the room temperature.

This set of scales certainly looks the business. Admittedly the build quality of the base doesn’t feel as top quality as it looks, but the base isn’t something that is going to get knocked around too much in the kitchen. The stainless steel bowl is a decent thickness and having deliberately dropped mine onto a tiled floor as a test i can say that it kept its shape. Mine has been in a dishwasher a few times now and doesn’t show any signs of discolouring or spotting from the dishwasher salts. It is a good size and can be used for mixing ingredients as you add them, though i wouldn’t recommend using metal mixing implements. The measurements are accurate enough and when i put on a 100g and 1kg test weight, both come up with the correct readings. I would expect a small degree of inaccuracy from kitchen scales, which is no major drama. There is a room thermometer and timer function on the display, nice to have. I prefer to use my own timer as i am used to setting it, but it is there if you need it.

Lovely to look at, and would be great to use if i could get mine to work. I had batteries with mine ad thought they were dead. Went out and bought new ones. Shame really as i really wanted to use them today on a batch of baking for the church i need to do before sunday.

  • A classy looking bowl
  • A classy looking, well made kitchen scale.
  • A reasonably well designed and priced scale with bowl. Not very robust build.

Beurer KS54 Stainless Steel Bowl Kitchen Scales

Product Description, The Beurer KS54 is a modern electronic stainless steel kitchen scale and bowl designed for the serious cook. Built with high quality materials; durable enough for long term use. Dishwasher safe stainless steel bowl with 1.5L capacity that’s hygienic and easy to clean. White LCD display with 10mm black digits, accurately measure both wet and dry ingredients in either grams or oz. Also features a built-in room thermometer for extra multi-functionality. The KS54 has a maximum weighing capacity of 5kg with 1g graduations. Further features of the Beurer KS54 kitchen scale include: overload indication, TARE weighing function and an automatic switch off feature to save battery power.
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These scales are simple to use and look really good. Other reviews have mentioned that they’re a little light-weight and have questioned their durability but i’m really not too worried about that. Previous dial-style plastic scales i’ve used have always been lighter/flimsier, and these have the added advantage that they won’t break as easily if dropped, being made out of metal.

In the past i thought that kitchen scales were much of a muchness, as long as they worked and were accurate, so i always went for the cheapest model. However, these scales are well worth the extra money for three reasons:1. They have a large, backlit ldc display panel, so you no longer have to strain your eyes or squat down to read the weight. The base fits neatly into the bowl if you turn it upside down, so it doesn’t waste valuable cupboard space. The scales are extremely accurate and would probably sense the weight of a feather. I also liked the fact that it uses aa batteries, rather than those newfangled round ones that i never have in the drawer. As far as the other features go, it has everything you would expect: a ‘tare’ facility and a grams-ozs option. Also, it even tells you what the room temperature isoverall, it get fives stars for looks and functionality and i can’t imagine a better set of scales.

These kitchen scales certainly look the part, with a stainless steel bowl and stainless steel on all the visible parts of the base. However, when you turn it over, the underneath part of the base is made of structurally rigid but rather inelegant-looking black plastic. There’s a little tray for two aaa cells (supplied) on the underside; technically, its perfectly sound but doesn’t quite seem to have the ring of quality. The steel bowl is made of thin steel, so its quite light (214 grammes, in fact), and it can be inverted over the scales for storage. It doesn’t fit snugly, though, so you can’t pick up the inverted bowl and scales together. When you turn on hte scales they beep loudly and spend a couple of seconds self-calibrating. You should then see “0 g”, but sometimes it sets itself to display “1 g”. Its not going to make much difference unless you’re weighing saffron, but it is a minor annoyance. Weights above 1 kg are displayed in the form “1. 000” kg, with a maximum weight of 5 kg.

Really impressed with this beurer kitchen scales set which consists of a good quality lightweight stainless steel bowl and base. The underside of the base is a bit plasticky but you only see that when changing the batteries, so not really that much of an issue for me. There’s a disconcertingly loud beep when you switch the scales on, but the display is lovely and clear and very easy to read. The units can be switched between oz and grams – apparently you can weigh up to 5kg which seems a huge amount, with increments of 1g, which is fine for most domestic situations (though maybe not a home meth lab). The measurement settles quickly and is stable. I compared these with an existing pair of salter scales and found them to be spot on (my iphone is 130g in case you are interested :-p). There is an inbuilt timer which is quite a clever idea, and a thermometer/temperature gauge, which is perhaps not quite so useful. I particularly liked the fact that whilst the bowl has a decent capacity (1. 5 litres) it has been achieved with a wide and shallow shape, rather than height, as this makes it easier to weigh out messy things like flour and icing sugar without missing the bowl. It also makes the scales slightly easier to store if you don’t have very deep shelves or cupboards.

I was disappointed with the quality of these scales. At first sight, they look lovely – decent sized brushed steel bowl and a smart base to match. However, when you turn the base over and remove the battery cover to insert the 2 batteries supplied, the battery holder is loose and only held in at one end – there is a cover to go over the top, but for a ce rated appliance, i’d expect a more robust build quality. Once the batteries are in, you press the ‘on’ switch and the scales power up and show you the resting weight of the bowl and bizarrely the room temperature. A toggle switch on the left hand side marked ‘tara’ at the top and ‘unit’ at the bottom gives you either ounces or grammes depending on whichever setting you want. ‘tara’ appears to be something german about adjustment or weight, but its not clear in the english instructions what ‘tare the scale’ actually means. You can use the ‘tare’ button to reset the scales to zero if you are weighing more than one ingredient at a time. Instructions are minimal, but as these scales are quite easy to set up and use, this probably isn’t a big issue. The scales power off after about 2 minutes of inactivity. There is also a timer setting of up to 90 minutes.

Very light weight and plastic. Not particularly well made but it does do the job. Accuracy and conversion (metric/imperial) seems to be no problem whatsoever. 4 stars as i was hoping this would be all steel/metal.

  • A classy looking bowl
  • A classy looking, well made kitchen scale.
  • A reasonably well designed and priced scale with bowl. Not very robust build.

Beurer KS54 Stainless Steel Bowl Kitchen Scales

Features and Spesification

  • Modern brushed stainless steel scale and matching bowl
  • Dishwasher safe bowl
  • 5kg weighing capacity, 1g graduation
  • Adjustable between g/oz
  • Integrated thermometer and timer function