Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphone – : Indestructible

I have this cans since 2014. The best £120 i spend in my life.

Very impressive set of headphones. Excellent datail and love the fact i can adjust the bass with them to auit what im listening to.

The sound quality is really good with these headphones but they were slightly uncomfortable to wear when i first got them. I have quite a strong jawline and i found that these headphones made my jaw ache due to them being a bit too tight. After some use i have found them to stretch out a bit so they are now comfortable. Also i have been unable to change the design on them as the allen key needed to do it, which is supposed to be supplied with the headphones, was not supplied with my particular pair.

I’m no audophile so i can’t really comment on sound, but these are my first set of proper headphones and they certainly sound and feel amazing. As well as music i also use these for gaming, you can buy a microphone accessory which lets you attach/detach a microphone easily, which is really nice for when you’re not using it. The only negative i’ve had with this product is that the ear cushions break very easily due to wearing glasses, the ends of my glasses stick out slightly just where the cushions touch my head, and i’ve had both cushions split open. I suppose it’s my fault really but i think they could have manufactured the cushions to be a bit more resilient. The price on the beyerdynamic website for new ones is pretty good but postage to the uk costs a lot, so i’ve just stitched them up and they’re actually stronger now.

Great product, superb sound, rapid delivery.

This review will primarily cover the comfort of these headphones. As a glasses wearer, i have been searching a long time for comfortable headphone which do not crush my glasses into the side of my head. Some background: i have tried audio technica (ath-anc9, ath-m50x), bose (qc25, soundlink ii), sony (mdr-1a, mdr-10rbt, mdr-1abt, mdr-zx770bn), logitech (ue 9000), sennheiser (urbanite xl wireless, momentum 2. 0 on-ear wireless, hd598, hd280pro), plantronics (backbeat pro wireless), and finally beyerdynamic (dt770 pro and custom one pro plus). Other reviewers will be able to review the sound quality aspects of headphones better than me. For me, as long as what i am listening to sounds ‘alright’, the sound is good enough. ============comfort============in terms of comfort the top 3 headphones i have experienced are: beyerdynamic custom one pro plus (this product), beyerdynamic dt770 pro and sennheiser hd598 (beyerdynamics are equally comfortable and the hd598 is slightly behind. Note: i have replaced the stock ear pads from the custom one pro plus with velour ear pads from beyerdynamic (also available on amazon, beyerdynamic edt990v headphone ear pads). The main difference between these 3 headphones is the shape of the ear pads, the hd598 has the common oval shaped pad whilst the beyerdynamics have a circular shape. This sounds like a small difference but for glasses wearers, it makes all the difference.

6 month update, -1 star:despite the chunky, rugged looking cables, and being confined solely to office use & light walking, the cable connection at the input end has become very spotty, requiring the purchase of a replacement cable (not from beyerdynamic). For a product from a reputable brand such as beyer, i would expect the cables to be more resilient to this sort of wear. As a result, i have removed one star from my review. —original review below—i was initially sceptical about comfort, since there have been reports of the leather ear cups making your ears too warm, however i’ve not had this problem, though i cope well with heat so your mileage may vary. Besides that, i have bought these as an upgrade from my soundmagic pl30 and sennheiser mm-450x. The best complement i can give is that i’ve heard a sound stage and instruments in songs i’ve never heard before. The bass adjustment seems like a small gimmick to me – it definitely works and has a large impact on the music, but since finding the setting i like, i’ve not changed it. I listen to a wide range of music, from soft rock to very aggressive metal, and these headphones perform admirably. No external amplifier is required.

  • Awesome pair of Headphones for the price! well worth the price for all kind of music lovers
  • Great for music and also gaming
  • Five Stars

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphone – Black

Product Description, The CUSTOM ONE PRO PLUS is like its successful predecessor, the CUSTOM ONE PRO, a versatile headphones making listening to music interactive with a maximum of flexibility. It combines an extraordinary sound with many individually adjustable parameters and provides an all-in-one solution for almost every purpose in private applications, whether for listening to music when travelling or when using the stereo system at home, when using Skype, for gaming or video and podcast recordings. The PLUS in the name stands for an extensive standard in design and comfort. With the CUSTOM Sound Slider you can easily adapt the audio profile of the headphones to your personal taste or to the music you are listening to. There are four completely different profiles to choose from, ranging from “Analytical” to “Heavy Bass”. CUSTOM ONE PRO PLUS delivers a very clean and rich bass, which you can always regulate in its intensity. CUSTOM Style allows you to change the look of your headphones at any time. 16 included design covers are only the beginning. Furthermore you can choose from different optional rings, additional design covers, ear- and headband pads on this website. Most music devices today are cell phones or other mobile devices. That’s why CUSTOM ONE PRO PLUS comes with a built-in microphone and remote to pick up calls and control media playback. The CUSTOM ONE PRO PLUS is handcrafted in Germany using only the best components available. It is provided with a flexible metal headband and extremely rugged metal yokes. As with all models from beyerdynamic, you can replace all parts even years after purchase.

Box Contains, Custom One Pro Plus 1.3 m headset cable with one-button remote 16 design covers

From the manufacturer

custom one pro plus over ear headset

headphones, earphones, custom, bass

Custom One Pro Plus

The Custom series is unique concept in headphone design. It gives you the ability to modify the headphones to your personal style and adapt it according to different situations and modes of use. With these features, the Custom Series creates a new generation of headphones for a new generation of users.


headphones, earphones, custom, bass

headphones, earphones, custom, bass

headphones, earphones, custom, bass

Custom Sound Slider

With the Custom Sound Slider, the sound profile of the headphone can be customised to your personal preference. There are four settings, from flat and transparent to extremely “bass-heavy”. The Custom One Pro Plus has a very clean, rich bass reproduction, that can be easily adjusted at any time.

Custom Style

With Custom Style the appearance of the headphones can be changed at any time. 16 changeable cover designs are included to get you started. Other coloured rings and design covers are available as optional accessories.

Custom Headset and Accessories

With the optional Custom Headset, the custom headphones can be converted into a professional headset in seconds – the perfect all-in-one solution for phone calls, gaming and recording of podcasts and videos. The optional spiral cable ensures maximum flexibility for any application with a length of up to 3 meters.

headphones, earphones, custom, bass

Made in Germany

The custom headphones are exclusively manufactured by hand from high-quality materials in Germany with the finest craftmanship. A flexible metal headband and extremely stable metal forks ensure durability for long-lasting listening pleasure.

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Been using these for a few weeks now, and they sounded good in the start, but now they sound amazing. The sound quality it out of this world. Having the ability to change the bass level will make it suit all kind of people. And just to add, the bass switches on each side of the headphones realy work. Lowest level makes music sound like i did in the 90’s tbh. Second level sounds like “normal” headphonesthird sounds like a good pair of headphonesforth level can give you that well tuned car bass feel (without that obvious insane level of vibrations you can reach in a car)i use the forth level as i enjoy that level of bass. This was also perfect for when i play dark souls 3 with all that epic music and gameplay.

  • Awesome pair of Headphones for the price! well worth the price for all kind of music lovers
  • Great for music and also gaming
  • Five Stars

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphone – Black

Features and Spesification

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  • The over-ear headphones are the ideal partner for listening to music on the go on a smartphone and at home on the PC or stereo system
  • The CUSTOM Sound Slider allows the sound profile to be adapted individually at any time to suit personal taste and music genre.
  • The design of the headphones can be adapted flexibly using colour rings, design covers as well as ear and headband pads
  • The headset cable supplied with handsfree microphone allows calls to be taken and media playback to be controlled
  • Made in Germany offers the promise of durability and optimum quality