Beyerdynamic DT 231 Headphone – Closed Back design : Bewitched, bothered and bewildered!

Just got these for my ipod, and they’re very impressive. Feels like you’re in your own little world, but without the inconvenience of the in-ear options. Ok, they’re a little heavy on the bass frequencies, but i’d rather that than the shrill trebles which is usual found in this type of headphones. Here, the bass is a little soft, the midrange lovely and clear and the trebles crisp. Very nice, comfortable, good for long periods of use, good level of external sound dampening and nice looking too. Overall, just very pleased with my purchase.

Bought for my son who is doing music at college. Fantastic sound, very happy.

These headphones are superb value for money; recommended to anyone on a budget that wants simple yet high performance.

I had these beyerdynamic headphones before upgrading to a more expensive pair of akg headphones (about 2x-3x more expensive). However these headphones are so reasonably priced and produce such a likeable sound that in many ways i miss themi have heard a handful of more detailed headphones at this price point, but none of those were good all rounders, that were good at digging up detail and consistent levels across a wide range of frequencies and at producing a musical delivery across a wide range of music genres. I’d actually say that they are better all rounders than my akgs (which lack clarity in the female vocal range). Sure the dt-231s are a utilitarian looking, but they are very light and have velvet ear pads meaning that they stay comfortable for all day long listening (like in an office). Speaking of offices, their closed back design means that sound leakage is minimal, which should keep your co-workers happy. I gave my old pair to a friend, who wasn’t keen on them visually, but he raved about them once he’d listened to music with them. Personally speaking, i can’t recommend them highly enough.

This is my 4th pair of these in 10 years. I broke one set (my fault), lost one set (my fault), and i have one at home and one for work now. I use sennhieser ie60 in ear buds walkin’ about and they’re great but these are amazing for the price if you work in an office or at home.

They’re not the very best audiophile’s cans, but they do an adequate job for quick monitoring. The crazy thing is, that i’ve had these attached to my computer in the studio for almost ten years. Being used almost everyday & they’re still going strong. It’s crazy really, when everything around them has been replaced, these have absolutely stood the test of time. As such i’d always recommend them or there replacement models to anyone. Beyerdynamic make rock solid headphones.

I am really pleased with my purchase of these headphones. The sound quality is brilliant for anything as i have used them for music, films and videogames. My ears stick out a bit so at first the headphones were a bit uncomfortable but i got used to them very quickly. The actual size of the headphones is perfect. I would wholeheartedly recommend these headphones for people who want high quality sound for a much lower price than many headphones of the same quality.

Hearing is believing and their truthfulness is breathtaking. You are magically transported to enjoy the atmosphere andglorious sounds of orchestral playing aimed for pure pleasure. Although i have purchased several highly regarded headphonesin the past i am chastened to realise that enjoyable sound neednot necessarily be expensive.

  • They’ve lasted almost ten years
  • Quite professional for the price, but not for a long time or critical application
  • Perfect for bass-heavy personal audio, but too much spill for studio use

Beyerdynamic DT 231 Headphone – Closed Back design

Product description, The DT 231 PRO is a lightweight headphone for studio and stage applications, featuring a brilliant sound coupled with an outstanding low-frequency response. The soft, replaceable earpads ensure long-term wearing comfort without fatigue. – Closed headphone – Lightweight, low profile design – Good sound impression – Powerful low frequency response – Single-sided, straight cable – Supra-aural ear padstechnical dataTransmission type WiredHeadphone design (operating principle) ClosedHeadphone impedance 32 ohmsHeadphone frequency response 20 – 18.000 HzNominal sound pressure level 95 dbConstruction Supraaural (on-ear)Cable & plug Straight connecting cable with mini-jack plug (3.5 mm) & ¼ adapter (6.35 mm)Net weight without packaging 130 g

Manufacturer’s Description, The DT 231 is a super-lightweight, closed-back headphone, with great bass response optimised for use with MP-3 digital audio.
Great response and a natural transparent sound make the DT231 the perfect and logical accessory for any portable device, hi-tech computer user or for listening to Hi-Fi separates.

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I have owned my dt231s for about 2 years now. I listen to a huge variety of music from choral classical pieces through to heavy metal. I also record acoustic instruments and voice at home using logic software. I find these headphones amazing for listening to my music collection – they seem to cope very well with music of all kinds and produce a powerful yet consistent and clear bass tone even at quiet volumes. If they have a failing for me it’s that they do leak a bit of noise if delivering loud playback and that isn’t ideal for recording. . If these sennheiser dt231 headphones sound this good (and they’re £30). . Then can you imagine how good the £200 stuff sounds?a great sound and a great buy by all reasonable non-professional standards. I’ll be buried with mine on.

Great on all fronts, item itself, time it took to dispatch and get to me.

These headphones look, feel and sound like they should be more expensive than they are. If you are in the market for decent quality headphones, for home use on a limited budget, then look no further.

These suit me just fine for the price i feel you get a little more than you pay for. Comfortable, good sound and cheap they cut the back ground sound out.

Decent sound quality for the money, i use them for travelling and in the office. The detail and frequency balance is not adequate for audio production, but it is less exaggerated than many consumer headphones. There is a nice long lead and they look smart and professional. Background noise is not reduced very heavily; this can be useful as i feel much safer crossing the road wearing these than using in-ear headphones. Comfort is good for short periods, but after a couple of hours the pressure on the ears is uncomfortable.

Great light weight cans, good for all non-critical listening.

A bit disappointed- much darker in sound than my galactics which have a sweet treble, more proportional bass and far more balanced sound. If i had tested the pro version beforehand i would have looked elsewwhere.

Excellent value for the price. They are getting alot of use and wearing well.

  • They’ve lasted almost ten years
  • Quite professional for the price, but not for a long time or critical application
  • Perfect for bass-heavy personal audio, but too much spill for studio use

Beyerdynamic DT 231 Headphone – Closed Back design

I bought a pair of these for gaming seven years ago for under £30 the main reason being they had a good review in, i think, it was what hi-fi magazine. I wasn’t disappointed, even to my aging ears the quality of the sound in comparison to the many other cheap. The inner headband with elasticated adjustment looks a weak point but is actually incredibly tough. The only questionable design feature is the the ear-pad size. The headphones rest on, not around the ears and this could be uncomfortable for some. I wear glasses and they pressed my ears against the side arms but was this ever an issue for me?. Honest answer – yes, but only early on before the headphones had adapted to my head size and after i’d been wearing them continuously for 3 or more hours. The headphones lasted in excellent condition for six years with daily 2+hrs gaming and music listening use before the ear-pads started to wear. They were still usable and i later learned i could have replaced the pads very easily if i wanted. However only a few weeks ago now right out of the blue the right earphone died on me.

Great sound, very comfortable, long lead, great value headphones.

A great pair of headphones for the price. The sound response is great, with a good clean treble sound and an incredible, possibly even over-powering bass. If you’re thinking of spending twenty quid on some headphones for personal mp3-type use, then i’d urge you a spend a bit more and get these professional-quality ones instead. Strangely, they are good at blocking sound out, but not quite so good at keeping sound in. If you’re wearing them and playing music you’ll be oblivious to the world around you, but turn them up too loud and the world will be able to hear what you’re listening to. This ‘spill’ means they’re not quite ideal if you’re intending to use them as studio headphones. However for personal audio they’re a great choice.

Absolutely superb headphones that lastat this price its really a no-brainer, and they are far superior to many models i’ve tried that cost double, even triple the price of thesepersonally i wouldnt buy anything else if youre after excellent distortion-free sound quality at an incredible price.

Bought these for my wife’s laptop and she likes the sound they produce. For the price, they seem reasonable and should last well as build quality is ok. If they last as long as my dt770s (20+ years) i will be delighted.

These are exceptionally comfortable. The sound quality is also very good, not quite as neutral as my son’s akgs, but then they only cost a quarter as much, but they don’t have the bloated bass of many fashion headphones. In fact my only reservation is that despite the closed back design, there is still quite a bit of leakage.

The ear muffs are a little small for ‘çlosed’ applications. Sound is good for the price.

These headphones are great the sound from them are superb the only thing i would have to say is they are a bit tight around youre head and a bit short but other than that they are good headphones.

I can’t recommend these headphones more than what they deserve. . They are the most accurately true and full sounding headphones i’ve had they pleasure to own.

I have both these headphones and thought i would say something about the dt231s which i used on a professional audio course recently having mislaid my sennheiser hd25-iis (which are preferred by many, even most, professional field sound recordists). My stand-ins were used to listen to recordings on location and in post-production which were made on top-end gear, like industry standard sound devices mixer-recorders and dpa mics. The dt231s revealed themselves to be really good monitors, especially outside. They showed another side to themselves: when teamed with the best source they could deliver lucid clarity of natural sound. Up until now i have used them as desk-top studio, ipod, etc, ‘phones. They’ve always been fine for those jobs and i have grown well used to their slightly warm sound. They have plenty of dynamic range; can convert rude low bass as well as soprano. They are comfortable to wear and pretty robust too (mine are about 12 years old. – although the elastic (yes, elastic) has been replaced several times and i don’t suppose they would have lasted this long if they’d been exposed to the physical demands of constant field use). They do not have anything like the purity and transparency of sound of the hd25-iis; the attenuation doesn’t compare, and; their musicality would probably be rejected as too colourful in an audiophile contest.

They have slightly reduced mid-range and enhanced basses. But it is my understanding it is not on purpose (as you can find with other brands). The basses are firm and true and as you increase volume, they still sound fine without annoyance. No mushy basses as heard from competitors. The maker likely does the best with that budget and they serve well as monitors without a need for an equalizer. You would be much better with grado. You would easily recognize they are a class higher. If you can’t afford grado, wait until you can afford them. If you can’t wait, you likely can’t make much better deal than dt 231 at this price.

Quite strong, quite comfortable and providing decent frequency response across the range. These are very good closed-back headphones for home recordists, particularly those tracking acoustic instruments and/or vocals, and thus for whom “spill” is a potential problem from e. However the bass response of the dt 231s can be extremely misleading as low notes “bloom” and blur, meaning you often don’t detect such potentially quite unflattering artefacts until you compare your mix on more accurate headphones or speakers. But this is, to be fair, just one of the dangers of mixing and or tracking using only headphones – in short, you should always be cross-referencing your tracking and mixing on other monitors and systems to be checking for this kind of crap. It’s not really a fault with the dt 231s as such – although they are a bit whacky on the low end side of things. However and summarily – these can be warn for hours at a time (at least whilst the foam around the cups is fresh – they get less comfy as the foam “tires”, but we’re talking years down the line here). They’re reasonably “accurate”.

I bought my pair going on for 15 years ago and was stunned at the sound quality. Now, the cup foam is compressed and the headband is loose but they still work and sound fine. I will be replacing them with a new pair, or maybe something else close but beyer, but keeping here as spares or for travelling.

For the price, cannot be beaten in terms of sound quality, nor build qualityvastly superior to just about every other brand within its price range.

These are 2nd pair of beyer dt231’s i’ve had, the first pair lasted approximately 6 years bring used (at least) once a week for djing, usual for 4 to 5 hours at a go. These never became uncomfortable nor did the sound quality demise. Good full body full frequency sound, including good bass. So when i needed to replace them the 1st pair i looked for where these. For the cost, sound, comfort and reliability you can’t go wrong. But if they do you get a 3yr warranty.

I’ve bought two pairs of these now. Really like the sound quality and they are comfortable but in both cases the padding in the earpads collapsed after a couple of years and in one case cable became inoperative after getting caught in chair wheel. Now looking at alternatives. But sound quality is really good while they last.

Close to audiophile quality at a good price, but the design is a little old fashioned.

Great headphones for a very good pricevery crisp, clear sound, no added bass response (a good thing imho), soft velour pads, very light on the head. And they look great, kinda modernist or something. Would recommend of you’re looking for great sound and comfort for under £[. ]

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  • Connecting Type: Wired
  • Dolby PL / AC3: No
  • Dolby Pro Logic: no
  • Ear Clip: no
  • Earclip: No
  • Neckband: No
  • Noise Cancellation: No
  • Signal Connection: Wired
  • Type: Traditional Headphone