beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 250 Ohm Headphone : The tale of an elderly and much loved pair of DT880’s

Perfect quality at proper price. One of best item i bought 2016.

Bought these to pair with a soundblasterx ae5 soundcard as my sennheiser 595s were starting to fail , i use these headphones through the ae5 headphone socket set to 600 ohm on headphones direct which cuts out any dsp and does raw sound at 32bit 384000 hz and the sound is spatial well balanced with excellent base which does not overpower mids or trebles. I have tried various types of music such as rock pop electronic dance and classical and all equally shine on these headphones. I previously had beyer dt990s and i believe these to be better as they are more neutral.

Easily the best headphones i’ve used. There may be some better ones, but they also seem to cost a whole lot more. Even if you are not someone who makes music, i absolutely have to recommend these headphones. They’re solidly built, have excellent sound reproduction and accuracy, and they are incredibly comfortable to wear, even for long periods. I upgraded from beyerdynamic dt770s and i think it’s fair to say i’m a fairly loyal customer now. I have owned many other headphones before but none that i liked quite as much as these. There’s a reason professionals love these. Only thing to keep in mind is you do need a headphone amp for these headphones – your computer’s built in audio output probably won’t have enough power.

It is one of those purchases that i wish i made a long time ago, it is that good. Quality of the sound is superbe, not too much base which i like in particular, although you can crank it up if you like with your eq.

I bought these from amazon warehouse deals for about half the rrp. These are the best headphones i’ve ever had and of those i’ve tried in shops etc only those costing several times as much are close to these overall. Wonderful build, supremely comfortable – can listen for hours. The sound is fantastic – i am not going to start talking in jargon – these are excellent open backed phones – wityh brilliant sound, a delight to listen to and a music lovers dream. I drive these with a teac ah500i to perfection.

I wish i’d discovered beyerdynamic 20 years ago. These are unbelievably good compared to similarly priced headphones from more heavily marketed brands. I’m using the 600 ohm version with a headphone amplifier.

Combined with a dac and amplifier these headphones give superb audio quality and clarity. Listening to lossless music on these is a treat. Awesome audiophile level quality with balanced, rich, and deep sound on all ends. Bass is not boosted and is very balanced.

Fantastic sound from the 600Ω versions, just make sure you have them paired with a capable device to drive them properly. Like clouds on your ears, suitable for all day use, i have better sounding headphones but due to these being so comfortable i use them more than the rest.

  • Beyer DT880 – 600 ohm – top-notch ‘phones.
  • The tale of an elderly and much loved pair of DT880’s
  • Driven with a decent Amp you’ll find that these are supreme headphones – pleasure to own and listen

beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 250 Ohm Headphone

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As a sound engineer, i find that these are one of the most transparent headphones you can buy. You won’t want to use them on a train journey as they’re open backed so they leak quite a lot of sound, but in terms of sound quality they’re amazing.

Aesthetically pleasing – more attractive than the dt880 studio edition, i own – these beyer dt880 headphones ooze quality – made in germany – and, sonically speaking, are up there with the sennheiser hd600 and hd650. More neutral sounding than the hd650, the beyer dt880 is highly analytical; the sound has a clinical precision which some may find is lacking in colour. But the beyer’s neutrality offers remarkable levels of detail – it outperforms the hd650, in my opinion. But in the sennheiser hd600 the beyer dt880 meets its nemesis. The hd600 shows the beyer dt880 a clean pair of heels when it comes to spatial location of instruments and ultimate transparency. But it’s a close run thing and the beyer dt880 is very comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. . These excellent headphones can be had for under £200. They are under-priced, to say the least. Snap up a bargain, while prices are low – these are high-end, hif-fi headphones of outstanding quality – genuine high fidelity sound quality.

Best headphones i have owned. Had to buy a dac amplifier to power them (fiio e10k) and probably need a better dac amp to get the most out of them, but already very happy with the purchase. Hearing all sorts of detail in songs that i had never appreciated before.

Perfect item, better than i expectedit was described as “very good” but i received a “like new” itemamazing sound, perfect fit, excellent price.

Complimented by a creative zxr with a 600 ohm output, they are by far the best headphones i’ve ever owned, far superior than my collection of sennheisers. The bass levels are perfect with no distortion to higher bass tones when heavy low ones are added the top end is crystal clear and the best i’ve ever heard. They are very comfortable to wear with very low contact pressure, this is added by the super soft cushions and material. After long periods of wearing my ears warmed a little but not to an uncomfortable level, they’re also quite light a you hardly feel any weight.

The sound is crisp and clear, and overall they are very good for jazz, acoustic and more natural instruments. Very slight issue with rattle noise at very specific frequency on one side, which is apparently a common issue. With the right amp the 600 ohm version sounds very good and natural.

Just an awesome pair of cans hooked up to my naim headphone 2 amp they can handle anything lovely mid tone just enough bass.

One of the best under 200, however, a desk amp and good dac is necessary. You will listen an unforgettable sound.

  • Beyer DT880 – 600 ohm – top-notch ‘phones.
  • The tale of an elderly and much loved pair of DT880’s
  • Driven with a decent Amp you’ll find that these are supreme headphones – pleasure to own and listen

beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 250 Ohm Headphone

It’s rare on amazon for any product listing to last this long, but it’s nice when it does. I purchased my beyerdynamics dt880 headphones on amazon in november 2010, so my headphones are now almost 8 years old. They’ve been my secondary pair since november last year however; i just fancied a different set. Up until 2010 i’d never spent more than £50 on a set of headphones, so i picked these as my first ‘proper decent’ pair and i wasn’t disappointed. The price was a bit steep but i had cash to burn i paid £250 for them, yes they cost £250 in 2010. I remember them being fairly solid nice quality comfortable (they better be at that price) and the sound quality was super nice, if i could compare them to my current set they’re similar except the bass on my current set is slightly better. Bassheads beware, these phones are all about good quality sound all round, they don’t do boom. They offer a detailed frequency response including bass, but it’s never an uncontrolled distorted mess. The downside to owning these only applies to people who use these at night when people sleep, they give off a lot of noise being open at the back, another reason i chose to replace them after 7 years. ;)long term ownership: they’re solid as a rock, i even stood on them and totally bent the frame on one side one night when i was drunk, i just bent it back into shape good as new. The ear pads wore out about the fifth year, i stitched them up, just a bit later the head padding deteriorated into a sticky mess so i got my gran to stitch me a velour one. I did eventually retire them as my spares, but they’re still good, they sound the same as day one and they’ve had a lot of use, like 4 hours at a minimum nearly every day for 7 years.

Crystal clear, natural sound, very comfortable for long time listening period, and of course adequate price (as a gift for 115 £) .

Probably the best headphones i will ever own at this price point, exceptional clarity and separation with a great sound stage.

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