Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO Headset – 250 OHM : Comfortable, agreeable listening.

I use them and wow is every time. I really like high treble spike as i have an amp and hq source so that is preference only and that adds more stage/quality in related to any other headphones. Dt880’s have more instrument isolation/position than dt770’s but need more power as open ones and also more expensive. I like combination of dt770/880 250ohm pro. In relation to akg (i have k240’s) i can see akg’s have more vocal range, which is artificially added, more airy. This is something on personal reference so bear in mind that akg’s have better stage because of that spike at stage freq, hence the difference. I will test the k701’s so you can check my review there too in near future in related to sound and dt’s as well as k240 and ath’s. Bear in mind that you need to listen to them to understand their sound. Don’t buy them if you can’t return them or listen to them before buying.

I am in love with these and wear them for pretty much everything now. I wear them when i’m listening to music and don’t feel like i’ve really heard a song until i listen to it through these. I wear them when i’m making music. I wear them when i’m watching video. I wear them when i’m playing games. They sound great and they’re always comfortable. No sweaty ears and i can hear what is going on around me much more than if i was wearing closed-back. This is useful for me but might not be for everyone. They feel tough and well made. I had read that they had too much emphasis on the high frequencies for some people’s taste, and i did hear what they meant when i purchased them, but i have found that through burn-in and constant use the sound has mellowed and evened out and only continues to improve.

I don’t think i have agonized over a purchase like this for some time. Let me give you the background, i had recently purchased a kemper profiling amp and was using a pair of £30 headphones with it. So here is a £1200 profiling amp and my sole listening experience is through something a fraction of the price. Needless to say i was not happy. So i spent hours, and i do mean hours, researching headphones to go with my kemper. I spent hours just comparing the frequency response between headphones as if i was studying to perform heart surgery the next day. Early in my search i stumbled upon the 880’s and gave up on them due to price. Throughout my search i used them as my base comparison and standard and kept coming back to them. Long story short, after way too many hours i said enough and purchased the headphones. Once i received them i took the time pushing medium to low volume music through them to burn them in.

Great – very flat for price – not for those who want an ‘exciting’ listen – these tell it as it is – i use them on my laptop and iphone too, and they are quiet without a preamp, but give me the level i need for basic mixing, referencing – even mastering, as long as your checking on monitors too.

For many years i have listened to music, thanks to these headphones, i’m now hearing music, the detail is stunning, the build quality is typically germanic, solid and impressive, the lead is coiled as well which gives extra flexibility when listening , i’m assured that the sound quality gets even better as the headphones bed in after about 50 hours listening, they sound great now, what they will be like in about 30 hours. The soundstage that you are presented with is wide and luxurious. These are my first excursion into the world of high end audio and i put a lot of research into them before buying. I have a iphone that has all my music on and my concern was would the 250 ohm be too powerful for the iphone, and as an alternative i looked at the 32 ohm but was put off by the fact that the music sounds less impressive through the 32ohms, apparently. The 600ohms were the best of the lot but i knew the iphone wouldn’t handle it. Running the 250ohm dt880’s through the iphone you do get sound but it is very quiet, you most certainly need an amp to power them and the fiio e07k andes powers the iphone up a treat and gives very detailed music through the headphones. Whilst they are described as semi-closed they are more open with the noise leakage that takes place. Comfort wise, i read they were described as having a soft sofa on your ears, that i can’t disagree with they are very comfortable, and the longest i have worn them for so far is 3 hours and had to adjust them once. No heat build up due to the material of the headphone cover. If your after a great headphone, and can afford a portable amp.

These headphones are excellent – very comfortable and with a clear revealing and well balanced sound. They are used for the engineer/ producer in a studio and so are worn for extended periods and for detailed listening. They are also enclosed so can be worn when overdubbing without noticeable spill. Although not used routinely for mixing, mixes do translate well when checked afterwards on studio monitors.

Dt880 pro are realy impresive. Price is not to high but quality is on high end level. 880 it’s old bayers model but it is like old whisky. 😉 i would like buy anther pair for my son.

I bought these as an alternative to my sennheiser hd598 headphones that i have been using for classical listening up until now. I felt the sennheisers were lacking a little clarity at the high end for my taste, so i thought i would try the dt880 as an alternative. Well, they are certainly a brighter sounding headphone than the hd598, and there is noticeably more clarity in the presentation. I would say these are on the bright side of neutral; not as bright as the grado sr80i, but they nevertheless emphasise high frequencies (cymbals and brass instruments for example). I have not yet had any problems with sibilance (unlike the grados), but they are slightly more fatiguing to listen to than the very laid-back sennheisers. However, the beyerdynamic sound is indisputably more exciting to listen to. As well as classical, i find these headphones amazing for rock, especially progressive rock such as ‘permanent waves’ by rush. The bright presentation and fast response make the drums sound superb. They do not emphasise the bass, so bear this in mind if you prefer a bass-heavy sound. Build quality is excellent, thanks to lots of metal components.

  • with which I am delighted. So I am comparing the headphone output with
  • I don’t think I have agonized over a purchase like this for some time
  • You’ll Never Know What These Sound Like.

beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO Headset – 250 OHM

Size Name:250 OHM Pro  |  Colour Name:Gray Transducer type dynamic Operating principle semi-open Frequency response 5Hz – 35kHz Nominal impedance 250 Ω per system Nominal sound pressure level at 1 kHz 96 dB Sound coupling to the ear circumaural Weight without cable 295g 3 m coiled cable Connection gold-plated mini stereo jack 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm adapter (1/4″)

From the manufacturer

dt 880 pro studio headphones

dt 880 pro studio headphones

The Studio Classic

A tried and tested design – popular with the professionals and music lovers alike.

Professional users all over the world have relied on our classic series for years: DT 770 / 880 / 990 PRO. As a studio reference they shone with detailed resolution and a very transparent sound.

The DT 880 PRO is the semi-open studio headphone with its natural and neutral sound, perfect for long monitoring and mixing sessions in comfort due to the permeable ear-cup design.


headphones, best headphones, headphones and headsets, beyerdynamic, dt 770, studio headphones

headphones, best headphones, headphones and headsets, beyerdynamic, dt 770, studio headphones

headphones, best headphones, headphones and headsets, beyerdynamic, dt 770, studio headphones

The Reference for the Studio

The wide stereo image and balanced, transparent sound makes the DT 880 PRO a reliable reference point in the studio and a trusted companion for producers and audio engineers. The DT 880 PRO is a reliable tool for studio monitoring, mixing and mastering, as the highly sensitive transducers ensure the smallest adjustments in panning, EQ or dynamics can be easily heard.

Outstanding Neutral Sound

The headphone has a unique spaciousnessy due to the semi-open design, so it has a very clear and wide stereo image. The sound is much more 3-dimensional than the sound of the DT 770 PRO. The DT 880 PRO impresses with its depth and detail even at low volumes. It reproduces soundtracks without colouration, providing optimal positioning of sonic elements in the mix so that every nuance can be heard clearly.

Total Comfort and One-Sided Cable

The sturdy steel headband gives the headset a secure fit. Soft, adjustable ear cups contribute to great wearing comfort for extended periods. The cable, which is attached on just one side, accommodates frequent adjustment and removal of the DT 880 PRO without cable tangles. Its extra light weight construction makes it very easy to wear.

headphones, best headphones, headphones and headsets, beyerdynamic, dt 770, studio headphones

Difference from the DT 880 Edition version

The DT 880 Edition headphones for home and the DT 880 PRO studio headphones are identical in sound as the same transducers are used.

However, the edition models have a slightly softer headband for music enjoyment at home while the Pro model sits somewhat tighter on the head, in order to stay in position with frequent movements during a studio session.

In addition, the PRO version is delivered with a spiral cable and the edition version with a straight cable.

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DT 770 PRO DT 880 PRO DT 990 PRO
Construction Type Closed (strong noise isolation) Semi-Open (low noise level) Open (noise escapes)
Sound Prominent bass, less spatial, transparent, detailed Neutral, relaxed, relatively spatial, more restrained bass, transparent Balanced bass and treble, analytical, very spatial, transparent
Cable (length and type) 16 Ohm: 3 m straight cable, 32 Ohm: 1.6 m straight cable, 80 Ohm: 3 m straight cable, 250 Ohm: 3 m coiled cable 3 m coiled cable 3 m coiled cable
Replaceable Parts
Accessories Stereo jack adapter 6.3 mm, drawstring bag, instruction manual Stereo jack adapter 6.3 mm, drawstring bag, instruction manual Stereo jack adapter 6.3 mm, drawstring bag, instruction manual

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Worth the price as long as you have a capable source.

These are insensitive headphones and need a good headphone amplifier to go loud. However, they produce a reasonable listening level when plugged into computer speaker headphone sockets for casual listening. With a good headphone amplifier and a good quality usb audio interface they are very transparent, can be painfully loud and do not emphasise or detract from any part of the sound. Even on decades old recordings, you find yourself listening to individual guitar amps and other instruments. On modern material, you can often hear the efforts of the mixing engineer. They don’t seem to have a ‘sound’ of their own. If it’s the original track you want to hear rather than an ‘enhanced listening’ version, these could be what you need.

Beautiful high quality headphones but let down by the heavy coiled cable – although it doesn’t tangle, it’s annoying when working at a desk wearing them. Yamaha a-s501 drives them nicely and the sound is natural and well balanced. There’s sufficient weight to the bass and enough sparkle in the highs. Good for music production / mixing etc. And also nice for casual listening.

How am i only reviewing this now?i have happily owned my dt 880 pro’s for many, many years and happy to say they have never disappointed. Whilst the earcups have worn down and have been replaced two times in total (a couple years apart) which is to be expected with heavy usage, these have retained their superior sound quality and have never faulted on me yet. I am now a proud owner of dt 770 pro’s and the same build quality is provided across beyerdynamic’s entire range. I drive my headphones with an asus xonar essence stx ii sound card which powers the full 250 ohm impedance of these headphones happily with 0% distortion. External phantom powers can also be grabbed to power these, if you wish. For those seeking superior audio quality, audiophiles i’m talking to you, grab a pair of these and enjoy.

Absolutely phenomenal headphones. Crystal clear sound with accurate lowend. They’re also really comfortable. Only thing i don’t like is the coiled cable.

These headphones sound very nice. I find a lot of headphones can be overly generous in the low-end department. These headphones are natural sounding with a very nice, accurate sound stage. These headphones have been in use for a few months now and defiantly sound better after a few hours of listening so don’t panic if they sound overly bright when you first put them on. I have found they mellow out a little.

I had not realised how different headphones can sound with the same input until i started searching for a pair to upgrade my old beyerdynamic dt550 pair. These had lasted for more than 30 years and were very satisfactory. I listen mainly to classical music, from chamber music to opera. What i wanted was something clear that did not introduce any effects of its own. What i found on listening to many varieties of headphone is that they introduced a sort of echo effect, as if the orchestra is in a large bathroom. The dt880 produces a crystal clear sound without any of those effects. The effects in other headphones must be deliberately introduced by the manufacturer and are not in the original recording. I use the headphones with audiolab 8200 cd player and an arcam 28 amplifier. My speakers are acoustic engineers stand speakers, with which i am delighted. So i am comparing the headphone output with a good set of speakers whose sound i like.

Great for mixing or listening. Really love these headphones.

  • with which I am delighted. So I am comparing the headphone output with
  • I don’t think I have agonized over a purchase like this for some time
  • You’ll Never Know What These Sound Like.

beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO Headset – 250 OHM

I was chasing a set of beyerdynamic t1’s on ebay, until the bids went far beyond my budget. Then i read ken rockwell’s online review where he reckons that dt 880’s are nearly as good at a fraction of the price. In fact, better than sennheiser hd 800’s. Well, i’m in no position to corroborate that, but anyway i went for them on a direct purchase from amazon. I’d had a series of disappointments with over-ear cans, going through at’s, sennheiser, akg and hifiman, liking them for a while but then finding something disagreeable in them, particularly in the mezzo-forte strings department. They never seemed to come up to the accuracy i was getting from my etymotic er-4s iem’s. These cans seem to offer better prospects. The first impression you get from them is how light and comfortable they are. After that the sound: they seem to need more driving than i expected, having to push the pot on my burson soloist sr amp round to 1 o’clock.

Bought these after a recommendation by a friend as an alternative to my senheisser hd650s. The build quality is excellent; more solid than the hd650 and they don’t require quite as much power to drive them. My only criticism is that they tend to emphasise the treble and are a little lacking in the bass department and do not compare particularly well to the sound from a decent pair of speakers. Overall a great pair of headphones, but after a while i found myself reverting to the sennheiser.

I had both dt 770 pro and dt 990 pro, but these headphones are the best. Audio quality outperforms the dt 990 and sound insulation is good enough and doesn’t make your ears boil when it is a hot day (one of the issues of dt 770). I mostly do classical music and this is a very good model for such type of performance.

I was looking for some studio monitor headphones to compliment my akg 702’s for studio work and mixing. Not only do they seem to perform better than my old hd650s, these headphones are much better at producing bass frequencies than the akgs at the expense of a slightly tighter soundstage and slightly firmer ear cushions. Would highly recommend to any studio producers and mixers.

Features and Spesification

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  • 250 ohms impedance for studio use (ideal for mixing, editing, mastering)
  • Transparent, spacious and natural sound
  • Soft, circumaural and replaceable velour ear pads
  • Robust, comfortably padded and adjustable spring steel headband design
  • Made in Germany