beyerdynamic DT 990 Edition 250 Ohm Hi-Fi- Headphone : DT990 Pro or DT990 Premium? (250ohm versions)

I had professional koss headphones before (open design as well). Dt990 is even betterthe picture on the amazon site is wrong – it shows the pro version of the headphones whereas this is the previous version of the phones (i knew that before i bought). It features aluminium casing as oppose to plasitc one and is virtually unbreakable – i guess, that’s why beyerdynamic stopped making them. Do not buy this headphone if you plan on listening to low quality tracks. If driven correctly, these cans will show off every wrinkle in the recording. I am using little dot mk v to drive the headphones and they sound really really good. The cons:the mids could do a bit better. But don’t get me wrong, they are very good. The sound stage is too close (although overall, very detailed) and i get tired relatively quickly when listening to them. But that’s a matter of taste.

Set these cans up with a decent setup and you’ll have a blast. Unlikely i’ll be purchasing a new headset for some time.

At first i wasn’t too sure but have got used to the fit and rolled off the treble a little and am very satisfied with it now.

Cyrus cd 8 se2/cyrus psx-r + lehmann black cube linear headphone amp2. Arcam fmj cd 36 + arcam a32 amp3. Arcam fmj cd33 + arcam a75 plus ampqed signature audio xt interconnectsobviously this is an imho affair. The dt990 is often referred to has a v shaped headphone, i. , it has an accentuated lower bass, dips in the mids and rises to pronounced treble. Bass aficionados and treble heads alike may find something to like here, although mid centric evangelists or the purist who settles for nothing less than neutrality, may want to look elsewhere. In the beyerdynamic trio (770/880/990) the dt990 could be called the “fun” headphone in the range. I’ve had a lot of fun with the 990. I really like it’s warm & open sonic signature. But is there really much difference between the pro & premium incarnations, given the price difference?both versions have the same drivers, so any sonic differences are down to the materials used & their respective constructions. I’ve deleted the paragraphs discussing the construction, materials & cable due to length. I will just say, i dislike the coiled cable on the pro version.

Using it in work frequently – and i am very pleased with these. Might get an amp for my laptop -but haven’t got to that part yet. Small disadvantage is the length of the cable, but couldn’t find an alternative (as i needed this model in particular).

Bought the 32 ohm version and it sounds great. Heard opinions that the 32 ohm variant sounds off compared to 250 and 600 ohm variants. However, i find that there is no significant difference in sound. I bet for 99% of people every version is going to sound the same, unless you’ve got golden ears. So, don’t hesitate picking up the youngest brother if you had any doubts.

These headphones sound great, will good frequency range and clarity. The bass has great extension and articulation although the open back design means the sound is airy and so not for bassheads. Mids and high frequencies are well articulated and spaced, with air around them. Remarkably wide soundstage for headphones. I use them for making electronic music (though i use closed cans for the final mix) and for listening to movies on my laptop or ipad. They are not difficult to drive but definitely improve with a headphone amp. I love the styling and the quality is exceptionally good. My only gripe is that they are very big and loose, but that means they are very comfortable, cover my whole earlobes easily and are not fatiguing in any way. The cable is very long and well insulated, plus the jack is robust and makes a perfect connection. These really are very enjoyable ‘phones.

Very comfortable, good sound, well worth the price.

  • Bought the 32 Ohm version and it sounds great! Heard opinions that the 32 Ohm variant sounds
  • Clarity and Comfort
  • Great improvement

beyerdynamic DT 990 Edition 250 Ohm Hi-Fi- Headphone

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Great sound taught me what sound stage is, very quiet for headphones (tried various amps no luck) and by far the most comfortable headphones i’ve ever worn but due to volume levels and clipping at not even that loud of volumes they weren’t right for me. I tried various amps recommended by some audiofile group i joined but were more interested in showing off their knowledge than actually listening to the issue and helping. So in the end had to send everything back, just didn’t work for me. Having been a hd555 fan for many years and having listened to the sound stage on these i will never look at senheiser the same again, it’s like they play everything from under a blanket now.

It is the device that shows the best sound quality. I will buy this device for the second purchase.

I do love these headphones, i really do, but the left headphones base goes crackely after 6 months of use (not full volume).

You really can hear the quality however the volume doesn’t seem to go that high (which i happen to prefer) but just something to note.

The audio that the dt 990 is way to bright for me, but i’m sure that they appeal to people with different tastes in sound. They have amazing clarity and a brilliant high and mid range, although the bass is lacking.

I picked up three pairs of headphones to test with the aim of only keeping one for gaming and music (these were the cheapest of the three). I tested all three pairs with the audioquest dragonfly red, the chord mojo, and the schiit stack uber,i was instantly impressed at how much of an all rounder these headphones are. The soundstage is wide and spacious. The sound is crisp and clear (slightly bright) with a great amount of bass. With a bright amp/dac these are too bright for music, with a slightly darker or more neutral amp/dac these are a very good all rounder for music. Now to where they really shine. I can’t recommend these highly enough for gaming, although be aware you will need an amplifier as these won’t drive very well from a normal headphone port. I use these for pc gaming (of the three amp/dacs i used only the schiit stack works with the ps4). The bass levels are excellent, the soundstage perfect for immersion and the brightness that is present in music works so well here.

These headphones are great for listening to music. But what is more important to me is that they sound great when playing video games, you hear everything. I am not talking about footsteps in fps games, i am talking about ambience in open world games such as skyrim, i feel as if i am there, the audio has so much more detail compared to my other headphones, they where just some generic gaming headphones for ¬£29. 99, not great but not bad, these however are amazingalso the cushions.Damn they are comfy, i have worn these for around six hours straight now and i want to sleep with them on, they are that comfy, worth every penny. But don’t forget to buy a dac or they will sound like my cheap headphones, i have mine connected to a topping tp30 mark2.

If you want a ‘real’ headphonethere is no need to buy anotherunless you want hd 800but if you want any other headset you will not find that difference in sound between them and the dt 990.

  • Bought the 32 Ohm version and it sounds great! Heard opinions that the 32 Ohm variant sounds
  • Clarity and Comfort
  • Great improvement

beyerdynamic DT 990 Edition 250 Ohm Hi-Fi- Headphone

Bought these as a replacement for my old pair of dt 811’s. First off beyerdynamic builds headphones to last and last. I think i bought the 811’s in about 1995-6. They still work but the headband and earphones are now pretty worn down. They have improved the comfort of the head band and overall the new design of the 990’s is robust and practical. Its still early days but there are differences between the two. I think the old pair are a bit more aggressive and slightly bassier. The 990’s have a great open sound but they still have plenty of punch for rock and blues.

As advertised, extremely comfortable elegant headphones.

Just the best head phones ive ever had the sound stage is stupid good. (put theses headphones with the audioquest dragonfly 1. 2v dac for some good results).

The sound quality of the headphone drivers is incredible. It all sounds very natural, the bass response is there, but it isn’t overwhelming or boosted and the trebles are clear. I’ve had the headphones for about four months now and they’re working excellently with no problems. The headphones are quite comfortable to use over long periods; using glasses may not be the best idea with these headphones as the cups push the arms to the sides of my head. The connecting part over the ‘arch’ that slides in to the headband, feels very flimsy. This isn’t what i expected from a pair of high quality headphones. It could be that it’s designed this way to allow the sliding to be as effortless as possible, but it still worries me that the whole over ear part may break off from the headband.

Most comfortable headphone i ever wore and the best sounding one.

Great sounds and comfortable during long wear periods.

Super comfortable and so far so good. A good long lead helps also. Very well packed and no issues at all.

I bought these to replace another fine set of beyerdynamic headphones that i was happy with. I wanted the benefits of the open back and found that these new headphones delivered. I primarily use them when playing my yamaha clavinova and have been completely satisfied by the improved sound.

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