Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones Limited Edition : Excellent headphones for the money

Brilliant headphones superbly handmade. Can’t wait for my project ll to connect to my quad 34 amp as quad do not have a headphones out. Update just got the project ii and hooked up to the quad. This set up really does the trick. Very clean sound stage brilliant clean bass and very 70s quad sound.

Absolutely best studio headphones i’ve ever tried. Super comfy, great sound quality, excellent design and materials used. Highly recommended at this price point. One improvement would be an easily replaceable cable. Would like to swap out for a coiled cable – it’s possible but it’s a proper mission.

I use these for video editing and they are the best headphone i have used to date. I recommend these headphone to any audio/video editors as there are superb build quality, the sound is clear, precise and crisp.

Mainly from the point of view of studio work and on-the-road mixing/mastering/performing, though also with a nod to home listening pleasure, this is comparative review of the following closed-back headphones (that can be driven without an additional amp)…yamaha hph-mt5yamaha hph-mt8beyerdynamic dt770 80ohmaudio technica ath-a990z& two sets that i wont refer to much, due not to any manufacturing fault but to inadequate sonic quality for my purposes…philips fidelio x2hr (the only open-back here)akg k550 mkiii/summeryto quickly list my preferred headphones in terms of purpose :monitoring : (here forward treble is useful to check hiss and sibilance, and forward bass for stage thumps, etc)1. Mt8 (extra brilliance reveals hiss, mics rubbing on clothing, high-freq accurate syncing of instruments etc)2. Dt770 (emphasises sibilance – which so can be avoided before recording, recessive mids an issue -vocals sound distant – though when recording asking your vocals to be closer to the mic is not usually a bad thing). Mastering : (here a flat freq response or slightly hi-fi speaker colouration of eq is useful)1. Mt5 (most monitor-speaker like though a dip in the mid-highs, great for mastering and listening, lacks some microscope clarity, may result in a brighter mix)2. Mt8 (critical and open, lacks some bass though overall v. Useful flat freq response, highs a tad too forward for enjoyable listening, may result in a darker mix with over generous bass)3. Dt770 (critical, high freq bump at sibilance freq may result in flatter mastering of voice details)listening : (depends on the sound signature that gives you pleasure, generally non-fatiguing and full)1. Mt5 (slightly darker than a990z – yet more powerful and detailed, mids can shout, portable)2. A990z (open soundstage perfect for classical music, mids can shout, somewhat confusing, not portable)3.

I use these headphones at home, paired with a marantz pm6005 amplifier connected to my pc as a source. I listened mostly to 320kbps mp3 and flac files. I am by no means an audio expert, but i enjoy listening to high quality music. These headphones are fantastic, especially considering the price. The sub-bass is great, and comparing them to my audio-technica m50xs, i can definitely say i prefer the sound signature of these. The headphones are exceptionally comfortable, and i can wear them for very long periods of times without any discomfort. Pairing these with a modmic makes for an excellent gaming headset. The build quality is excellent – the band is strong but slightly flexible, and the earcups feel solid. These headphones don’t feel like they will break any time soon.

Fantastic headphones, this is my first real foray in to the audiophile world and they are everything i wanted. If you are new like me then make sure you get an amp i went with the fiio – e10k and it really brings out the bass and volume.

These are very high quality closed back headphones. Great in every possible way. I have had quite an assortment of the years full music production and general listening. The soundstage as others have pointed out is extremely clear and shoes great clarity. But i didn’t want anything that wasn’t there in the first place as i need these to record synths in a studio set up. I found no distortion even at very high frequencies. So i can believe the quoted response spec given. The price is now great value as these are definitely in audiophile territory.

Very good sound for the price, comfort is superb, i own 7 pairs of headphones from £100-£300 and these are better or equal to all of them, better bass than my v-moda m100s, treble is bright but not harsh. Not really for mobile use but sound superb used with a fiio a5 portable amp and iphone 5s. Love the black pads on the ltd edition model.

  • Great monitoring headphones. Massive review (vs others)
  • First Hi-fi purchase and did not disappoint. Delivery was on time and packaging was safe
  • Top quality headphones.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones Black Limited Edition

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The product exceeded my expectations, the quality is artillery-proof. Sound is amazing, i listen to alot of ebm/rock/metal. I use it with a fiio q1 along with my cellphone and it works great.

Great headphones, bought these to replace my 3 year old m50x. Pros:sound greatvery comfortablelook pretty goodremovable headband covercons:none-removable, long cablecan’t fold in anyway and are even too big to put around your neckmakes a noise if you move your head a bitexposed wiresmostly minor complains, overall the best headphones i’ve used.

The fact that these headphones have been industry standard for many years says it all, they give a true reflection of the sound with great bottom end, clear mids and crystal clear tops, no real need for lengthy bedding in sessions, all the parts are available as spares, they are also very comfortable even in lengthy recording sessions, the 80 ohm version in my opinion is the one for studio use.

Absolutely chuffed with these headphones. I brought them on the recommendation of a polish friend and i was not disappointed. I wouldn’t think of spending this much money on headphones normally but these are brilliant,.

Excellent headphones for the money. I produce music and the crisp sound on these is literally amazing. The cable’s also long enough to work in an actual studio setting.

As expected; these are the all black ones, so should stand out from all the others.

First hi-fi purchase and did not disappoint. Delivery was on time and packaging was safe and sound. Not very familiar in doing product review but here we go. Sturdy built metal, comfortable padding and cushionssounds great, dont worry about other reviews going on about the ‘u’ characteristics of the sound. It compliments different genre(s) well. Bass is deep down low and such a treat for bassheads. Mids are detailed and not recessed as muchtrebles are deliciously lively, may be a tad sibilant straight out of the box, slap on a bit of pink noise for a few nights and improvement should be visible. Soundstage, delirious, for a closed back i wasn’t expecting superior soundstaging, but the dt770 handles soundtaging very well. Instrument are well separated and you don’t really get that enclosed in your head impression to it.

Positives: solid build, excellent sound, great soundstage, comfortable for long periods of time, discreet design. Negatives: no detachable cable, can’t be folded up, won’t be very loud with mobile devices, if using at a pc like me, you might need a dac/amp to get their full potential but a soundcard or good motherboard sound will also work fine. Overall the negatives in my case are ignorable so 5 stars but i thought i’d mention them. Basically consider other options if you plan to travel with your headphones. Using mine with a soundblaster sound card at a desktop.

  • Great monitoring headphones. Massive review (vs others)
  • First Hi-fi purchase and did not disappoint. Delivery was on time and packaging was safe
  • Top quality headphones.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones Black Limited Edition

Fantastic sound for monitoring but buy the regular edition instead. I have the grey ones at work and bought these for home use because they ‘looked cooler’. The build quality of these isn’t quite as good as the regular edition, which is probably why they’re a little cheaper. Most noticeably, the padded cover on the headband is low quality compared to the grey version.

I love these headphones, you can tell they are german build, i use them for music production and the frequency range is perfect for me, delivering a nice bass without being too heavy. They are also great for general listening of music/film/you tube etc. . I would not want anything else now, very happy:).

The product is very nice in packaging and the delivery is very fast. Highly recommend to get it more items from intaaudio.

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