Beyerdynamic DTx – 101 iE silver In-Ear Headphones : Great sound, cheap feel.

Good balanced sound, bottom end is warm and the top doesn’t screech.

Cheap feeling materials do not detract from the sound quality of these earphones. They’re very good for their price, but the sound is a bit tiring compared with some sennheiser cx400s i had. Ear sealing is critical to the lower range coming through, as with most in-ear headphones.

These earphones are wonderful,they’re tons better than the sennheiser cx150’s they’re replacing and for the £40 i payed are an absolute steal. In terms of build quality these are very rugged, the wire is nice and thick and the parts where the cable splits off have a great amount of rubber around them, the actual earphones themselves have an aluminium housing and are very durable more durable than a set klipsch image x10i which i have previously owned which i payed £166 for. The sound is slighly bass heavy but overall very even and i suspect that after a bit more use when they will have ‘burned in’ they’ll have a very balanced and natural tone. Another key thing is the soft case given, it has space for my ipod touch 4th gen and these earphonesi recommend these above most ear phones especially if you’re a teenager like me and love rock, indie, metal, screamo and a punchy feeling to your music.

Having done a bit of research, these headphones seemed to come out as a winner for the price. I’ve had cheaper earphones and also ones of a comparable price before. I’d have to say that for the sound you get out of them, they really are brilliant. The clarity is startling, and you really do notice new things in songs you’ve heard countless times before. The bass has a decent thump (but you have to have snug fitting rubber pods in, because if they don’t fit well you lose the bass frequencies and they sound very tinny) – but that’s common to all in ear phones. On sound alone i’d recommend these earphones without hesitation. However, i bought these earphones in may, in november the left ear piece came apart at the seams. I did notice a number of reviews had mentioned this type of thing happening so wasn’t too surprised. I simply glued it back together again and it was as good as new. A few months on and the dreaded ‘only one earlhone works unless you wiggle the wire’ problem occurred.

Solid headphones but the bass isn’t there – or at least i’m unable to get a good ‘seal’ with any size of ear-bud (three sizes supplied). I’ve previously bought sennheiser mm70s which are slightly cheaper, have an inline mic and volume control – i’d have to recommend them over these dtx101s.

I’ve had these for quite a while now and wanted to allow them to ‘burn in’ before reviewing – and i’m glad that i did. When i first started using them the sound was slightly off – i can’t quite articulate what it was but it was definitely noticeable. After a month or two of using them every day (i commute 4hrs per day) the sound came good. The bass is clear and very present and doesn’t dominate the sound at all. The mids are just as good (especially good as i listen to a lot of metal) and the treble is also clear and crisp without being at all ‘tinny’. I replaced my shure se-215 phones with these and i don’t regret it for a second. Just would have been improved by using a flat cable rather than the thin tangle-prone one that they’ve used. I can’t think that anything would be as good as these for the price.

I always lose my earphones, and this was my third purchase of these earphones. Very good sound quality for the price, much better than many others i have bought, even at prices close to £100. After 3 months of use the rhs earpiece stopped working.

However, the quality of these fantastic little earphones compelled me to do so. Anyone looking to upgrade from the horrible plastic things that come with ipods etc. Should seriously consider these. Over the years i’ve owned countless pairs of in ear ‘phones and these are the best by far. The build quality is terrific, as is the sound. Sparkling treble, deep, controlled bass and pretty decent imaging. They are clear and neutral sounding- they transmit the music as it’s recorded with admirable detail and no colouration, making them just as good with sasha as beethoven. Sure, they don’t compete with a decent pair of over ear headphones, but then at this price and given their in ear design i wouldn’t expect them to. However compared to other earphones i’ve tried at this price level they are streets ahead.

  • Brilliant earphones
  • Durable, and well worth the money.
  • Amazing sound quality, cable could be better.

DTx – 101 iE silver In-Ear Headphones

Product description, In-Ear Kopfhörer, silber Der DTX 101 iE von Beyerdynamic bietet höchsten Hörgenuss: Ob am iPod oder am Handy, der 101 iE macht das Musikhören unterwegs zum Klangerlebnis. Im Inneren arbeitet ein hocheffizienter Neodym-Magnet, der für druckvollen, klaren Sound und satte Bässe sorgt. Im Gegensatz zu seinem kleinen Bruder, dem DTX 71 iE, ist der DTX 101 iE noch weiträumiger abgestimmt und bietet so ein noch detailreicheres Klangbild über das gesamte Audio-Spektrum. Die hohe Dämpfung von Umgebungs- und Außengeräuschen macht den Hörgenuss perfekt. Der DTX 101 iE ist auch in rot/grau und schwarz verfügbar. Features: dynamischer In-Ear Kophörer Frequenzgang: 10Hz – 23kHz Schalldruckpegel: 102dB Nennimpedanz: 12 Ohm Kabellänge: 1,2m Anschluss: 3,5mm Stereoklinke Farbe: silber

Box Contains, Earphones with carry puch and spare ear buds

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One can pay the earth for in-ear cans but these are really good value for the money and i can recommend them. Thbey come with three different fittings and i fiound the middle ones ideal for me. The are comfortable, keep in place, block out extraneous noise and let one hear the music perfectly.

I love these earphones but they sadly break veery easily, the quality is poor for the price, internal damage but they were under waranty.

I like middle frequency ,low and high not so good for the money , personally for me is absolutely not comfortable so no perfect fiting you can hear noise around you everywhere. . Is good but definitely not more than 25£.

Firstly, although they must be pushed far into the ear in order to gain full depth of sound, the quality of the sound is incredible. Of course, the downside of this is that they collect wax, but in my opinion this is not a problem if cleaned somewhat regularly. The other surprising feature of these is their durability. Having accidentally washed, and tumble dried these, i was horrified to discover them in the pocket of my trousers post wash. But, putting them on, the quality is the same as ever.

Great headphones, much better than the standard ones that come with an ipod or iphone (no microphone, but that’s not an issue for me). Good bass and treble, gets detail the standard headphones miss.

Ok first of all, i have owned these earphones for over 3 years and i’m still so impressed by them that they are definitely something i want to write about now that i seem to be doing the whole review thing. In short they sound amazing but are a little on the fragile side it seems. I am not an audiophile but i am very fussy. I only bought these as a temporary measure because i couldn’t decide on a pair of over/on ears at the time and i need to be able to listen to music so as not to go insane at work – basically it was pretty urgent i got something when my old headphones started breaking. These cost me £66 at the time – yes this is a lot of money for something that is supposed to be ‘temporary’, maybe that’s a good indication of how fussy i am. I justified the purchase because it is useful to have a spare set of earphones anyway and it’s almost impossible for me to sleep on trains/planes with massive on ear ‘phones. My main point here i guess is that i was so blown away by them that i only very recently purchased my new on ear headphones (akg y50) so they didn’t end up being so temporary after all. So the bad point – yes, each ear bud has come apart once (which is why they only get 4 stars) however it was at least a year before the first one went, the second i’d say nearly another year after that. I tried to be careful with them but with heavy use there is only so much you can do for a device like this.

Great headphones i must say. Had the sennheiser cx 400 before but wasn’t pleased with the build quality. These beyerdynamic ones are way more solid around the plug and the earbuds themselves. I usually struggle with the fit of in ear headphones but these fit perfectly. If you are not happy with the fit it comes with 2 other sets of earpieces so you can adjust it to your needs. Very heavy on the bass on lower mids but also clear in the highs. They work well for electronic music or in general any music where you need bass to experience it. They certainly sound better than the sennheiser cx 400.

When you listen to them the reviews of the magazines are positively confirmed. The only suggestion i have for beyerdynamic is to fore a clips allowing you to attach the wire to your cloths ( near the head).

  • Brilliant earphones
  • Durable, and well worth the money.
  • Amazing sound quality, cable could be better.

DTx – 101 iE silver In-Ear Headphones

Features and Spesification

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  • Crystal clear, striking sound
  • Neodymium HD acoustic drivers
  • Refined lightweight metal housing
  • Soft case included
  • With three different pairs of ear-pieces