Bialetti 0001938MR : Brikka 2 cup. Authentic smooth espresso.

It makes a lot of noise, but the creme is not that good. I don’t think it is any better than a standard pot.

I had a false start with what i wanted to achieve. I got the moka and it essentially makes filter coffee nothing approximating espresso. It was only by reading further into it that i discovered the brikka. It delivers increased pressure over the moka which is what’s really needed. I’m an americano drinker mostly so crema doesn’t mean much to me. It’s that intense coffee flavour that i need and the brikka delivers. Best advice is follow instructions to letter. I tried using hot water in the base. Steam flying out of the middle and no coffee. Use the top part as your water measure. It’s got the wee h20 sticky-out thing to show you how much. Then you’ll see the ridge inside the bottom.

At first most of the coffee was spilled over the cookernow i know my way around this little beast (:you got to show it some respect, and most of all stick to bialetti user instructions, not to much water, slow flame. Otherwise brikka will spit it in your face (:but the coffee, once mastered, you can call it real espresso,.

Needs a few cups to get going.

I bought this to replace a broken espresso machine. The small size, portability and ease of use appealed. It makes very good coffee, better than the old machine did. I have never experienced the burnt taste described by other reviewers and it produces crema every time. You just need to pour the coffee into a cup as soon it comes up. Very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it.

It arrived today and i’m on my third cup of coffee. There is a h2o level so i can fill it with the correct amount of water, i can view the coffee through the top without opening the lid, when the coffee comes through its fill up in a few seconds back up to the h2o unlike my old model and i had to guess if it had finished and it doesn’t leak over the stove as my old one did.

This a very good espresso maker. Creme top doesn’t last long though. You also need to turn heat source off as soon as coffee has come through otherwise it will make a mess.

Bought it as it should have this creamy foam. Doesnt really have it, but coffee is still nice and strong.

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Bialetti 0001938MR, Aluminium, Silver

Product Description, Bialetti is one of the top names in Italian housewares and has been manufacturing stove-top espresso makers since the 1930s. Its Moka Express model is still a best-seller today and all products carry the famous ‘little man with the moustache’ logo.

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I bought this after using a gaggia for many years and when that died on me the search for a replacement began. After many reviews and internet searching and trying a few friends machines i went with this one for several reasons; price, ease of use, small enough to store in a cupboard, ease of cleaning, generally very good reviews. Unlike other people i’ve found no issues making my coffee with a good creama on top, maybe i’m lucky but i follow a few simple rules and it seems to work for me. Good coffee beans are a must & i don’t mean really expensive i just mean a good quality roast, plus i grind mine fresh before use. Fill to the correct water level and add your coffee and put on the heat. After 3 minutes for me the pressure value goes off and i start pouring immediately which seems to consistently give me a nice foamy topping. I have tested by leaving it till all the coffee has risen up and filled the top half and the finish is nowhere near as good. Let it cool down and clean with warm water and no soap and leave to air dry after a quick pat down.

Is was brilliant i would recommended it.

In italy this would be a 6 cups espresso maker.

1st go of making an espresso with this, using de dark roast espresso beans. Not much crema, but the flavour was so deep and intense. Why have i not bought one of these sooner is beyond mei tried one of these but a cheaper one before, and i know it’s 40 quid for it, but it’s better than most 300 quid plus machines. Ideal for me as i only drink espresso.

The closes think you can have to an expresso without an expresso machine, very pleased. Arrived one day earlier than expected (and that’s a good thing).

Very nice to use and froths the espresso excellently.

The bialetti brikka makes excellent, strong espresso – for which i give it five stars – provided that you follow the instructions carefully. Most importantly: measure the water very carefully, using the mark on the upper part; use fine, espresso-ground coffee, not cafetière- or filter-ground; and screw the upper part to the lower part very tightly. I have been looking at the reviews of this macchinetta on amazon’s italian website. Reviewers make much the same comments as english reviewers, including (1) it’s a bit fiddly (2) not everyone gets the crema and (3) occasionally there is a defective valve. Overall, however, italian reviewers are as pleased with the quality of the coffee as i am.

Bought this for my son who had one while he was in canada. He reckons it makes better coffee than expensive expresso machines. Having tried it i think it makes excellent coffee although i didn’t actually make it so cannot comment on the process. Some bits are plastic and its a bit expensive but if are into coffee its worth a try.

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Bialetti 0001938MR, Aluminium, Silver

I’ve been using it constantly, much better flavour. The froth isn’t that impressive, but that really doesn’t bother me, it’s all about taste.

I’m totally smitten with this thing. After years of searching for the perfect coffee hit at home but never really having the budget for a top end espresso machine and grinder, i found a video review of the brikka. For those on the fence, this 2nd cup version makes a lovely, smooth and rich espresso like shot with a crema like head. It makes enough for two tiny espresso cups or fills a demitasse cup to the brim. It isn’t as finicky as everyone makes out, use fresh ground coffee, slightly courser than espresso grind, fill the basket but don’t tamp, use the built in measure for water volume and place on a fairly high heat, as soon as the coffee shoots out the valve serve immediately. If you pair this with a simple milk frother it can make a really good, strong cappuccino or my favourite a macciato (spelling?) which is a double shot with a dab of frothed milk, just enough to cover the coffee, my theory being that the froth keeps the coffee hot so you can sip slowly. I’ll update this review if anything changes but i can see this thing outlasting me. If you enjoy coffee, just get one and enjoy. Updategot the hang of this thing, in short:1 grind coffee (i’m now at more of a filter grind)2 fill with water to indicator in top pot and transfer to bottom3 add basket and 2 level scoops of coffee (just shy of the rim)4 assemble and place on medium hob until readyam decant into a 4 shot mug with 2 shots of previously warmed milkpm decant into a 2 shot demitasse cupanytime – decant over a scoop of good vanilla ice creamenjoy.

Best moka pot with nice crema every time.

Much better build quality than the model i previously purchased from the american amazon store, although built in romania. The espresso is consistently great too. The amount of crema produced with each serving varies from batch to batch, but even the minimum amount is satisfactory. Figuring out the combination of factors that leads to getting a batch with maximum crema seems to be a bit of a dark art for now, but hoping to master that eventually. 🙂 the package arrived on time internationally and i appreciated that it was thoughtfully packed with bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Easy to use, makes coffee that is as aromatic and smooth as high street coffee shops. We also have a milk frother to make lovely lattes.

The espresso maker works well, but it needs lots of trial and error to achieve great espresso.

This was a present for a coffeeaholic friend. I’ve had one of these for years and apart from replacing the seals it has been utterly reliable. It is not completely authentic espresso, but it is 90% of the way there. To get truly proper espresso you will have to spend on a la pavoni or similar. Cheap machines just won’t deliver. For anyone’s money this deserves an unreserved recommendation.

Once you get the hang of using it, it’s perfect.

Since getting this i’ve not gone back to using my old moka pot. The taste of the coffee is far superior, & the golden crema makes it look the part. The first time i used it, the sudden force of the coffee spurting out made me jump. Took a while to get the right coarseness of grind – seems best when slightly less than fine – i grind my own, but would imagine that ground lavazza or illy would do. This 2 cup pot uses about as much ground coffee as my old 3 cup pot, and makes enough coffee to fill an espresso cup to the brim – half of what the old pot made. However, the quality is so much better this is not an issue. Short of a top quality espresso machine, i don’t think you’ll make better coffee at home than by using this brikka pot.

This makes a great cup of coffee that, while not a bona fide espresso, certainly synonym masquerades as one. To be fair, to get a real espresso, you need to sink a least £500 on a grinder and machine. For a fraction of the price you can get a beautiful bit of kit that makes something not far off espresso. And it is beautiful – it uses the same art deco design as the iconic moka express and looks great in the kitchen. To get the best i grind my own beans for it (i use a hario skerton hand grinder), using a medium fine grind (somewhere between aeropress and filter grinds. If you use an espresso or similarly robust blend (and make sure you use the water guide in the top part of the brikka) you can get one cracking thick cup of coffee with a lovely crema. Notice i said one cup – this makes enough to fill my small espresso cups so i don’t share. If you want to make two ‘double espresso’ i would consider a larger size.

As always – bialti’s brika is the best makineta in the market.

With a little patience, this is an excellent little machine. I must admit, on my first attempt it boiled over. Had no trouble getting the crema but then i always use fine ground coffee. Yes, the first 3 cups tasted awful but now i’m getting the best espressos i’ve tasted for a long time. I was considering getting an expensive machine but now, no need to bother. Most off the shelf ground coffee is not suitable for espressos. Best to stick with lavazza or illy or better still, grind your own beans. A couple of tips; once the valve pops, take the pot off the hob within 2 or 3 seconds. When the valve is cold, lift and twist it to make sure it isn’t sticking.

This stovetop is an absolute bargain, the coffee it makes is much nicer than the lavazza espresso machine i had which cost over a hundred pounds more also doesn’t force me to buy expensive capsules. Although these are not ‘proper’ espresso machines they do make nice espresso style drinks with a small crema, i think really if you like espresso at home you need to either spend a either around £500 or buy something like this as ‘cheap’ machines are pretty much always inconstant or disappointing also this machines are quick and easy to use so you are more likely to use them regularly and don’t take up half your worktop. If you found this review helpful please click yes below.

When i was in venice last year, i bought a tiny, single cup bialetti from a coffee shop that i really liked, and returned to london in the hopes of being able to make good coffee at home, having previously used an aeropress. Aeropress is great for filter coffee, but not so much for espresso. Anyway, fast forward many months and frustrating attempts to try to get a good espresso with some crema, and i started getting a bit annoyed with the struggle. With some more reading and research, it seemed to be a possibility that the water chamber on the single cup, and the overall design, is just a little too small to build the kind of pressure that you want. So i saw this 2 cup with its cream valve and read the reviews and decided i needed to give it a shot, so to speak. Suffice to say i was impressed even from my first attempt. The manual tells you to make 3 test coffees at least – so i used some of my less special filter coffee rather than wanting to waste my nice espresso ground – and even with that it made a nice layer of crema. The espresso itself is on a whole different level from what i had before – so much more rich in flavour, more crema than i’ve ever seen. And the crema is real too, it’s not just foam. When you pour it into a cup it loses a little bit of it, sadly, but more often than not it still retains some of the crema after a pour, which is gold in my book.

Great – makes lovely coffee.

It’s make a nice espresso with a nice crema.

I’ve been using a regular moka pot for a while now and it is starting to show it’s age so i had a look round and found this one it caught my eye because it said it made coffee with crema because it has a special valve. Now for espresso purists this is not true espresso but to be honest i’ve drunk a lot of barista made espresso in coffee shops etc and this makes as good cup of espresso as any of those. To get a nice cup of espresso you need good coffee i like lavazza rosso but all the italian makes work well. To get good crema out of this pot you must not over fill with water use the top jug it has an h2o mark on the inside. 1) fill it so water does not cover the h2o mark but level or a little below that will do and then pour measured water in to the bottom half of the pot. 2) put coffee basket into the bottom half of the pot. Spoon in coffee but don’t over fill it, 2 heaped tea spoons max. Leave a gap between the coffee and the top of the basket. This should give you good crema.

Best coffeemaker given its simplicity.

Features and Spesification

  • Aluminium stove-top espresso maker with an exclusive transparent lid
  • Comes with a new internationally-patented feature valve, that produces rich coffee with the distinct Italian ‘crema’
  • Maintains all other features of the original Moka Express