Bialetti Brikka 4 Cup Espresso Maker : Just perfect.

Excellent coffee maker, we had a bialetti coffee maker before but the brikka makes really great coffee. Highly recommended and if this one wears out, i will buy the same again.

Does it differ from your ordinary go-to moka brewing device?. I wouldn’t say i’ve tried them all but this one delivers and it helps slightly with creating some foam. Crema is not to be expected, it is more of froth or foam. I have managed to get better crema out of my aeropress. Well, with the right beans and a good grinder you can pour gold out of it but it takes quite some fine tuning. Dedication is the word as allways. But this choker is a decent tool in the hands of a dedicated follower of fashion.

It’s not easy to get the good result.

I’ve had the 4-cup moka pot for a few weeks now. I was originally planning to replace my old and tattered whittard moka pot with a new bialetti moka but then came across the reviews for the brikka. It sounded like it would create a superior coffee so i decided to pay the extra. Unfortunately my conclusion is that it was an unnecessary extra expense.There doesn’t seem to be a notable increase in the coffee quality, and the crema seems very hit and miss (and as another reviewer pointed out, shortlived). Considering the brikka is over twice the price of the standard moka pot, i just don’t think it is worth the money. If you’re deciding between the two, i’d recommend just going with the cheaper moka.

I never travel without this little thing. Excellent quality coffee anywhere in the world as long as you have a source of heat. My last one lasted 12 years before getting ruined in the dishwasher. Don’t let anyone put it in the dishwasher.

Looks like new all the time. Be careful when washing it not to scrub it with hard sponge, because it is polished aluminium so it will show even such tiny scratches. When the coffee is made, quickly pure it in to get the froth in your cup. If you don’t ‘pure it all in, lift the valve so it won’t surprise you with the extra pressure being excessively released into the coffee you left in there. It happened to me few times, but i know now that trick with releasing the pressure before it collects. It looks like it will last many years.

Made perfect espresso/coffee with perfect crema the first time. Just follow the darn instructions and make sure to wiggle the top valve before you make a cup.

Looks great and good for espresso. If you wish to make lattes with it, however, it only makes 1-2 which is quite annoying as this is what i usually do.

  • Perfect.
  • A great espresso maker.
  • Just perfect.

Bialetti Brikka 4 Cup Espresso Maker with Cream Valve

Product Description, Bialetti invents Italian coffee: the daily ritual to share in person or as a gesture of hospitality. Aluminium stove-top espresso maker with an exclusive transparent lid. Comes with a new internationally-patented feature valve, that produces rich coffee with the distinct Italian ‘crema’. Maintains all other features of the original Moka Express. Compatibility: With all plate except induction. Warning: it can not be washed in the dishwasher. Capacity: 4 Cup.

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer

Bialetti Brikka

Key Features
  • Food Grade Aluminium Alloy
  • Electric and gas stove compatible
  • Hand wash only

Before First Use

1. Remove all labels/packageing.

2. Hand wash all parts with warm water.

3. Rinse and remove any soap residue.

4. Make 2-3 pots of coffee to season the pot before first consumption.

Frothy Richness you can see

Designed to enhance your coffee drinking experience, the Brikka is equipped with a special patented valve that regulates just the right amount of pressure, producing the perfect froth every time.

The Brikka features a dual-valve system that regulates the pressure of water flowing through the coffee grounds for a richer-tasting coffee. The open lid design allows air to circulate into the valve that creates the perfect crema.





Add Water

Fill the upper chamber with cold water to the ‘H2O’ marker. Then using the upper chamber pour the water into the lower chamber.

Add Coffee

Insert the funnel and fill it with ground espresso (do not tamp). Remove any coffee grounds on the edge of the funnel. Tightly screw the upper part of the pot on to the base. Avoid using the handle for leverage.

Add Heat

Place pot on stovetop. For gas stoves the flame should not come around the sides of the pot. Heat until the water boils and coffee begins to come out of the centre post. There will be a gurgling sound during this process.


After 2-3 minutes, a small amount of coffee will trickle out and then you will hear a puffing noise. The froth will form in 3-4 seconds after this. When the top of the pot is full, remove from stove, stir the coffee in the upper chamber for optimum flavour, and enjoy.



Use coffee ground specifically for a moka coffee maker. Don’t use too fine ground coffee.

Periodically cheque the funnel, the philtre plate and the washer for wear. Over time, they may need to be replaced.

If the heat is too high, coffee may have a burnt taste. Getting the optimum temperature for brewing may take some trial and error.


  • Wash by hand with warm water.
  • Dry thoroughly with towel.
  • Do not reassemble the product until all parts are completely dry to avoid oxidation.
  • Do not use soap or detergent.
  • Do not use in dishwasher.
  • Do not use steel wool or other abrasive products.

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I tried a cheap stovetop espresso maker previously which made horrible, acidic coffee that wasn’t anywhere near espresso strength with absolutely no crema. I knew it was possible to make good espresso with a stovetop as i’ve known italians who use one all the time so did a bit of research and discovered this. Now i have strong, smooth, creamy espresso every day for a fraction of the cost of store bought and to my mind better because i can choose the coffee and the strength. I make a pot as per the instructions with 3 tablespoons of lavazza espresso coffee or their beans ground in a ceramic grinder then pour this into half a mug of milk warmed in the microwave. The result is strong, smooth and creamy. And i can also use it when i’m camping so never have to crave costa again :).

This is the sizzle use it twice a day with lavaza coffee got rid of our gaggia for this, we use a milk steamer for a perfect latte.

Easy to use and produces great espresso coffee.

So i finaly got round to getting this little stove pot. – first things first it has that classic look to it that you would expect from bialetti. – you need to follow the manufacturors instructions to get the best out of it- dont drink the first few cups of coffee that you make it will be terrible as you need to use these to season the pot- temperature and grind settings are key as i am disovering with this- dont expect great results from the off with this, you have to learn about it and undertsand the variables at play- the cream valve can get stuck at times meaning that the crema you get is very short lived and you end up with a lot of stream as a result- if you dont really tighten the water reservoir you will end up with grinds in the bottom due to the movement between the portafilter and the upper and lower units. I brought this pot because i wanted to learn about using a stove pot and this is going to help me, likewise i wanted to be able to drink espresso stength coffee without having to fork out lots of cash.

The first one i received was faulty, the thread that screws the two halves of the pot together was very rough and leaked. While sending that one back i purchased another hoping it would be better, as i have heard good things about the brikka on coffee forums. I wasn’t disappointed, it produces the best coffee i have ever had from a moka pot, and the closest thing to a true espresso without a machine. Only missing one star due to the faulty unit i initially received.

The perfect mix of style & function.

The thumb handle on the lid came off on the second day because the self-tapping screw that holds it in place had been over tightened at manufacture thereby removing the thread. It was more trouble to return than to repair but some super glue did the rick, but well worth it because the espresso is greatbe sure to pour and drink as soon as it boils through, otherwise you lose the full taste and cream effect of the valve. Despite its apparent size you will only get 2 espresso size cups per fill.

The only problem is that i haven’t made any creamy coffee though i’ve followed every single step of instructions and tips. Maybe need more practice or change my coffee choice.

  • Perfect.
  • A great espresso maker.
  • Just perfect.

Bialetti Brikka 4 Cup Espresso Maker with Cream Valve

Excellent quality coffee maker and delivery.

Great for making the perfect cuppa. I would say this will make 2 good cups of milky coffee. My prefered choice of coffee is to use lavazza rossa. Only thing to be aware of is not to undo the top using the handle. Let it cool down and use a tea-towel to help grip from the bottom and twist by gripping the top.

The cream valve technology is certainly an improvement but not that effective level. I would not buy this model again.

If you’re a espresso lover and your budget are student like, this is a must for you. The next step would be a professional one.

Brilliant and stylish machine. Even if your not using it, it’s just a great design element for your home. Takes a while to learn how to handle it properly and fine tune it.

Just as good espresso as the original but a chance to capture the crema. It’s there the instant the shot comes out but wait one second longer & it’ll be gone. Same good quality build and stylish without trying to be.

Great tasting mokka coffee every time. I nearly didn’t get this due to the amount of obviously false five star posts this company has decided to put on this product but there appeared to be enough genuine, so i decided to try and am glad i did. The only deviation from the instructions is that i do tamp the coffee down very slightly. The way the valve suddenly goes and releases the coffee is impressive. Possibly a slightly fuller, smoother flavour than a standard mokka pot – in fairness, there’s not too much difference in flavour. Do read and follow the instructions even if you’ve used a similar pot before. People who will be disappointed in this:-those who are wanting a crema on their coffee like from a commercial espresso machine. This doesn’t have the pressure, doesn’t make coffee in the same way, it’s mokka.

Suprusingly it came in perfect condition as it would be brand new, even though it was a second hand option.

Does exactly what its suppose to. Made 2 coffee’s today with it and the crema was brilliant. To users who are not getting the crema. . This is most likely down to pre-ground beans and coarser grind. To get the best out of any coffee maker the beans need to be ground as and when you make the coffee.

I have been using this moka pot every day since it arrived (on time) via amazon prime. The results are excellent: good espresso, good crema and ease of use. You can use any espresso grind coffee and so can control the taste that you get. No need to tamp the coffee down, and ample coffee produced. My only regret is not to have discovered this product earlier.

Great coffee,attractive pot,first class maker.

Received my 2 cups yesterday and couldn’t wait to it last night, my first brew was a totalvfailure. I wasn’t planning to drink the first brew anyway. I did it again a ehile later. The second brew looked more like it, but still not up to standard. I looked it up on the internet and found this guy made a very nice cup of coffee with the brikka, so i think with more practices and patience, i can acheive it one day. I am now considering getting a 4 cups one too.

I had been using a generic moka pot but decided to try a bialetti. Very well designed and i have no problem in recommending this coffee maker to anyone who appreciates great coffee.

Sorry not that impressed, but quite handy for ‘lavazza’ when away. Not much crema so will be sticking to our dulit at home. Took it away recently only to find gas rings not able to support it (pot bottom smaller than size of ring) but fits mine ok.

Great quality product that gives a nice strong espresso when used right. I’m giving four stars simply because the user manual is too simple and you’re bound to waste quite a bit of coffee to get it right. To save others the frustration, here’s a guide based on my experiences. This is quite detailed, but i think you’ll need to be quite into your coffee to consider the brikka and it’s easy once you know how. Fill (ideally hot) water in the top half of the pot, to where it says h2o. Pour it into the bottom half and put the filter in. Grind 20-26g of coffee (espresso grind or a bit coarser), or use good ground coffee, and fill the filter. It should be pretty full, but make sure there’s no coffee around the edge and do not press it down like you do with a machine. Twist on top half really tight. Use your thumb on the spout and tighten properly or the preassure will cause coffee to leak out. Turn on the heat, medium high (on gas make sure the flames don’t go on the outside of the pot). After some hissing you will hear the water rise, but not come out. Here’s the thing, before there’s coffee fat covering the insides of the pot and the weight keeping the coffee from coming out, the coffee can take way too long to break out. This causes leaks and bitter/foul coffee.

So far it is making nice coffee with crema and all. Just follow the instructions.

Does what it says on the tin and so easy. I have a gaggia classic espresso maker at home and a kitchen aid burr grinder and they are great but i can’t take them abroad camping. But i need espresso first thing in the morning, camping or not. So i purchased one of these (not through amazon as it happens) and it arrived today. I have experimented using lavazza qualita rossa ground coffee (sainsbury and tesco both sell it i think), because i think i am likely to get this italian ground coffee in europe while camping and i won’t have a grinder. There are two ways to make the coffee, exactly as it says in the instructions, and any other way. Follow the instructions to the letter and it works very well, lots of creamy foam. Deviate from the instructions and it won’t. Use the exact quantity of water (fill to the ‘h2o’ mark) but most importantly resist any temptation to press the coffee down.

Features and Spesification

  • Presostatic valve to make cream
  • Lid opens so that you can see how far along the espresso preparation is
  • Safety relief valve
  • Suitable for all cookers, except for induction
  • Latest version