Bialetti Moka Elettrika 2 cup electric moka AC 110V/230V : Love it. Highly recommend for people like me that

Quite good but it suffers from the absence of an automatic switch off, as the large model has. You therefore have to keep an eye on it to avoid ending up with burnt coffee.

Great coffee maker for the office. . Makes a mean rocket fuel caffeine drink.

Highly recommend for people like me that travel a lot. Works well in usa, just bit slower.

Nice little coffee maker, perfect when i want to make coffee for one person. Only criticism is that the unit does not lift off the base which makes it a little awkward for pouring. Bought the bestron coffee maker first but that didn’t work when i plugged it in, so i returned it and ordered this instead. Quite speedy and very quiet , most pleased with it.

Absolutely​ fantastic coffee maker.

This is a small sized espresso maker no doubt about it. It’s perfect for squeezing into the suitcase while travelling through places which serve poor coffee. It heats up in no time at all, much quicker than a stove top. It came with both an italian and european plug adaptor so you’ll need an eu to uk adaptor if using in the uk. Perfect for either travelling or for accommodation where there is no access to a stove top.

I’m made up with the coffee pot. No more burnt coffee easy to use.

  • Espresso rules! 🙂
  • easy to burn your hand on
  • Great backup

Bialetti Moka Elettrika 2 cup electric moka AC 110V/230V

Elettrika is the travel version of Moka Express, the coffee maker which allows you to make coffee even when there is no gas supply, or fire or any other form of heat source, so that you are never without your coffee when travelling and you always feel at home wherever you are.

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Bought it as i like to have a good cup of coffee even when travelling. Doesn’t take too long to heat up. Bought it in uk and it arrived with a german plug.

Not impressed with the quality of the product. It works ok but does not look very safe. The machine is stuck to the electric base, making it impossible to wash it properly. I thought the machine and the electric base were separate but they’re not.

Excellent little moka makes coffee that tastes exactly like traditional ones. Great for office or holiday.

Excellent travel companion, easy to use, make a mug of nice coffee. And, it does not take up much spaces in the luggage.

Great product – just wished it turned off when the coffee comes through.

Uk plug adaptor was included in the box.

This is lovely but not the easiest to use. But when we come home and want a quick espresso fix when our aga is not running you can plug this in and there you are. The difficulty is you can’t wash the bottom out for obvious reasons.

Great caffetttiera, makes good original, authentic espresso. The real way, from fresh ground coffee and not from instant powder/liquid mixes. It works very well on electric plug, no need for cooker hob and ideal to take with you travelling small and light, makes 2 splendid italian espresso cups (please note not to be mistaken with the large english tea mugs or cups).

  • Espresso rules! 🙂
  • easy to burn your hand on
  • Great backup

Bialetti Moka Elettrika 2 cup electric moka AC 110V/230V

Perfect solution for travels or offices. The only thing is that i order it from uk and it arrived with an italian plug and an us adaptor.

This is a great substitute for the stove-top version. Have used it quite a few times now and can’t find any real faults. If you’re looking for an alternative to a stove-top espresso maker buy this one.

Coffee almost at it’s best whilst on the go. Good bye rubbish/disgusting hotel mud-water served as ‘coffee’.

Easy, quick, and not too much.

Delivered on time, good value for money. If you travel often and you want a real coffee in your hotel room in little time…it is of perfect size for your suitcase, not heavy and heats up water 230v or 115v in no time. Well recommended for travellers, aircrew who enjoys a nice coffee start of their day.

It was what i wanted s o i cant really say much negative about it. It works, not very quickly unless you fill it with just boiled water, but it works. You need a mains adaptor plug or cut the italian plug off and fit a uk one. It get really hot, all over, easy to burn your hand on, doesn’t have a cut out so you cant leave it alone, you have to stay and manually turn it off when you think its done, but the coffee is nice, i knew all this before i brought it, its expensive for what it is, but hey its italian, so all this is over looked, happy days.

Great little coffee pot ,ideal for travel.

I’m in love with this product. Great coffee and fairly easy to maintain.

Not the best buy , made a mistake. Its come in a whole bit , no possibility of removing le top , not easy to clean or to fill. Just ok for a brand like bialetti , it could have been better.

Features and Spesification

  • The espresso maker on the go and at home
  • Moka 2 cup
  • The Moka Express – the classic electric version
  • ergonomic handle
  • AC 110V / 230V