BIMONK 2.2L Instant Hot Water Dispenser with Fast Boiling, Boil-Dry & Overheating Protection, Adjustable Thermostat, Ideal for Home Kitchen and Office of Making Coffee Tea – 2200W : Instant Hot water virtually in seconds – SAVE ££££ on electric

Ordered this as our breville one was on its way out and there’s nothing worse than not having a kettle in our house. Whilst i can see that it’s very modern and sleek and the adjustable temperature control is a nifty feature i do wish there was a control button for filling your cup. On our breville one you set it for say a normal mug and it stops auto matically whereas this one doesn’t but it is alot alot quicker. Can’t use large latte cups under it or travel mugs with the drip tray on as it won’t fit the cup underneath and we used to take our old drip tray away whereas this one keeps dripping for a good 3 minutes after removing the cup so on a whole i would probably not buy this specific brand again but it is easy ish to use. Ideal for just one or two people but not ideal for a big family or a busy family that tends to walk away from a boiling kettle. 10-12 seconds from button on to pout so that’s a mega bonus.

Takes a period of running in to lose the aftertaste from the new element. Saves on bills which is the main thing.

 i think the hot water dispenser is a very useful item and you could put in your room and it is quite quick as well and you could choose the water temperature 0 to 100 degrees perfect for coffee.

I am very pleased with my purchase of bimonk hot water dispenser.

Got it on time and well packed. I apsolutely in love with this hot water dispenserout of box, plug in mains and u good to goeasy as thatlovely black gloss finish, drip tray, heats up in seconds. Cant believe i was living without itwould definitely recommend this product. Value for money and so easy to use.

So far working perfectly,thank you.

I find that you need to heat your cups prior to making a cup of tea in it, but very happy with my cuppa. I think this will save money as with a kettle i used to switch it on and then got distracted and then had to reheat it. I have put a sticker on the side of the machine so that it is more visible for the minimum amount needed to be kept in the machine. I do use a water filter to filter my water before putting it into the machine so hopefully won’t get limed up too quickly. I have only just got this machine this week so can not comment on the cleaning of it yet. Very eashy to use and more than happy with it.

Just fill , set temperature 55-100, and press the button. When your cup is full press the button off and job done . Only the water you needed was heated and no waiting for a kettle to boil. Smart little unit that my large mug fits under easy.

  • Not quite as our old one but good nonetheless

  • Great for making babies bottles (and coffee)

  • Very convenient for making baby milk

BIMONK 2.2L Instant Hot Water Dispenser with Fast Boiling, Boil-Dry & Overheating Protection, Adjustable Thermostat, Ideal for Home Kitchen and Office of Making Coffee Tea – 2200W

BIMONK Professional Hot Water Dispenser The instant hot water dispenser works like a tradition kettle but much quicker, it heats up the amount of water you needed in seconds, saving electricity and time. The adjustable temperature control means you can select water temperature according to your preference. The manual stop function allows you to control the flow of water with ease. Refilling the dispenser is easy; you can top up the tank by simply flipping open the lid, or by removing the tank completely, to fill the tank from the tap. There is even a removable drip tray that will catch any spills and lifts off easily to be emptied. Features: – 2.2L large capacity, easy view water window – Adjustable water temperature( 45℃, 65℃,85℃,100℃) – Boil-dry and overheating protection – Water shortage light – Anti-splash water spout – Anti-slip base – Healthy material and BPA-free Specification: Power: 2200W Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated Voltage: AC 220-240V Capacity: 2.2L Power cord length: 4.92feet Dimensions: 10.6” x 6.7” x 12.2” Note: 1. The appliance has a reset thermostat, you can reset the thermostat by a reset key easily in case the appliance malfunctions. Resetting the thermostat will recover the heating function. 2. It is safe and normal to hear the sound of the units’ operation when the device is waterless, as the unit is equipped with boil-dry and overheating protection. 3. Wipe clean only for dispenser and hand wash only for the water tank. 4. Bimonk offers one year warranty for any defective unit. Please contact [email protected] when meeting any problem.

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Does the job but i needed one with adjustable dispenser.

Bought to replace a coopers dispenser water starts quicker in 6-7 secs(on hottest setting) one button to start/stop water, no fixed cup amounts which we prefer as we use different size mugs. One knob to twist to set temperature from zero(for room temperature water) then for 45, 65, 85, &100 with further marks between numbers but don’t know if they give different temperature as we only used 100. We find it gets hot enough for tea but if pour 2 cups one after another the second is a little hotter nice looking, easy to fill with water just lift lid & lift off, so far no complaints. Delivered next day even though chose free deliver 3-5 days.

It’s simple to use this hot water dispenser, turn one knob to heat temperature and press another to start and stop the hot water. Lovely neat size and stylish design. Easy to refill the tank , great to buy.

A very smart functional addition to our kitchen. No need to keep filling a kettle for drinks, instant boiling water at the press of a button, as little or as much as you need. You can control the temperature of the water as well,save water and electricity.

The water tub at the back is large so it holds a lot of water. Once the top power button is pressed i found the water is sucked into the boiler and heated instantly. Within five seconds i can make a hot cuppa.There is no horrible taste to the water either. The temperature of the water can be adjusted too. No more waiting for that first cup of tea in the morning.

Good product but would have liked it to have an auto stop on it but apart from that ok.

So i was originally disapointed with this product when it arrived first unable to heat any water but was able to email customer support who got back to me extremly quickly (1< work day) and sent out a replacement free of charge only requesting a video to confirm the issue. The replacement got to me within 1 week. The replacement unit works very well, making a cup of hot water within ~15 seconds and staying within ~10c of the temperature set. This product has the correct ce rohs markings and feels safe. Original review:came totally broken, does not heat water and light does not change colour. The reset operation doesn't fix it.

 really good product as you can set the temperature and stop/start the flow. Which is great for making our baby’s bottles. We had a few issues trying to get it going at first but we reset the machine and it works fab now. There’s still a plastic like taste ( only noticeable in tea) but we’ve only been using it a day.

  • Not quite as our old one but good nonetheless

  • Great for making babies bottles (and coffee)

  • Very convenient for making baby milk

BIMONK 2.2L Instant Hot Water Dispenser with Fast Boiling, Boil-Dry & Overheating Protection, Adjustable Thermostat, Ideal for Home Kitchen and Office of Making Coffee Tea – 2200W

 things to consider:it takes 24seconds to boil. So it uses electricity for the exact amount of water. Requires you to press on to start and stop (same button) to operate. There is no auto stopfirst cup goes to 84csecond cup right after goes to 91c that’s the highest it can go. This would work really well for those who drink green tea. Drip coffee and black tea needs 96c so this may not be suitable for everyone. It dribbles a bit right after so leave the cup there for an extra 8s.

Being partially i do have to stand and watch cup does not overfilldefinitely better than usual kettle.

 seriously press the button water instantly in seconds to your desired temperature. As described makes sense energy-saving , pays for itself then booing kettles with extra water for minutes. Plus its instant hot water for other needs at your fingertip. Just make sure your present to turn if off as the water flow is continuous. The large water thank can easily fill several cups.

This water dispenser is very good, it took a while to comment, and the picture is the same, small and exquisite, with the burning and drinking, a few seconds of heat, temperature and water output can be adjusted, how much to burn, no cycle, and power saving, really convenient, affordable, buy value.

Needs a lot of rinsing through best done on cold setting but once done it makes perfect hot drinks, so quick and easy to use , perfect for my disabled husband to help him be a bit more independent.

For making tea by the cup saves so much electricity.

I really like this water dispenser, it can heat it quickly, just filled the water than set the temperature you need, press the switch, about a few seconds the hot water will come out, and it is not repeated heating. It start heating when we need hot water , that means very healthy and economy, the water storage tank is can remove. When you need to add water, you only need to hold the water tank to add water. It is not necessary to move the whole machine. There is also anti-overheating function, so you don’t have to worry about burning out, it’s very safe.

 check out the video attached for our review on this item.

I like this hot water machine it is easy to use and value for money. Small size for home use you can place it on table and drinks hot water anytime. I used it for week and i thought it is fantastic.

Love this instant hot water dispenser which looks elegantly, works simply, boils fast, and with adjustable temperature makes it very convenient for making baby milk at anytime, not longer need to wait to heat up. Water dispensing speed is not relatively fast, which can be improved, otherwise well recommend this product.

Features and Spesification

  • Fast Heating: Due to the 2200W high power of this hot water dispenser, you can get hot water within seconds. The unit only boil the amount of water you need, which is energy-saving and very healthy. Note: the hot water will be heated at least 95℃ and will never reach up to 100℃
  • Adjustable Temperature: The instant hot water heater provides 4 temperature settings. You can choose the exact temperature you want to finish a cup of tea or coffee or something else. The space-saving design is ideal for home office kitchen use
  • Removable Water Tank & Drip Tray: 2.2 litre capacity is capable of making up to 8-10 cups of tea or coffee, which is enough for personal use at the whole day. And the detachable drip tray means there is no need to worry about spills or mess at your desk
  • Easy to Use: One-button operation: select the desired temperature and press the switch ON. The desired water will flow out continuously from water spout in seconds. To stop the flow of water, simply press the ON/OFF button again
  • Safety & One Year Warranty: The dispenser is equipped with the boil-dry and overheating protection. The unit also have a reset thermostat to recover the heating function from malfunction; if the unit is no power, stop working, no hot the water, you can reset the thermostat by a reset key easily