BioChef BCWA Atlas Whole Slow Juicer – Bio chef juicer,bought for a heathly birthday surprise

Well juicer arrived, easy unpackaging, all parts feel well made. Started juicing nice big deposit hole for fruit and veg, don’t really know about the flap system its a bit of a pain for leafy veg, slows you down but not a biggy i suppose, hopefully will get better with use , juice did seem very pulpy even with the fine sleeve on, i can see why a strainer is supplied with jug, i already own a hurom juicer and tbh it does not seem half as pulpy but haven’t used it in a while so will check when i get to use it again. All in all it seems like a good buy decent price so im really happy with it and would recomend it to anyone as it comes in a lot cheaper than the hurom.

Fantastic juicer and very fast delivery.

This is the most amazing juicer i’ve ever owned, it’s been a real pleasure to use. Super easy to assemble, no blockages with pulp as i’ve experienced with other slow juicers. Clean up and reassembly took less than 2 mins.

Excellent product well worth the money, does what it says on the tin,would definitely recommend this product.

Great product exactly what we were looking for. He knline reciews helped in chosing which brand and model to go for and very happy with our decision. Very dry pulp and an amazing amount of juice gained from fruits and veggies.

Best juicer we have had, so much juice is extracted with so little waste.

Mashine wokrs fine so far, but. Fertility juicing carrots cloud be better, 1kg results only 300-400 ml juice. The motor smells oel or electricity (?) during operation .

Seems real nice and juice tastes great. Not sure why they have the flippy top loader thingy, as to be frank, if it all ends up going the same way, why not just have one large entrance. Gets a bit noisy juicing greens and they are a bit tricky to load without spilling and hard to get into the juicing section. Easy enough to clean, but no more so than any other probably. But it’s a very well made device which will churn it way through anything – carrots, beets, etc. Overall i’m very satisfied and apart from the gripes above it’s going to get used with satisfaction for quite a while, i believe.

I am not new to slow juicing having used one for around 6 years now. I got this as a gift for my wife who uses it almost daily, she hated the older style models with the small chute so gave up, it was all too hard with the continuous chopping of vegetables and apples particularly, whenever we chopped them they just turned brown. It’s just as quiet as other machines i have used, there is no difference here. Anyway so far we have found it easy to clean and easy to use, the juice is great and stays fresh for a while (not that we leave it sitting for long) and i would certainly recommend it to anyoneone thing that does need improving is the amount of recipes in the book, but i guess there is more online so its no big deal. My favourite juice in the photo includes beetroot, apple, ginger and lime.

Several times a day, at least 2 times a week. I wouldn’t say its suitable for making litres and litres of juices i. E heavy duty mass producing amount of juice. The food item it fusses over, is celery. It’s the only one that is a pain to try and clean. My only annoyance is the size of the waste shoot. The amount of poking and prodding to get out packed waste is sometimes annoying.

I am lazy so the possibility to put the fruit and veg whole made me buy this juicer. I’ve tried many types of fruit and veg so far and i use the juicer twice a day since i bought it, so a bit more than 10 days. I had no problems at all, even with celery, although many people complained about it. I just cut it in smaller pieces and everything was fine. As some people wrote, the pulp outlet is small, but using the brush provided and, most of all, the power of water, it’s very easy to clean. All the parts of the juicer are very quick and easy to clean except the strainer. That takes more effort but still very reasonable, no more than 3-5 minutes. I usually take 3min to prepare fruit and veg, 5 min to juice, 5-7min to clean it. If i don’t have time to clean straight away i just leave the strainer in a bowl of water and i clean it later on. Even with the finer strainer the juice is quite pulpy bot still smooth to drink, like a shop bought pulp orange juice.

Took me ages to decide on the right juicer and i’m really pleased with my choice. As long as i cut the produce in to small enough pieces, it juices the fruit and vegetable excellently. You don’t have to be too pedantic about it but with fruit and vegetables like carrots, celery, cucumber and apples, i make sure i cut them up 10cm x 5cm so not to waste anything. The bits of the machine, like the masticator, blades etc are easy enough to dismantle and i wash them within 15-30 minutes of juicing so cleaning is easy. Here are the specifications for the BioChef BCWA Atlas Whole Slow Juicer:

  • LESS PREP, MORE JUICE – The BioChef Atlas Whole
    Juicer has a unique self-feeding mechanism that gently guides the produce down
    into the juicing chute towards the auger. Featuring an 8cm x 8cm wide mouth
    chute which removes the need for pressure to be applied Simply put the whole
    fruits & veggies into the chute & the juicer does the rest for you – no
    need to chop or peel before juicing
  • POWERFUL MOTOR + ALL ROUND DURABILITY – The strong 250w motor can juice
    hard & soft fruit & vegetables effortlessly, using pressure instead of
    heat to extract juice to retain the nutrients & enzymes Made from
    BPA-Free, damage resistant materials, each moving part has been tested to
    ensure its ability to make great tasting juices for years to come
    Includes 3 Tritan, BPA-Free strainers to choose from: The FINE and COARSE
    strainers allow you to create a juice consistency with a pulp level that is
    right for you. The SORBET strainer is a great way to make healthy fruit sorbets
    & smooth nut butters the whole family will enjoy
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY ON MOTOR – Purchase with peace of
    mind with Vitality 4 Life. Lifetime warranty on motor, 5 years on Parts
    honoured by Vitality 4 Life UK Service Centre 30 day money-back Guarantee
  • This product is built to British standards and is equipped with a British plug to fit all standard wall sockets

Got the machine after 3 days from uk to dk. Great machine and doing what its supposed to do.

Better than expectations this thing is a monster,chews it up spits it out brilliant.

I have actually bought two of these, one for myself and one as a gift. The great thing about the product is that it can take whole pieces of fruit. The bad thing is that is gets very lumpy so you need to put it through a sieve. You can use the sieve that come with the machine, but it clogs up in no time so you need to throw it out and run it through again – a timeconsuming piece of work. Unfortunately this makes me less inclined to advocate for this product.

Everything as expected, fast delivery and good quality.

Yes, stringy veg like celery means cleaning a bit fiddly but the quality of juice is amazing.

I had this juicer for couple of months now and it has been put to use almost every day. I have juiced combination of oranges and ginger, apples, grapes etc. It is a very robust juicer, very easy to clean.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Recommended for frequent juicing
  • The great thing about the product is that it can take
  • Good quality juicer

If the apples and the pears are not too big you can put inside whole only two think negative : it is better wash it after every use and. You will spend much more money in fruits.

The product is nice,although sometimes it gets stopped by fruit pulp and it has to be washed or that for fine juice it is necessary to be used the sieve. We use it in a bio store and actually our clients really like the juice so i am satisfied with the product.