Birthday Gift Guide: 12 Gifts Under £24

It’s my birthday coming up soon and I figured now is an appropriate time to do a Birthday Gift Guide for you all. We all like to save a little money where possible, so this Birthday Gift Guide is going to feature 12 Gifts under £24 – may seem like an odd price point to stick to (I mean, why not £25?), but that is because I am turning the boring ol’ age of 24 this year. So, I figured I’d give the number a little shout-out in some way or another! Without further ado, here are 12 Gifts under £24!


1 | Nutella | What human would not be happy receiving a tub (of any size for that matter) of the beautiful and wondrous creation that is, Nutella? Tubs with personalised labels are a great gift idea for any chocoholic! I got two recently, which were featured in my What I Got for Christmas post.

2 | Knit Kits | If you know someone who loves knitting or is perhaps looking to start a new craft hobby, Wool & The Gang are a new brand I’ve recently come across that I can’t recommend enough. You can buy Knit Kits for men and women which simply guide you through the process and provide everything you need to make a specific item.
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3 | Scratch Maps | Not a scratch card, but a scratch MAP. I have one of these and they are awesome! If you’re buying a gift for a jet-setter, or someone who perhaps has major travel plans, then these maps are the ideal gift. It’s a simple poster, but once you’ve visited a specific destination, you simply scratch it off on the map!
Find here.

4 | Novelty Mug | If you know a tea, coffee or hot chocolate drinker, then a good mug is essential. Novelty mugs however, are even better. I’m a mug fanatic – I get it from my Mum – and although I have your practical, ‘normal-sized’ mugs for guests, I also have my bigger and crazier ones just for me.
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5 | Clothes | Oh I know, how typical for men. Instead of opting for your standard crew-neck t-shirts that have no personality whatsoever for the man you’re buying for, Skate Hut have a whole variety of accessories, hoodies, shirts, sportswear and even an awesome sale on one of my favourite brands – Hype. I love their style of t-shirts and have a few as pyjama tops!
Find here.

6 | Personalised Whisky Glass | I’m yet to come across a guy I know who doesn’t like Whisky. If you’re the same, then a personalised glass just for them is probably a nice gesture. I mean, who doesn’t love drinking out of a glass that has their name on it?
Find here.

7 | Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree Kit | There’s something about Bonsai Trees that makes you want one. Am I the only one? Surely not…Anyway, you can get Grow Your Own kits for pretty much all sorts these days, but one of them being a Bonsai Tree.
Find here.

8 | Aftershave | It’s a given that not every man likes aftershave, just like not every woman likes perfume. However, for the men in your life that do like a little scented liquid, Fragrance Direct does the best deals on a whole selection of high-end favourites.
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9 | Latest in Beauty Box | Head on over to Latest in Beauty where you can choose a box of your size (3 options) and fill it with how many beauty products that size provides. There’s haircare, skincare and beauty items to choose from, making the beauty box tailored to the lucky recipient.
Find here.

10 | Mermaid Tail Blanket | I actually bought one of these for my twin sister for Christmas just gone and she’s obsessed. Unfortunately I had to tell her pre-Christmas as she mentioned she wanted one that bad that she was going to buy one for herself – hell no! But yes, anyone who loves their blankets and getting all snug, or anyone who wishes they were a mermaid, will love this too.
Find here.

11 | Nikki Stark Jewellery | I’ve been in love with Nikki Stark’s jewellery collections for the last 2 years and her Freya Necklace is my go-to everyday necklace when you just want something simple, yet beautiful. Her midi rings however I have bought on numerous occasions, as there’s a wide variety of style, colours and sizes, plus they’re all presented beautifully for gifts.
Find here.

12 | NYX Professional Soft Matte Lip Cream Sets | Every woman loves a good gift set, especially when it’s filled with some of the best beauty items going right now. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are highly pigmented lip products, that are now available in sets of 3!
Find here.


There we have it, my Birthday Gift Guide filled to the brim with 12 gifts under £24!



*collaborative post


*items may have been gifted to me for review purposes.

  • Honeypot Blogs

    Haha! I love that Nutella is first on the list, not gonna lie I would be happy to receive it as well! I also think the scratch map is a fab idea too! I really love the NYX lip products! Really fun post!xx

    • You’ve gotta love Nutella! The Scratch Map is so nice once framed. I bought a big A1 black wood frame for mine and it looks so pretty on the wall! As for NYX, my sister works at Boots, so I’m going to ask her to buy it with her discount haha!
      Kayleigh x

  • Great ideas! My 3 year old daughter has been asking me for one of those mermaid tail blankets. Where she learned about them? I have no idea, LOL

    Nicole | The Glam Surge // Enter My Giveaway!

    • Hahaha, awh bless her! I bought my sister one for Christmas and she’s obsessed! I would like one for myself, but I have 4 blankets in my flat already, so really doubt I need another to add to the collection!
      Kayleigh x

  • You had me at the bonsai tree.

  • Anne Caton

    Great ideas, particularly like the scratch map. I know 2 people who would love those, birthday presents solved. Thanks.