Black Diamond Films Ltd. Blaupunkt 112 DJ Edition Headphones – : a good buy

These headphones were bought to replace the sennheiser hd 419’s i had been using. The good:- the headphones seem to have a very good mids. Vocals are clear and precise without getting piercing- the build quality is phenomenal for the price (~£27-30)- the bass is tight and precise. Coming from the hd 419’s, i have noticed these headphones aren’t for those who love heavy dubstep or are generally looking for a classic, bassy signiture. – these headphones are really good for old rock (queen etc) and likewise jazz – in fact for these genres their control over the sound makes them really fun to listen to- i found the cord to be at fault for nearly all my headphones breaking. These headphones have a stronger cord, like the ones found on irons, except thinner. They can also be removed from the headphones. And if they do break, you can buy new 3. 5mm cables off ebay for ~£5- in fact the sound signiture seems to be very precise for most things. It deals with complex music especially well.

The headphones both sound and look amazing. The headset and the cord feel robust and durable. My only issue is the fact that amazon shows a picture of the case, being that it is not included and that may leed to some confusion if you don’t read the product description carefully. Overall great experience with the product and delivery( sold and shipped by amazon). Not wanting to repeat myself but really good looking cans.

I did not need another pair of headphones, as i own a pair of very good marley soul rebels, which i have reviewed on this site, and a pair of akg 450 on ear `phones which have improved a bit with use, but i don’t really like their bass centric delivery. I saw these on amazon for the crazy price of £26, and given the pedigree of the blaupunkt name (having owned a string of their in-car stereos) i had to buy them. The order took only 3 days to arrive from discount discs (good work guys), via royal mail. The `phones are quite large, less compact than the marley soul rebels, and of more heavy duty construction. They remind me of the old fashioned headphones that my dad used to have tethered to his hi-fi back in the 1970s. I have a small head and ears, and find they cover my ears completely, with the soft pleather around the earcups forming a seal against my head. The elongated shape of the earcups feels a bit odd, and some may find it difficult to get a comfortable fit or a soundproof seal. The build quality is outstanding, especially given the price. Normal retail price is around £90 and the build is certainly commensurate with that price range. They weigh just under 600g so they are in my opinion a bit too heavy and bulky for comfortable mobile use despite the “lightweight” construction that is claimed by blaupunkt.

I’ll be honest here, the first time i opened the box and slipped them on i was distinctly underwhelmed. They sounded very tinny, had way too much treble and the bass was nowhere to be seen. The soundstage however was very impressive, the box states that they are ‘live sound for your ears’ and thats a very appropriate description, they do indeed sound live. I ran them in overnight for 4-5 nights and the sound had distinctly changed. Bass said hello and the treble was tamed and the soundstage improved greatly. I estimate they have had 30+ hours breaking in now and there has been a massive change in the way they sound. The bass is rich, low and does not boom, you can follow every note that the bassist plays. The first album i played after they had broken in was chris cornell’s ‘songbook’ flac, a wonderful collection of acoustic tracks. It sounded phenomenal, very intimate, tightly controlled and chris’s voice sounding sublime. I closed my eyes and felt like i was the only person in the concert.

Had purchased these headphones for my daughter, to replace her broken headphones. Have listened to these blaupunkt headphones and was really impressed with its lively clear sound, and good sounding bass. The build quality (made in germany) is really great, all metal and will probably last long in view of this. An added bonus is that the cable (which is of good quality and not that easy to tangle) is detachable and is easily replaceable with a shorter or longer cable, if desired, and the connection to the headphone is a standard connection. Bear in mind that i have other headphones, both open and closed designs, the best of which (not necessarily in order of merit) are the latest philips fidelio x1, akg k550, audio technica ath ad700 and sony mdr v6 (all purchased from amazon), so i am in a position to perhaps judge the blaupunkt headphones. So in my humble opinion these blaupunkt headphones are really a steal at this amazon price, in view of their build quality and sound quality.

Comfortable, fit well though a little heavier than i am used to but the sound quality is great (crystal clear and well balanced form bass through to treble) a brilliant buy.

Happy but bit disappointed as it showed a cover in the picture did not know was not included until my sister came down and showed me how to check, did email the seller only to be informed that they don’t sell them and gave me a website address to check but to no avail.

I am using these cans in an office environment, so they tend to be used for periods upto and hour or so at most. Usage – connected to my laptop and listening to streamed services. The audio is a little bright on the high end and bass is a little light, so i have had to adjust the audio with the built in equalizer on my laptop. Overall these cans reproduce a reasonable sound quality, i suspect my laptop has a detrimental effect overall. The 40mm coil driver units work well. I have had these plugged in and working for 24×7 days in order to break them in, worthwhile doing as the reprodction has mellowed some, and i suspect this will get marginally better of the next week or so, or maybe i’m getting used to the reproduction?these are a tad heavier than my last cans – sony, which took a little getting used too. There is some sound leakage, but i and my colleagues can live with that. These cans are a bit grippy on the head – so are quite stable. The lead is about 2m in length which allows me to scoot about at my desk, and is covered in a woven cotton braid, which just adds to the whole retro look. Visually retro they have caused a bit of a stir in the office – mostly folks have liked the look, as do i.

  • Astounding. But break them in!
  • Some good phones for chilling at home on your laptop but.
  • Good value for money.

Blaupunkt 112 DJ Edition Headphones – Silver (discontinued by manufacturer)

Product Description, The new DJ 112 Silver Edition On-Ear headphones combine outstanding design with highqualitysound reproduction. Designed and engineered in Germany the DJ 112 contains 40 mm coil drivers which provide excellent body and improved clarity. The lightweight ventilated aluminum casing ensures absolute comfort for long period of wear. Enjoy a live sound experience with the new Blaupunkt DJ 112 Silver Edition.

Box Contains, On-Ear Headphones3.5mm aux Cable

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A bit too big and hard too adjust for my head size.

I am not a pro in headphones, but i am very satisfied with this set. Produces decent bass and general sound quality, durable, comfortable for long usage, oval shape fits over ears and look cool. This set is well worth its price, absolutely do not regret and recommend to anyone.

Fast delivery, brilliant sound quality, sturdy headphones that won’t snap the minute they’re put in a bag or dropped like some of the current alternatives.

Ordered these for my son for xmas. He had specific criteria for me to fill in getting these for him. Comfortable head bandsoft, good sized cups for covering the ears and not cutting inlong enough leadgood clarity of soundi reviewed many type and brands and these fitted all his requirements. I was pleasantly surprised with the price. Compared to some other brands these were a reasonable price. He tells me that they are very comfortable on the ear cups and headband and can wear them for hours on end without giving him a headache which his old ones did. They are snug but don’t grip his head like a vice. The lead is not stiff wire or coiled and can turn around in the jack point in the headphone cup therefore not getting all knotted and twisted up. . And of course he says that the sound is good with clarity and bass.

First of all, delivery was fast – 3 days i think, and the packaging and headphones were in perfect condition. Good points:1) the sound quality is absolutely amazing. It is clear, crisp, well-defined and brilliantly balanced. Honestly, i have listened to songs i know brilliantly and have heard so much more than before.On the packaging it says ‘crystal clear sound’ – this is true. I can hear every instrument individually and pick out what it is doing with great clarity. Nonetheless, the overall sound is not disjointed – it fits together beautifully. These are bass-driven low-frequency headphones. The bass is tight, crisp and controlled. On virtually every song i’ve listened to i can really hear every note that the bass guitar is playing. If you love pounding, deep bass these headphones probably aren’t for you. If you appreciate tight bass suited to the music, these are for you. 3) these blaupunkts are really comfortable.

For the money these are an excellent headset, the one reason they do not get 5 stars from me is as mentioned in another review is they can ‘pinch’ the ears after prolonged use, saying that though the overall build quality for the asking price is for me exceptional and better than i expected. I use primarily for gaming and find they are ideal, with a great sound quality enabling me to get the full benefit of directional sound when playing mmo’s very comfortable so long as (i found atleast) if you tuck your ear into the cup meaning the padding doesnt press onto the lobe or back of the ear. Very easy to adjust too, a great asset when gamingthey do leak noise, i found that when i went afk and had taken the headset off i could hear music from a distance, not ideal if you plan to use a headset near others that want a ;little peace and quiet. The ability to just unclip the headsets 3. 5mm jack though and walk around with them is a good & convenient feature allowing you to step away from the pc past the distance of the cable length with minimal fuss.

I think my headphones are excellent and good value for money, they cut out all noise so you can just listen to the music.

There are plenty of reviews for this product so i’l be brief. Amazing value, quality sound and they look great.

  • Astounding. But break them in!
  • Some good phones for chilling at home on your laptop but.
  • Good value for money.

Blaupunkt 112 DJ Edition Headphones – Silver (discontinued by manufacturer)

Looking at other reviews to the sound quality, it seems clear this is largely subjective, so little point in trying to review that – other than to say they sound fine to me. I wasn’t expecting the moon on a stick. There was little packaging and no case, but they arrived promptly without damage. Of note:- they’re very comfortable and easily adjusted;- the long lead is lovely with a strong textile sheath, which prevents it getting tied up in knots;- the lead disconnects at both ends, which prevents it tugging at the headphone end (this may have already prevented my clumsy self from injury when walking away from the stereo)- it’s very solid. Although lightweight, it really looks like i’ve attached two old-fashioned microphones to my head. If you think that’s a retro look you can live with, then these might be ideal. I thought they looked fun, but hadn’t really thought through the practicalities. . These are great indoors, but there’s no chance i’ll be seen outside or on the daily commute with them on (unless it’s a ‘bring your 1950s sci-fi headgear to work’ day). Yes, a bit silly to look at, but surprisingly functional.

Super sound,well made and a super price. Bought it after my partner let me have sky sports,so it`s great cause i watch the footie and swhe4 has her music. This is a delight as it`s well made and the bass sound is great.

I’ve owned these headphones now for 3 months, so thought they would be worthy of a review. 5 stars but you can’t do halves, but that would be my “star rating”pros: – the headphones sit amazingly comfortably on my head. The padding on the top of the headphone is just right. The faux leather headphone covers can mean your ears get quite warm with lengthy use, in the 3+ hour range. – the fact that the headphone jack is detatchable from the headset is great. It’s been caught a couple of times and has unplugged rather than being stuck or ripping the headphones from your head. – the sound was good after wearing them in for a bit. At the first listen, they were quite high end heavy, but after use this somewhat changes and you get a better range. The range of these headphones are also great.

They work, great sounds gtreat cant find anything wrong with them. I also bought a second pair for a christmas preasent.

I really love the style of these phones and as other reviewer have said the sound quality is definitely a more ‘live’ sound which i got quite accustomed to when watching movies with them, for music however i would definitely want some more depth and detail on the low end as bass is lacking somewhat which just makes the mids overcompensate and the highs too sharp. On top of that they are pretty tight fitting, not in an overly uncomfortably way but you’ll need to stretch them apart every once in a while (i do have a large head though), and because of the tightness they do make you sweat somewhat around the ear which is probably what led to my main issue which was the fact that the faux leather shiny pads just deteriorated very quickly, if they were a softer cloth like material they would let you breath and be way more comfy. The detachable cord was a major plus and a good length and quality. I will still stick with them for watching stuff through my laptop at home (as i’ve pulled of the flaky leather) as i quite enjoy the sound quality for that but for walking about town listening to tunes they are just not quite there, shame as they look sweet.

Now i can listen to my music whilst painting (oil) without the wife saying turn it down.

Search around for the best price. Amazon has the most competent price.

I listen to a great deal of music on my headphones, but have found it increasingly difficult to find a decent pair of full size headphones that aren’t too bassy. We all have different hearing and listening to music is a very personal experience, for this reason headphones need to suit individual hearing needs. Unfortunately it seems that headphones these days are all designed to enhance bass (presumably to enhance the limitations of smaller devices)i like to hear the mid to high end range sounds without a droning bass smothering everything. I believe a lot of the problem is the lack of open back or vented headphones around. Most headphones are now made closed back to avoid other people hearing what you are listening to and to boost the bass from smaller devices. Unfortunately the drawback of closed back headphones is that they force all of the sound into your ears which makes them more bassy. Open back headphones vent some of the sound outwards and away from the ears which reduces the bass and gives a clearer sound quality all round. The blaupunkt 112 dj edition headphones are fully vented and produce a fantastic all round sound clarity with just enough bass, and they are great looking too. 2 meter lead which is longer than most so no need for an extension lead.

The design of this headphones is unique you feel that you are wearing a djs headphones, however there is not a noise cancellation and you can hear everything especially if you are travelling on a daily basis with the public trasnportations.

Bought these for my eldest sons birthday. My youngest son was so impressed he insisted on a pair as well. Tremendous clear sound with mature bass, well constructed and very comfortable,.

Lovely headphones quite gentle on the bass but really crisp on the mid and treble so perfect for wonderful voices and actually wanting to hear the lyrics.

I’ve never been a fan of ear-plug type earphones and, after my kindle fire arrived, i decided to treat myself to a good set of genuine earphones. The would be used for listening to movies, to tv programs via iplayer and having kindle read me downloaded books. I didn’t, at the end of the day, buy them via amazon – which was a bit silly since i paid a few pounds more. But the quality (build and sound) is excellent and they work perfectly with the kindle. Kindle’s text-to-speech routine is very good – although it doesn’t quite get the pause at the end of a paragraph right. Which, out of interest, also happens when dragon naturallyspeaking home 12. 0 reads back a couple of paragraphs (dragon uses a completely different ‘voice’). An excellent investment for anyone with a kindle.

The best headphones ive ever had. Couldnt believe the price, its like hearing my music for the first time, theres so much there that i never heard through speakers.

Features and Spesification

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  • Cool silver / Metal gun Design
  • Frequency response: 18 – 22.000 Hz
  • Sound pressure level : 103 dB
  • Cord length: 2,2 m