How Your Blog Can Land You a Job (& Even Your Dream Job)

When I first started blogging, I had no intention of it becoming anything more than a hobby – something to simply kick back and relax with on the weekends and an hour or so throughout the week. Now I dedicate the majority of my free time to my little space on the internet, work with some amazing brands and even make a little money from it. When I first setup my blog, I was about to graduate with a First Class honours in Photography. Now, two and a half years on, I’ve worked my way up in the marketing industry as a self-starter, all thanks to my blog.

Why my blog? Well, I wouldn’t have a clue about half the stuff I know marketing-wise today if I hadn’t set up my blog in the first place! Obviously many things I have learned through the jobs alone, but I wouldn’t be in this position if I hadn’t set up my blog – as least I don’t think so anyway!

Today’s post is all about sharing with you how your blog can land you a job – not just in marketing, as that’s just my experience – but also land you your dream job. I’m going to talk through what I think it is that potential employers will admire about your blog, but then share with you my top tips on what to start including on your blog to help you land a job. Just before we get started, this is by no means me stating this is a guaranteed way of bagging you the job of a lifetime – no. I’m simply sharing with you something additional you can put on your CV to give you a little boost and put you above other candidates.How a Blog Can Land You a Job

What employers admire about your blog

Initiative | Unless you were asked specifically to set up your blog for whatever reason; work, school or something else, setting up a blog off your own backĀ  shows initiative and that’s one thing employers love. It shows you have the ability to think, plan and create something successful independently, which is an admirable skill many look for in an employee.

Additional Skills | Initiative is a great skill/trait to have, but a blog proves much more than that. It shows you know how to write, promote, research, be creative, use social media, engage with an audience, gain traffic and exposure, build ‘brand’ awareness and so much more. Therefore, don’t hold back from putting your blog URL onto your CV. Even if your blogging about beauty, but applying for a job in finance, it’s the foundation of the blog (get what I did there? Nevermind) that they’re interested in, not necessarily what you talk about.

Communication | Networking with bloggers alike and, if relevant to you, brands is a great way of showing off your communication skills. Better yet, you may have dabbled into a little PR work through your blog, which is an additional skill to boast too – outreach campaigns!

Organisation & Time Management | These two I’ve placed hand-in-hand because they work well together. If you’re like me and have a full-time job, but still manage to maintain a successful blog, work with brands, attend events and have a good social sharing schedule going on, it shows you know how to manage your time effectively (great for those pesky deadlines an employer will greet you with) and shows you’re highly organised – a great skill employers look for too.

Passionate | The last thing I believe employers admire about your blog, is that you’re passionate about what you do. You’ve created this little space on the internet for you, built it up to a successful blog (success doesn’t mean being paid or having a large social following, fyi) and you’ve stuck to it! Employers want to know you’re enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about what you do, plus it’s nice for them to know you have a hobby and a big interest in something outside of work, as it helps to show your personality too.

How to make your blog worthy of that job

So I’ve dabbled into several points about your blog that employers will admire and appreciate, but what exactly can you do about your blog to make it job-worthy?

Content |If the job you’re applying for requires strong knowledge of the industry from the get-go, a blog related to that industry would help massively. You’ll not only prove you have all the above skills, but you’ll also prove you know your stuff. If you’re existing blog isn’t relevant to the industry/sector you’re applying for however, you could perhaps work it in and produce a couple featured posts to refer to – this’ll show employers you’re diverse and you can also take any subject and produce quality content on it. Although I blog predominantly about beauty, I also have a growing blogging tips category, which is highly relevant to the industry I work in – digital marketing.

Post regularly | If you don’t have a schedule of any kind when it comes to posting on your blog, that’s fine – do you honey. But, if you’re advertising the fact you have a blog on your CV to potential employers, you may want to get a schedule going a couple weeks in advance. This is simply to show employers you can create a substantial amount of content on a regular basis, but that you can also stick to a schedule. If you’re in control of editorial content for your new potential job, this is going to be crucial for you, so get started now!

Show off you skills | Although I stated there’s certain things about having a blog that employers will admire, they can only admire it if they can see it. If you’ve stated on your CV you have strong knowledge of SEO, ensure all your title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags and content are up to scratch. Take a look at my simple SEO tips for your blog if you need/want a little guidance. If there’s anything on your CV at all that you believe could be showcased on your blog in one way or another – get as creative as you like, it’s your blog at the end of the day – do it!

Set up a Social Group | Perhaps a part of your new job is all about growing exposure, gaining traffic and building brand awareness, so why not set up a Facebook Group or a Google+ Community to kickstart your ability to do this? This is something you should be doing in advance and shouldn’t mention until it’s at a stage you believe is successful – if your group only has a member count of 10 and one of them is your Grandma and a couple others being your neighbours, employers aren’t going to be impressed. Take your time with this one. If Twitter is more your fortay, why not set up your own Twitter Chat and document the stats from one of your chats to show your engagement rates?

Language | For the love of god, do not swear. I get it, it’s your blog and you can write what you wish, but if you’re putting your blog into the eye of someone you want to employ you, be professional about it.

Host a Blogger Event | I’ve placed this one at the end as this is more for those who are perhaps going into the events industry; events marketing, event planning, entertainment and so on. What better way to showcase your ability to plan, curate, promote and pull-off a successful event than completely taking control of one yourself?


Has your blog ever helped you with getting a job?