My Blog Rebrand Story

I did a thing and I like it. In fact, I love it. Oh heck, I’m even proud of it! Today I have put my whole blog rebrand live; a task that has been in the making for the last year. For many, a blog rebrand doesn’t take that long, but the majority of that time was spent thinking of the perfect name for my blog, compiling a list of all the tasks that were essential to be completed thereafter and also working with the lovely Jemma at Dorkface to create my new graphics. But then again, for some it takes even longer.

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Why did I rebrand my blog?

Some of you may already know, but my previous blog name was Scampi & Chips. This was fine for some time, but two and a half years on I just felt it was time to move on from it. It had it’s pros: it was relatable to me as it’s my favourite meal, plus it was a little different to your other lifestyle blog names out there which is a pro point others pointed out to me too. However, the cons outweighed the pros in this instance: it made me sound like a food blogger, I didn’t believe I could be as creative with the name as I wanted to be, I was struggling with the design work behind it and it was simply getting on my nerves. So without further ado, say hello to the new blog name *drum roll please*

Coffee & Blogging

Yes, it may be fairly generic – there’s no creative play on words, it’s hardly revolutionary and it’s pretty simple, but that works for me. Coffee is my saviour and blogging is my passion, so hand-in-hand, I think they make quite the pair. AMIRIGHT?

Of course with anything big you do and anything that takes time, effort and a lot of hard work, there are always a few bumps along the road. Back in January 2016 I came up with my first blog name idea for the rebrand and loved it. I did my research to see if the domain was available and searched online to find no other blogs/websites or projects with a name remotely like it. Instead it was just the odd blog post here and there titled with something similar. So, it was good to go. But because I didn’t want to rush the decision to ensure I had the perfect name for me, I slept on it…for a while.

Then, a couple months on when I told my boyfriend that name idea, he loved it too and that’s where I got a little excited (‘little’ being an understatement). I set-up a new email, new social accounts and even had a design in mind for the new header. Then came the dreaded ‘one last search’. I did a quick search again just to be sure and there it sat, top position on the 1st page of every search engine – the blog I thought would be mine. It was a sad, sad day.

It’s not a case that the blog name had suddenly been taken, it’s just they never seemed to have ranked on any page in my previous search results and therefore I never knew they existed. It wouldn’t have been all bad if the site was completely irrelevant to what I feature here on my blog, but in fact, they were all about the blogging tips and providing useful resources to bloggers and posting the occasional lifestyle post. Life’s a b*tch, what can I say? But, I do truly believe everything happens for a reason.

I spent months on end thinking of a new name thereafter, with my boyfriend helping me decide what was good and what had to be binned – he deserves a mini chocolate medal for having to put up with all this. I figured this is where I’d give you a few examples of how my mind was working over the last year with a few of my name samples below:

1 | Blogging My Way Through Life
2 | A Blogger’s Tale
3 | The Not-so Glamorous Blogger
4 | A Blogger’s Dilemma
5 | Cupcakes & Daydreams

The thought of doing a blog rebrand was scary, more so when I was becoming more active with the process of buying a new domain once Coffee & Blogging was decided, getting new social pages, editing my existing ones and then even planning all the creatives behind the new name: header, buttons, favicon and social banners. Because that’s when it all becomes real.

I’d say one of the scariest parts about a blog rebrand is the fear of losing everything you’ve worked hard for, for so long – Scampi & Chips had been going for 2 and a half years before this rebrand went live. The likes of regular readers, traffic, followers and then even the likes of your DA (Domain Authority) which took me months to get it to where it was before my name change, are all a risk. Yes it’s taken a hit as I expected after the domain changeover, but is still mine and now redirects to – so hopefully I’ll see a positive change over the next couple months like others who have completed a blog rebrand have too.

However, the rebrand talk doesn’t stop there. I’m now producing an ultimate guide to rebranding your blog if you will. Although there are some very basic steps to follow which can be written up in an instance, there are also a few things I won’t know have benefitted me or not until I start seeing results. Therefore I want to ensure I’m giving you the best advice possible. So, it may be a while until you see this guide go live, but I promise you it’ll be this year. Watch this space!



Have you rebranded your blog in the past? Let me know your story!