Blogging Goals 2017

Happy New Year everyone! I know this is such a cliche statement, but I genuinely can’t believe we’re in 2017 now! In all fairness, 2016 didn’t go as fast as previous years for me, but it was still full of some amazing opportunities and experiences, so I’m grateful for that to say the least! Plus, despite entering the New Year with an awful cold, I figured I’d get back into blogging by kick-starting today with my first blog post of the year being My Blogging Goals 2017!

I’ve always had a few goals here and there that I set myself, but nothing that I’ve ever made public. So I figured making my goals live for you all to see, might give me the push I need to make a conscious effort to get the job done! Be sure to share your blogging goals below too! I’ll be coming back to this post to update it throughout the year; either with new goals or to cross off ones I’ve completed, along with a little update for you guys on how I did! Without further ado, here are my blogging goals 2017.Blogging Goals 2017

1 | Re-brand – I mentioned in my post about things I wish I knew before blogging that I was in the process of getting a new blog name (it explains it all in the post) and this year is the year I’m finally going to do a complete re-brand. The name is already ticked off the list and domain secured, but the new graphics are just in the pipeline, so all I can say is – watch this space.

2 | Improve my photography – brighter, more colourful and more creative photos. Flat-lay is not the be all or end all!

3 | Start building a bigger mailing list!

4 | Then start sending newsletters/emails out to you lovely lot!

5 | Do more Guest Posts on other blogs.

6 | Be more consistent/develop a theme on Instagram.

7 | Start a YouTube channel, once and for all – no more excuses!

8 | Attend more blogger events.

9 | Say ‘Yes!’ to at least one press event – even if it does mean splashing out to go to London!

10 | Participate in more Twitter Chats.

11 | Go back and improve old blog posts.


Well, I guess it’s a start!

  • These are really great goals and I hope you get to cross each one off your list this year! 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • That’s a pretty impressive goals list <3
    Wishing you all the supports to get you through the whole year with this spirit <3

  • Denise M

    Hope you are feeling better, it sucks being ill at this time of year as I was ill at Christmas time. These are really good goals and ones that you can achieve without too much stress, hope you manage to score them all off by the end of the year. My goals are to blog twice a week, I work full time and struggle to post more frequently, improve my photography as I got a new lens for Christmas and post on Instagram more.

    Denise | The Life of Dee

    • I’m feeling much better now, Denise! Thank you <3
      I love your goals! I used to blog 5 times a week with my full-time job just before Christmas, but I noticed all my content was just half-hearted as I didn't really have the time to make a real effort with it. So now I'm posting just once a week – so that's a great goal! What lens did you get?! I'm looking to get a new one soon!
      Kayleigh x