Bluedio F2 : Nice Quality – But no ANC

The best thing i can say about these is that i agree with all the other 5 star reviews . Excellent product and sound is amazing , absolutely would recommend them , delighted with them.

Love that i don’t have to dig out my phone, to adjust volume or skip a track. I don’t run but believe these would be annoying as my glasses when i did. I have had some much more costly equipment, these meet all my needs and being able to switch from noise cancellation has come in more useful than thought.

Absolutely brilliant headphones i love these they are sooo comfortable and they have a really nice sound to them i couldn’t be more pleased that i chose these they are amazing.

I’ve been looking for ages to buy a noise cancelling, wireless bluetooth set of bose headphones. Alas i can’t justify the price tag, so took a chance with these after reading the reviews. I can say that i am delighted with the purchase. They work flawlessly, sound great, the build quality is just that – quality.

Great, love these a lot and look fab as well. Was really pleased with sound quality but definitely recommend.

Well made and sound fantastic. Present for my wife for valentine’s.

I was in the market for a pair of stylish over ear noise cancelling headphones for international air travel and already owning another pair of bluedio r+ headphones (which are awesome), put these on the christmas list. Lovely build quality and functionality plus a neat travel case – perfect for air travel. Sound is very good but not as good as the r+ hence four stars not five. However, i wanted these to be my travel ‘phones so no problem. I tried these on a plane today and although when you activate the noise reduction circuit, it reduces the sound quality and the bass – the effect was fantastic. I waited until takeoff and turned on the anr function. The roar of the engines was reduced to a hiss. So good that i had to switch on and off to believe my ears.I then watched a movie and it was like sitting in a lounge with some distant traffic going past.

Ordered these headphones for when i travel which is pretty often so i needed them to be noise cancelling to drown out the engine drone on aircraft and also to be wireless via bluetooth so i could use them with any of the devices i have when travelling either being my phone, tablet or laptop. I am a big believer in that you get what you pay for and that’s the reason why i didn’t go for the cheapest headphones i could find on amazon but on the same hand i couldn’t justify the price of bose and the beats headphones are still too expensive and look stupid (at least on me) and are far too bass heavy so with all that in mind at this price point i was not expecting miracles but thought they should be pretty good given all the good reviews they have online. . I was wrong they are so much better than just pretty goodthe f2s come in a very attractive black box which inside you will find a very nice carry / travel case which i was delighted about given i am using these for travel and a instruction book. Inside the travel case is of course the headphones themselves and a smaller fabric zip case with the micro usb power cable and a headphone cable so the headphones can be used normally rather than via bluetooth. The headphones themselves look really good with the tan coloured head band and padded ear areas with the silver and white they really do look well. Not that i am complaining but the travel case and the headphones clearly take their design after the bose quietcomfort range which is no bad thing. Charging was easy and fast just plug the power cable into either a power or computer usb port and they were fully charged and ready to go in 90 minutes. Connecting them to my samsung galaxy s6 was also very easy just a case of pairing them up and once paired they stay paired. There is a volume rocker button on the right headphone so you can chose to either control the volume from the phone or the headphones themselves which is handy. I like quite a strange mix of music from being a die hard beatles fan to techno music on occasion and i sat down to test these with only a couple of tracks but ended up listening to the whole beatles one album and quite a few techno / house mixes on youtube and the headphones performed beautifully and the sound quality was really impressive and much better than i had been expecting with the varied instrumentals in the beatles tracks coming through well and plenty of bass power for the techno tracks so definitely a good all rounder regardless of what your musical tastes are.

  • Very Impressive, Well Designed and Perform Superbly
  • Attention Air Travellers – Just Buy Some!!
  • Decent I guess. Looks good in appearance, doesn’t sound that fantastic though

Bluedio F2 (Faith) Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear Business Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (White)

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Despite the mic not working properly with phonecalls from day 1, these headphones were amazing for the price; good noise cancellation, good sound quality and the battery lasted ages. However, about a month ago (bought in may) they started acting very weirly, with the light turning on but no actual connection or indications via voice happening, just a short echo. I’ve tried turning them off and on again, charging, restarting. So watch out cause durability wise they’re clearly not great.

I looked at all the the reviews on the bluedio f2 and thought go for it at £59. Don’t buy them for noise cancelling, as when turned on it takes away what these cans are about and that is sound. 1) the bass is so in tune with all kinds of music, punchy. Not bumming and really dynamic. 2) mids and lows are so defined. Listening to dark side of the moon by pink floyd was ausome. Dance music was fantastic too, i listen to all sorts:) my son has top see beats and add mits the f2’s are as good if not better. For the price buy for the sound quality on par with £350 headphones. Also bluetooth connection build quality amazing.

Continuously delayed dispatch from 1st seller, jsn global, so i cancelled. Reordered again from new hope uk and received it on time. Arrived with seal unattached and plastic film protectors wonky. There are marks on the box as well as the headphones themselves. Tried rubbing them off with soft cloth but would not come off. “active noise cancellation” is a joke. On or off doesn’t make a difference, but you do get the bonus of someone breathing down your ear when “anc” is on without music. Also, the headphones make a jarring sound when you turn/adjust them. I bought the headphones advertised as brand new not a returned item.

If i had the choice, i probably would not buy these again. This is the second time i’ve bought bluedio headphones (first time bluedio t2), and i’m disappointed again. It feels clunky on my head and also heavy, just like the first pair i bought. People have commented how comfortable this headphone is, but for me, it’s not comfortable, it just feels awkward and not something i would enjoy wearing for more than 1 hour, 2 hours tops. I was also told that these headphones wouldn’t feel heavy, and perhaps this is just my own personal experience, but these headphones feel heavy. So, not comfortable and not light either. At least it doesn’t clamp around your head, and i have a pretty big head. Although i’ve noticed when wearing this, the top of my head would hurt after a while and my neck would ache. My ears would also ache too, even though these are open ear headphones. Disregarding all of that though, i thought at least the sound quality would be decent, or at least better than the £15 headphones i bought from argos.

For the money you can’t complain, nice solid build quality, noise cancling works best at high volume, i’m comparing these to bose quite comfort i and for pretty much a tenth of the price you can’t go wrong.

The voice giving cues that it’s on or connected is really odd and annoying but other than that it’s nice. Good sound, good comfort, good value. ‘faith’ is written on the strap for some reason and that’s not mentioned anywhere. Usb-c is cool but maybe provide a usb-c to usb-c cable?.

Bought these after reading reviews on amazon and i’m glad i did. I was concerned about the latency on these,but i can report that it does not affect these headphones. Sound is great and noise cancelling seems to work but need to test them in a really noisy place to see just how good it works. All in all these are good headphones for the price and i would recommend them.

Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product. Not used on my travels yet but have high hopes.

  • Very Impressive, Well Designed and Perform Superbly
  • Attention Air Travellers – Just Buy Some!!
  • Decent I guess. Looks good in appearance, doesn’t sound that fantastic though

Bluedio F2 (Faith) Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear Business Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (White)

Nice build quality great sound i have bose qc 35 and beoplay h4 and h7these are superb value for money noise cancelling is crap though but still give them 5 stars.

Good bass but not too much that it is annoying. They can be worn for hours with no discomfort. Fantastic bass, mid and highs. I tried bose ae2’s (£199) and thought they weren’t as good as these for sound. The noise cancellation on these is rubbish though but they surround the ear so well and when turned up provide enough for most surroundings to not hear outside noise. Very, very happy with these. Lent to a colleague for an evening and he purchased that night.

Got them for christmas present. Great sound quality and they look really good.

Very happy with the quality of sound, also the earphones are easy to pair up and have a good looking design.

These headphones are just beautiful. Well made,really soft leather and top of the range. And obviously,very good sound either by bluetooth or cable. Beautifully designed and boxed. If you can complain about these headphones you really shouldn’t. And good service from tencloud.

Brilliant quality, and i’m most impressed with the packaging too. Love them, will get my boyfriend a pair too.

Very comfortable phones to wear with a soft well padded headband, they feel and look well made but only time will tell about their longevity, i’m very satisfied with the sound quality whether wired or with bluetooth connection, they connect easily with my phone and tv with a respectable range. The only dislike i have is with the anc feature which only seems cut out most of the bass but anc is not that important to me anyway as the ear cups block out most of the background noise, overall i’m very happy with the product and would definitely consider bluedio products in the future.

The presentation and build quality on these headphones are good. On opening to box, i noticed ‘faith’ written in xl metal letters across the top of the headband. They are not clear in the main product description – after some further review digging after i received the item i found 1 or 2 that mention it but it’s a considerable design feature to leave out of the product photos. They arevery big – but i do not have a big head so perhaps they might be ok on someone else, but they are larger than most other headphones i have tried. However they are very comfy, with the cups easily covering my whole ear without squishing them. I did not have the same isse with the angle of the headband sitting too far forward that some others have – they ear cup angle was perfect. However: the main reason i purchases these headphones was for the wireless bluetooth connectivity and noise cancelling. They easily connected via bluetooth, after following the instructions. But the noise cancelling function was just not there.

Goodi have to say, for the price these headphones are really good. They are comfortable on long journeys and have a decent sound quality. I have used products from this manufacturer for a good few years and found them to be reliable and value for money. Let’s get one thing straight, bose or sony they are not in terms of quality, but then they are not trying to be either. The sound cancelling feature tends to make the sound quality suffer, but is in most situations effective.

I have a pair of bose qc 25, which are excellent, these headphones come a very close second and are 1/3 the price and are more versatile being rechargeable and bluetooth. They are very comfortable and the noise reduction works well on aircraft. I have bought two pairs for the family, i wish i had seen these first :-).

You have to take into consideration the price of these headphones. Fantastic value for money amazing sound not too bass heavy but there is enough bass. For the money the are a steal and should be over £100 that’s my honest opinion. I done a lot of research as i always do when i buy products and i couldnt be happier. The only thing i don’t like about them is the faith writing on the headband. I used a hairdryer and tweezers to remove it.

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