Bluedio T3 (Turbine 3rd) Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones (Red) : Superb

I have had these for 2 months now. I use them for the gym everyday. It connected to my samsung note 3 immediately without trouble and continues to do so. I can foward and rewind music and control the volume. I can’t comment on the call answer function as i rarely use it. I love the bass on the headphones as it helps me push through my 7k run which is a killer on the treadmill. As it sits over the ear, it cuts outside noise pretty well and is mostly comfortable. I won’t lie, it is big and clunky and people must wonder why i wear such massive headphones to the gym but the sound is amazing and i am in my own bubble. It also sends a clear message that i don’t want to be bothered or waste time chatting at the gym. I do take it off when i use the bench press as i don’t want to fiddle with it when i lie down as it tends to slip.

As usual, bluedio deliver a quality product at an incredible price. Again, the packaging is superb and makes the headphones look far more expensive than they are. The headphones themselves look very cool. However, this is all cosmetic, the real beauty of bluedio headphones is the sound quality. Here they surpass most established brands and at a fraction of the price. The bluetooth connection never fails and the battery life is superb.

Superb product got these for the gym after much research. The music quality is spot on. I’m a bit of an audiophile and more than happy with the quality. Use them as corded they’d easily pass for £100+ pair. The battery life is huge,bluetooth pairing is simple and easy. Sometimes say not connected but my phone shows they are not a biggie though. Too good for gym use so have to get something else.

Using them for some months now. Bought it in red- really stands out. Sound quality is lovely- makes such a difference. As others have mentioned, it is a bit heavy, and can feel tight around the ears: if i make it any looser, the phone slides off my head. But this is a small price to pay, both literally and metaphorically speaking, as i bought it in a lightning sale for £25.

Can’t get the bluetooth to work, however, when plugged into laptop manually sound quality is good, deep bass. Will rate 3 stars for now, if i can get bluetooth to work will add more stars.

They work fine, the sound is very good and ear pads are very soft and keep background noise out, but they can be a bit heavy and tight,as they have a strong pull on to the ears, still they are very good for the price.

Beats pack up, the bass killer is here. A heavy ish solid feel, nice soft leather ear cover. Proper external sound canceling, allowing for the music and sounds to feel through to you ears. Better sound cancelation and way more balanced bass than the t2, keeps sound within ear effectively, so that people around don’t get disturbed.

  • So far so good. love the bass!
  • Decent bass
  • Better than Sony’s!

Bluedio T3 (Turbine 3rd) Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones (Red)



Bluedio is a pioneer in wireless audio with more than a decade of experience in pursuit of excellence. Bluedio has driven the development of innovative electro-acoustic technologies like PPS 8 and PPS 12 (Physical Positioning surround sound effect), and in applying them in their world class audio products. With a focus on quality audio products, Bluedio has been expanding and diversifying to more than 150 countries, with a rapidly growing portfolio of more than 30 patents in acoustics.

Bluedio T3

Combining innovative folding design and impressive sound quality, Bluedio T3 is the perfect companion for music lovers indoors and outdoors. The clever Slide-to-Fit mechanism ensures that these headphones sit comfortably and securely, and the precision high-output (57mm) drivers and titanizing diaphragms provide powerful bass, dynamic sound reproduction.





Extra Bass

Outfitted with 57mm drivers, which utilize specially designed titanizing diaphragm to improve transient response and minimize sound distortion, the headphone delivers dynamic sound and powerful extra bass without compromising mids and highs.

3D Sound

A wider soundstage makes you feel like you are in middle of a concert. You will feel the music flowing towards you from all the directions , and that is what the 3D Sound is engineered for movies and multi channel audio, this difference is significant.

Clearer Calls

You can make and receive calls with the analog noise resistant silicone microphone on Bluedio T3 headphones. The microphone features a sensitivity of -42dB and high Signal to Noise Ratio, which means people on the other end can hear your voice with clarity.


Improved Build Quality

With an Alloy frame, T3 is strong and rugged while looking astonishingly beautiful. It resists scratches and dents, so you can take it for outdoor adventures with little worry. Bluedio T3 is a signature product built with premium alloy and polymer to last for a long time.


Collapsible Design

Collapsible headset design ensures you can carry it in folded form on your flights, in the provided carry bag.


More Convenient

Convenient Volume up and down on the side can provide multi functionality as track selection buttons when you long-press the buttons. The design is ergonomic and you can skip songs or control volume without ever looking at the control pad on the headphones.

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Bought it as a gift for my wife and she loves it. The wireless system is a big bonus as she doesn’t need to plug it in and can move in another room if she needs to. The sound is very clear with a good amount of bass but not overpowering.

First time i used with a video on my ipad i had to check that the sound was actually in the headphones (and yes, i know that is a bit weird). The cups surround ear very nicely and suppress most external noise. No idea what audio codec is used to ipad/iphone but there seems to be little lip sync problems and as you can guess from my early confusion very good sound. The only thing i find a little hard to use is the usb socket for charging, as the surround rocks – so it can be a little fiddly to plug in the cable. Support for bluedio is also very good.

The item is good, clear sound, good volume. They lose a lot of sound and pwople can hear the music exrernally at a medium level. Also pairing with more than one device is impossible. Still havent figured it out as it doesnt register.

Got this as a present for my mum, she found it easy to use and loved the red colour. Bluetooth worked fine but she mostly uses the wired connection. Packaging really impressed her considering the price it looked like it cost twice the amount atleast, packaging might be a small detail but it is the first impression the item gives. Overall extremely pleased with these headphones and hope to be using them for a very long time.

Brilliant build quality and nice bass sound. It took me a little while to work out how to sync them to my iphone but once i had i fell in love. I got these in a black friday deal and considering what i paid i’m very happy.

I’ve had these headphones almost 13 months and already the battery isn’t holding charge. Takes 2 hours to fully charge (light turns blue on the headset) but then a voice starts repeating ‘please be charging, please be charging’ after 10/15 minutes of listening.

This headphones are great, it folds and the sound is great. There is only one negative point, it’s a bit too heavy. The color red is so bright it looks very nice when i use it.

This bluedio red headphones was smashing delicious because the sound was crystal clear when my headphones played ocean base and the bluetooth feature works fine for my samsung galaxy tab 4 and i giving amazon 10 out of 10 because it haven’t got any complaints now with my headphones and i am a dj now because i am dj phil sayer because dj phil sayer is in the house because i want to dance with my headphones.

  • So far so good. love the bass!
  • Decent bass
  • Better than Sony’s!

Bluedio T3 (Turbine 3rd) Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones (Red)

Very pleased with these headphones. The sound is amazing and they seem to be very well made, as well as being comfortable whist wearing. Four stars given instead of five as the voice indicator. Is a little jarring when turning on, off etc. Otherwise a perfect pair of headphones.

I use these for tablet/netflix viewing etc and the sound quality is excellent, as is the noise reduction – decent bass and my family can’t hear unless at the max vol, and i can’t hear what they are watching on tv 🙂 a little clunky when getting them out/setting up etc, as per a previous reviewer, but i really don’t see this as a fault – they are a little heavy too, but cushioning on head-phone bar means not really noticeable when wearing, certainly for an hour or so’s use – can really only be worn with the “bar” on top of the head though – lose noise cancelling/snug fit if dropping the “bar” to behind the head or in front – all in all though i love these head-phones.

I bought these on a lightening deal and wasn’t expecting much. Man was i surprised these things are brilliant especially if like me you have a habit of breaking wires. So i’ll start with the box it came in, i wasn’t expecting much, a plain box with the logo and that’s about it, the box it actually came in was pretty high quality, thick black box with a magnetic “door” a protective sleeve to keep the box looking nice, inside was a velvet over plastic finish to hold the headphones in place. The headphones them self are made with high quality materials, the leather is tough and handles my everyday use well, there are buttons on one side with volume and skip buttons plus the on/off button which also controls siri on my iphone. The one issue that i’ve found is when i am wearing these and talkingon the phone the microphone isn’t clear and friends have told me i sound like i’m miles away. They keep a good charge and i use them for at least 3 hours every day and charge them once a week but they’ve never actually dropped below half charge in that time. They fold so that they are easily stored and can fit in my tiny handbag. These are quite heavy and i’ve found that they can hurt my jaw after a good few hours of use, this could be due to me using them incorrectly however. The sound itself that comes from these is amazing, it’s clear and loud, i like loud music but even i ant handle these up full. These headphones also come with a velvet pouch to keep them in, a flat charging wire as well as a headphone wire to use.

For music is good but for talking is absloutly bad.

Don’t expect anything special for the price. The controls are easy to use but the longevity is questionable.

By black ubermanedit reviewdelete reviewthis review is from: bluedio t3 (turbine 3rd) wireless bluetooth 4. 1 stereo headphones (black) (electronics)i have a set of these headphones and i have to say i was gobsmacked at the build quality. I had an early pair of turbines and all i can say is this set is light-years away from them. The entire frame and structure are put together exceptionally well and you can feel it the moment you take it out of its well crafted box. The packaging is so good i’ve kept it. I have a few different bluedio devices and have kept all the boxes. . It would be a shame to get rid of them. The sound of the new t3 is pretty amazing. . I listened to it for quite some time. . There’s lots of mid range (and i realise not everybody is a bass head like me). . My son played me some of his music and i was amazed at the clarity and balance. And gives a good representation of the original sound. Plus it won’t break your budget.

Work fine after a month, slightly quiet compared to others, microphone quality is terrible.

The bluetooth works well and the audio sounds good enough. Showing the headphone battery level on my android phone is a nice touch. However i have a big head and whilst the band is adjustable it feels tight. After a few hours it feels like someone has turned the screw on a nutcracker and my head is the nutalso the chrome finish is a bit too bling for my taste. The batteries last well and it sensibly switches itself off. If i could wear it longer and it was lighter i’d give it 5 stars. I think the headphone has too much metal in it.

these headphones are great for use as the headphones are high quality and the audio quality is great. Included is:the t3 headphonesmicro usb cableaudio cablethe headphones are high quality and made from artificial leather and zinc alloy. The metal and artificial leather construction gives them a premium feel and a professional look. The earcups and headband are covered with soft foam which makes them much comfier to wear on your head for longer periods of time as they sit comfortably on your head. The inner of the headphones also has a soft foam covering which allows them to sit comfortably no matter what sized ears you have. It protects them from the plastic inside. The earcups are attatched to the headband with metal extendable bars. This allows them to fit different people with different sized heads comfortably and easily. They are quite loose and easy to adjust but they don’t move when on your head. ]

I bought a black pair for my son & we have all fallen in love with them. So buying more nowthe sound quality is amazingthey are extremely comfortablethe battery life is hugethe look greatthere isn’t much we can say that is bad about then. The only issue we had was after testing how far away he could go from his mobile & coming back to it, the headphones kept pausing. A phone and headphones restart fixed this.

Connects well with bluetooth and with cable supplied. Bought second for my wife and my daughter bought two after listening to them.

These look good compared to my original bluedio pair, the sound is also very good. The headphones do feel slightly heavy and they do rattle slightly. The folding of them is handy but they should have made them less wobbly. For the price they are an amazing pair of headphones.

I absolutely love this product. For the price you are getting one of the best headphones i’ve personally ever owned, the bass is great, and all round clear audio. The into-face is good, the only thing that i hate it that when its out/low of battery its says ‘please charging’ rather than ‘please charge’, but that’s me just being picky. The range of the bluetooth is good, the audio jack and charger are both of very good quality, like the headphones and the packaging is as good as the high-end headphones , and the fact that its sticks to the colour scheme puts my ocd to rest. I cant find any faults with these great headphones.

Sounds are fantastic with deep base and crystal clear. However takes a couple of goes to connect each time you use them. Have to say the sound quality is worth the wait.

(note: this product was supplied foc for an impartial review)i can summarise my feelings for these headphones in the following 3 concise points. Great sound and really strong bass for a pair of wireless bt headphones2. Interesting tech – the pairing system and the ‘power on’/’power off’ voices when the headphones are switched on and off are lovely touches and the battery indicator which shows up on the iphone to show the charge left in the headphones is a great touch, showing how far bt has come. Holy goodness the sound on these is immense. I had never heard of bluedio before acquiring these headphones. Having done so and given these things a thorough test, i can say they’re a real power player in the bt market if all their products are like this. Starting with the basics, the body of these headphones is really tough. It’s a light, easy-folding affair which has so far withstood a severe stress test (yes, i flung them around the room a few times) with no notable damage. The chassis folds down to a decent size for storage and is a far cry from traditional full size hi-fi headphones which needed a drawer just to house the darn things. So physically they’re reassuringly solid and also a very good fit with great external noise cancellation. I have quite a large head and found them very comfortable. Enough about the body, onto the connectivity. As a man of limited resources, i have until recently been using an xbox bt headset to listen to music.

Absolutely superb headphones at an amazingly low price. You truly have to listen to the sound quality to believe. 2nd set of bludio headphones i have had and i will not buy anything but bluedio in the future. Out of the box, it is apparent that the build quality of the t3 is a step up again from the already superb t2. More substance to these and felt solid & perfect for what i need, also folding up nicely to fit in my gym bag without fear of breaking. Bonuscustomer service is second to none and they could not be more helpful. I am so glad to of ‘stumbled’ across bluedio and would recommend to anyone. I would be confident to pit these against any of the more well known brands out there that are at least double the price. Superb producti am in no way affiliated with bluedio and these views are mine alone. Buy them – you will not be disappointed.

Cannot get them to pair with my so called smart panasonic tv.

Not a great design, seems a bit metal and clunky. Didn’t get chance to test out as box was opened, damaged & dirty so sent back. Amazon were excellent though and refunded straight away.

Features and Spesification

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  • 1. Zn alloy body to ensure quality and texture T3 is beautifully crafted with excellent Zn alloy material which features high performance. The exquisitely built Zn alloy frame and body ensures it sturdy enough to be unbreakable and durable.
  • 2. 57mm titanizing diaphragm for quick response T3 adopts the all titanizing 57mm diaphragm to enhance the resolution, lower the THD(Total Harmonic Distortion) and make the sound more dynamic, swift and fierce, which ensures you hear even the slightest details and enjoy every wonderful moment.
  • 3. Totally new 3D sound effect T3 is the first headphones of Turbine Series to adopt 3D sound effect, which means you will have a totally lively and stirring experience. Simply turn on the 3D sound to immerse yourself in the stereo surround sound effect and to let your ears enjoy the stirring rock concert.
  • 4. Memory foam earmuffs to ensure long-wearing comfort The ear cups of T3 are padded with memory foam which is rich in protein. It is very soft and ventilated. All we want to do is to bring you comfort, to protect your ears and give you a new feeling of wearing.
  • 5. Line-in and line-out playback T3 supports input with the 3.5mm audio cable; you can still enjoy your favorite music even if the battery runs out. It can also connect to other headphones so that you can share your favorite music with your friends.