Bluedio T6 Bluetooth Over Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones : Amazing headphones for the price!

I purchased these a few weeks ago and i have to say these are brilliant. My ultimate headphones would be bose but as i’m on a budget i wanted something that would deliver on sound quality as well as price and these t3 headphones certainly live up to that. I love the bluetooth function on these headphones. . No more wires getting in my way i carry the aux cable incase my battery dies. Anyone looking for cheap but good quality headphones i would 100% recommend these bluedio headphones.

Those headphones are nice, they pair easily with my phone, i have more of a problem with pairing them to my laptop but it is probably due to the settings in laptop itself. The biggest dissapointment is that sometimes they seem to be more like speakers than headphones. They do not at all quarantee that people around you will not hear what you are listetning to which is rather annoying. The light after turning it on is strong and flashes unnecessarly. Some people may find it disturbing. The last thing is that the picture shows it has a shiny metalic look. It is nothing more that most ordinary plastic but as bluetooth headphones they work ok.

This is better than beats headphones and at this amazing price with newer technologyb. On the other hand, because with such a low price, obviously something has to be cheep and it is the material quality. If bluedio can take the money they make and create less products but with better strength and quality material they will surely be a new best thing for 2015 and so on fitting in every category and all music lovers out there. Especially dj’s music creators because you can hear the real crisp sounds like you would hear out a bose speaker system.

I was offered these as a replacement for the t2 version that i had that developed an issue several months after first getting them. Whilst they are only slightly more expensive than the t2’s (£10) the quality difference is massive. These are far superior in both sound and build quality. The headphones are quite heavy and feel substantial and for the price, i really don’t think they can be beaten. The bluetooth pairing was simple and straightforward, the battery life is excellent and they can also be used with a cable (provided) to connect them to a standard 3. They have an audio cue when turning on and off, as well as when connected. The only thing that i would say is missing is something to indicate the remaining battery life, but that is a minor issue as the battery life is extremely good. Also, bluedio’s customer service was excellent and they replied quickly and resolved the issue i had with the t2 version, replacing them with these, without argument or delay.

These are fantastic for the price. I bought them for my vr (vive) setup because they had good reviews and the audio cable can be removed in favour of a nice short one. They sound excellent and the bass is really nice. Normally i use them wired but i’ve used them wirelessly to listen to both music and an audio book. Wired mode works perfectly, but in wireless mode there is a pretty noticeable hiss during quite moments of audio. This is most noticeable during audio books or slow paced music, but for most music i don’t notice it except between tracks. Either way they are superb for the price and i would highly recommend them if you are on a budget.

Bought these as a replacement for a pair of more expensive philips ones i had stolen. These are much better than my stolen pair with the addition of being able to connect directly with the supplied male to male audio cable. The sound quality is excellent and you definitely hear the bass when it kicks in. I found they are a lot louder than the my old pair and so have the audio level turned down a bit more. Battery wise, i regularly get ~20+ hours out of them. Despite the size they are not too heavy and are very comfortable on the ears. Overall a very good purchase.

These headphones are fantastic. Absolutely gorgeous sound quality has had me spending days with my music collection. Great dynamics and range for classical music and driving bass for good old rock and roll without losing the clarity of the high tones. Heavy (due to solid construction) but very comfortable. The bluetooth connection is solid as a rock. I bought myself a pair in a flash sale for £25 and had to buy another at £29 for my partner (who wouldn’t give me mine back). The quality of these is such that i would have expected to spend a minimum of £50-£60 for them.

These are a great pair of budget headphones with a premium feel, nothing about these feels cheap. In the box you get the headphones, a little bag to put the headphones in, an auxiliary wire just incase you don’t want to use bluetooth, and you get a charging cable but if you have an android phone you can just use your phone charger for these. The design of the headphones looks great, i like the fact that the buttons blend in with the design and the ear cups are really comfortable, however the metal parts aren’t black like they look in the pictures, they are actually chrome (i prefer this but i thought you should just know before you buy). Also if you’re going to be using these for long periods of time, as comfortable as they are they do start to hurt my ears after some use (this is most probably because i leave more room than i should above my head because i have soft hair that is flattened easily so if this isn’t an issue for you then i wouldn’t worry about it). Pairing your device to the headphones is quick and easy and you get a voice telling you when its searching for devices and when its finally connected, it takes no time at all to connect your device to these. The overall sound quality is great and the bass is perfect (there isn’t too much nor too little). You can’t hear anything else when you have these on which is just what i wanted, i don’t really know if people around you are able to hear your music but i haven’t gotten any weird looks when listening to music in public so i think its safe to say they can’t hear. The battery lasts a fairly long before needing to charge and when you do need to charge it will tell you through the headphones and the blue led light will turn red, i usually go around 2-3 days of use before needing to charge and it also doesn’t take too long to charge these. The led is also not too noticeable in a dark room if thats something you were wondering about. The only issue i’ve noticed with these is sometimes when i use them on my laptop with bluetooth the audio cuts out and it can get frustrating if i’m trying to watch something or listen to music without disturbing anybody, i’ve never had this issue on my phone.

  • Value for money.
  • Great but there are flaws.
  • Wow!! Outstanding Performance & Value for Money

Bluedio T6 Bluetooth Over Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones with Microphone Headphones Nero_T6

T6 Turbine has made its debut. Deep noise cancellation by adopting surrounded 4 microphones (microphone), T6 allow you to reduce more external noise. Meanwhile, it adopts the classic fully plated titanium drive with the diameter of 57mm, the bass performance is shocked and stable. In addition, music and talk as well as standby increases because it reduces power consumption from a new generation of chips for optimization and overall setup.

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For those of you who are quickly browsing through reviews, this product is amazing. For those of you who are thoroughly reading the reviews, the product has so many pros and only 1 con i can think of. In terms of pros, the main one is the sound itself. The sound coming from this beast is absolutely phenomenal. It can go extremely loud, to the point where they sound like a pair of speakers rather than headphones, and the bass is out of this world. As a test i had these playing skrillex’s scary monsters and nice sprites at full volume and the bass had the headphones practically kicking my head. Even when playing at normal, non-deafening, volumes, the bass comes through very well and still handles the treble brilliantly too. The bluetooth is easy to use and quick to pair and lasts very long. The only pro and con (at the same time) i can think of is the build quality. This is because this is generally made from a type of metal which is perfect.

This story has a brilliant start and end, but a slightly unfortunate middle. Firstly the sound quality and ease of use of the headphones is great, and i enjoyed using them constantly for 5 months. They are absolutely great value for money and i would recommend them to anyone. However after 5 months the bluetooth stopped working consistently on my pair, only pairing for 5-10 minutes before dropping out. I’ve looked at the reviews and this doesn’t appear to be a common problem. I talked to bluedio about this and they had no hesitation in offering a replacement or refund and have been brilliant in dealing with my issue.

I’ve bought the t2 before which factored in my decision to buy this because the t2 was an amazing product, especially for its price. First with the flaws of this model, primarily design; when wearing it you kind of look like the cybermen from dr who. More concerning is that it causes extra pressure on your ears making it difficult to wear for long periods of time. Such as the tension on the connecting band that’s causing this. Also, it is considerably heavier than the t2. Therefore, it’s not really a headphone that will be kind to you when you’re not stationary e. A nice walk on a beach or whatever. The drums can also rattle somewhat because it’s made loose to be ‘adaptable’. Though, am not sure if this design feature really makes a difference.

I have recommended these headphones and the bluedio company themselves to all of my friends, as these headphones are superbly comfy, and the sound quality is amazing, no matter what music you listen to it with. The way you can adjust the headband is also great, as it makes the heaphones fit nice and snug on your head without making it uncomfortable. Bluedio themselves were also courteous and very helpful, as well as very fast in getting back to me about the question i asked. I have had one of their headphones before, which was the t2s, and whilst they were also great, this is a huge step up for the quality of headphone, well worth the money.

First things first, the bass on these headphones are on another level. Unparalleled punch i would say even compared to bose, sonos, sennheiser and other brands. Build:incredibly good build with metal frame and high quality padding. The size is easily adjustable to a good range. 5mm cable is also of top notch quality and a very good length which i believe is 1. Sound:as i said before the bass is unreally good and the level it goes to before distorting is really impressive. Mids and highs are also very good but cannot be compared to bose quietcomfort quality. I personally feel that in certain tracks the bass can overpower so that it is slightly difficult to hear vocals and other mid-highs. Experience:i love using these due to the sound quality especially compared to earphones which are in fact the same price are higher than these headphones. I find it uncomfortable after a time period of about 1 hour on the ear as it tends to sit on the ear and they are heavyish due to their thorough build, but its very easy to ignore. It is easier to wear while upright than when lying down as the headphones can then rest their weight on your head and not use friction on the ears. Extras:it has a cool feature of being a bluetooth receiver meaning you can connect to it via bluetooth then use the 3. 5mm jack to play the music on something else and it streams on the headphones at the same time.

These headphones are brilliant, the build quality and sound quality is fantastic, especially for the price. Has a substantial amount of bass and is very comfortable on the ears. It does have a small amount of audio bleed buts its very minor. And overall bluedio’s customer service is one of the best on amazon.

I bought these as a replacement for my t2’s. The headband broke on them and i was a bit wary about buying another bluedio headphone. After reading other reviews of them, i decided to give them a go and i’m glad that i did. Great sound and build quality with easy to use instructions regarding how to pair them over bluetooth. As they are such a good fit,i cannot hear any outside noise whatsoever. The issue with audio/video not synchronising whilst watching applications such as netflix,amazon prime etc has also been rectified.

The sound is very good, especially over bluetooth. Others are correct and it is a little bassy, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Build quality is very good and connection is always reliable. (mainly listen to rock music). I had older plastic turbines but they broke and these are far better in design. Update after over 2 years of use. These are still in great condition (i bought a cheap ski goggle case they fit in when folded). Sound and conductivity as good or better than when i bought them. Battery life crucially is also still very good. A solid investment and now 2 years on they’re cheaper still.

  • Value for money.
  • Great but there are flaws.
  • Wow!! Outstanding Performance & Value for Money

Bluedio T6 Bluetooth Over Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones with Microphone Headphones Nero_T6

Bought this for my 17 year old music mad son – he is bowled over. Says it has a fantastic sound (particularly the bass). Really well packaged and came in a lovely storage box and a handy velvet carry bag.

I purchased these headphones for £23, and i’m very impressed with them for the price. They are very bass-heavy which i’m a fan of, they also get very loud. The build quality of these headphones are also great, containing metal on the earcups and the headband. They do not feel cheap at all. The earcups contain soft material which is fairly comfortable for moderate periods of use. The battery life on these headphones is also great, i hardly ever have to charge them. There are plenty of controls given on the earcup for easy access, those controls being volume up and down, pause and the power button. All of these feel tactile and nice to press. There are also cons i have for these headphones. One of them being that over long periods of using these headphones, they get quite uncomfortable since the earcups aren’t in the over ear style, they also aren’t particularly light, which is understandable given the material choices.

Excellent pair of headphones, not a cheap build. Sound quality is actually pretty good for the price range of the headphones. About build quality: made of study sort of metal, fairly heavy but looks and feels heavy duty. Bluetooth connection: feels solid, no drops in connection so far (granted the source was in my pocket almost all the time)sound quality: sounds deep and thick on the right notes, very high frequency range. Sounds crisp and clean for a pair at this price range. Slightly cleaner sound with cable. One thing i do have to say though is that the on/off can be a little annoying as it has an audible message telling you the headphones are on and off. Also the bluetooth light blinks once every 5 or so seconds which can bother someone i guess. Amazing pair, would recommend, excellent buy.

This is my second pair of bludeio headphones and i can see a definite thing materialising here. I could literally kick myself in terms of some of the junk i have spent similar money on in the past. These look and feel like a £100 easily and the quality of sound is definitely something to shout about. Having purchased numerous headphones in the past, (i have four children), i was told by my children that the beats that one had was expired/broke. :(i looked at the massive amount of headphones available and due to the look, price and reviews i chose this particular set. Be aware though i have bought from bluedio before. The product arrives in a professional looking package, that is both informative and screams quality, the headphones and associated items come well packaged and presented and are a credit to the seller. The headphones are strong, lightweight and feel durable yet are extremely comfortable when worn. The padding of this particular model is so comfortable and it seems like its all padded.

Totally worth for its price range. Only con is not so comfortable for longer duration wear. Fits very comfortably, wont slip even shaking your head and bouncing (or dancing) :)bluetooth connectivity and range is pretty good. I m very much impressed by the battery life.

Comfy, easy to use and dependable. So they must be idiot proof, as i’m a technical idiot. Charge em up using normal phone charger, little light goes from red to blue, off we go. Connect to another device as any other device using wifi connection protocols. One thing i have a very big head, so after an hour they do tend to make my ears ache, but if i take em off for few mins etc then try again it’s fine.

I’ve only had bluetooth earphones before and the sound has been terrible. Music sounds decent to me, watching video the sound is great also. They are a little heavy, but once over my head, i don’t notice that much. Easy controls, less fiddly than on tiny earphones and more comfortable also. I am going to use these to work out [home gym with instead too. ]

After being very impressed with the bluedio ht (shooting brake) and used them extensively for about 6 months, i was curious about the new t3 turbine headphones. Although there is a distinct lack of professional reviews at the time of writing this, the user comments and specifications sold it for me – being bluedio, i was confident that it would be up to a certain standard. Build quality & comfortupon receiving them i was immediately impressed by the significant upgrade in build quality. While the ht felt more or less in line with the price tag, the t3 is in a completely different league. They are weighty, the body is alloy and most importantly (for me) the ear pads are much softer and hugs your ears. You feel like you are wearing a set of headphones 3x the value. I own a pair of v-moda crossfade lp2 and although the t3 is on ear, it is equally comfortable and the materials used on the pads very similar. There are a few comments noting the tight grip around your head/ears. With a tight fit it is imperative that the pads are soft – the t3 is perfect in that sense.

I have been using bluedio for a long time and would recommend it to anyone who will like quality headphones without having to spend crazy amount of money. Everyone (family members and friends) that have used my headphones loved them and were very interested in making a purchase from bluedio. Customers service was excellentsound was excellent and eliminates outside sounds. Durable headset and bluetooth works perfectlyvery nice on your head and also very stylishi believe i will remain loyal to bluedio, a brand that take care of its customers. You wont regret making this purchase.

I have been using these headphones for at least a year now and they have never let me down. The sound quality is great and can go very loud without degrading over time. I find that i can hear things in songs that i couldn’t hear with other headphones or earbuds which makes the experience much better when listening to complex songs with lots of instruments. They don’t break very easily. I had to replace them after 6 months which is a very reasonable amount of time considering that i use them everyday and spend a few hours a week wearing them inside an industrial freezer. The low price means that having to buy a new pair after 6 months is not an issue. Both of my brothers have the same headphones and they both love them. One of their headphones broke pretty soon after getting them however bluedio were very helpful and replaced them for free and he has never had a problem since.

Bought these as an upgrade to the t2 i had, and whilst they don’t sound as good as beats, or feel as well made, the beats are 5x the price and are definitely not 5x as good. For £35 they are well worth it, and a good jump better than the earlier t2. – sound is loud enough and has lots of bass- buttons are much easier to find and use whilst wearing them (compared to t2)- very easy to pair, connect and disconnect- nice spoken feedback including when the battery is low- quality is up on t2 and they look/feel far more expensive than they arethe bad. (and i really am struggling to find things)- the drivers clack against the headband quite loudly when putting them on- they feel ever so slightly tight, although i wore them for a couple of hours and they were comfortable enough- they are quite big but that’s down to personal tastein summary, for £35, you’ll pick up a right bargain.

Wow 😊the sound is fab and the head phones are 2. And even moreso for a great movie it makes you feel as though you are there in with them. 😘 well done for making the perfect head phones.

It was delivered within two of ordering. I bought it for myself and i am very happy to have it. It paired immediately with my iphone and my laptop. Though it is bit heavy but its okay. It folds away and there is handy bag supplied to carry it. Overall i am happy and satisfied with it.

This is so good i cannot hear my wife moan at me.

Irritating mangled english ‘please charging’ message starts with no warning when power is low, which repeats every 2 seconds and makes them unusable. It would be much better if there was an unobtrusive light or similar to let you know that you’ll need to charge them soonish – the battery lasts with moderate usage for more than a week, so there wouldn’t be any great hurry. Build quality good, although they’re a bit clattery when you pick them up. Sound quality from microphone is poor. Don’t buy these for phone calls.

This headset is exactly what i was looking for. Very comfortable to wear on one’s ears for a long time. The weight of the headset itself is very acceptable. The foam in the ear piece seems to take up the shape of the ears and so one does not get the hot feeling that i have got from other headsets. The distance i can use the headset from my computer is about 15 to 20 feet. This is plenty big enough for my usage. Delighted with the purchase. Very good value for the money spent.

Update: i charged the battery for the first time in 2 weeks (at least 2hours daily use) and the headphobes hadnt complained the battery was low at all. I’m really impressedwas a bit sceptical about these headphones at this price point. But they are well made (hinges made in metal) and sound quality is very good with both movies and audio tracks. They are only a few days old so cant comment on longevity but the battery has only been charged once and i watch 4-5 hours of tv/amazon video every night and ive not yet had a low battery warning. The only downside is they are a little heavy. Not enough to knock a star of though.

I’ve got a few pair of headphones, from in-ear wired and wireless ones, one for my playstation, one for the gym. I decided on another pair as i wanted an over-ear set that had a good bass that wasn’t seriously expensive. I know the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ so i don’t expect a surround-sound orchestral experience for low prices. I thought i’d take a punt at these, after reading the reviews. The headphones arrived in a lightening-fast time (i didn’t pay for a faster service either) and the ‘unboxing experience’ at work was good; it all looked like a premium package. There was some charge in the set when i got it though i did fully charge before pairing to my iphone 7plus, ipad and ps vita. They all recognised the bluedio easily and subsequent connecting is straightforward. I like a decent bass, not too overpowering. These headphones deliver that and more than meet my expectations.

Features and Spesification

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  • Notes: Original Bluedio T6 sold by “Bludio. 【Upgrading Technology】 Bluedio latest generation turbine headphones–T6 with strong push adopting the chip of max 97220, better control music is more dynamic and flexible from this technology, better taste your music. Noise cancellation technology is divided into feed-forward and feedback. T6 is a combination of these two ways, for a pure listening space for customers.
  • 【Soft anti-ear pad design & superb master】A pair of rotating earphone is comfortable to wear with anti-ear pad design. It is convenient to carry the external headphones with flat pads in your bag, suitcase, trunk, etc. AL-TI Alloy, Craft Strengthening, Comfortable to Wear, 57 test working procedures, 1587 for longer life.
  • 【Handsfree Calling & Built-in Microphone】Bludio T6 Bluetooth Headset provides a stable and fast connection with Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, TVs within 33 meters, with a high quality built-in microphone for hands-free calls. Note: The microphone only works in wireless mode.
  • 【Bluetooth V4.2 New Bluetooth Chip and 25 Hours Battery Life】Bludio T6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with optimal solution and updated the new chip reduces power consumption and increases its durability. 25 hours of battery life per charge in Bluetooth mode. Enjoy your long journey and without worrying about the problem power shortage. Please take the headphones every 2-3 hours to get the ears for relaxation to get better hearing enjoyment and protect your ears.
  • 【4 Mic Active Noise Reduction+57mm Speciality Driver】Four built-in mini microphone sample and collect ambient noise spectrum and then send the acoustic signal to ANC loop for processing reversal. T6 Bluetooth headphones adopt the active noise reduction technology and gives you crystal clear sound. T6 turbine series adopt 57mm fully titanium plating drive units, combining with its developed technology vft (Vector Flow Motor), which makes the sound exceptional and constant.