Bluedio T6 Bluetooth Over Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones : Good quality headphones

For those of you who are quickly browsing through reviews, this product is amazing. For those of you who are thoroughly reading the reviews, the product has so many pros and only 1 con i can think of. In terms of pros, the main one is the sound itself. The sound coming from this beast is absolutely phenomenal. It can go extremely loud, to the point where they sound like a pair of speakers rather than headphones, and the bass is out of this world. As a test i had these playing skrillex’s scary monsters and nice sprites at full volume and the bass had the headphones practically kicking my head. Even when playing at normal, non-deafening, volumes, the bass comes through very well and still handles the treble brilliantly too. The bluetooth is easy to use and quick to pair and lasts very long. The only pro and con (at the same time) i can think of is the build quality. This is because this is generally made from a type of metal which is perfect.

This is better than beats headphones and at this amazing price with newer technologyb. On the other hand, because with such a low price, obviously something has to be cheep and it is the material quality. If bluedio can take the money they make and create less products but with better strength and quality material they will surely be a new best thing for 2015 and so on fitting in every category and all music lovers out there. Especially dj’s music creators because you can hear the real crisp sounds like you would hear out a bose speaker system.

It came earlier than it should, it was sent with courrierit is very well packaged. Even the package looks premiumthe headphones look really good, looks like a more expensive one, its really well builtthe sound is really amazing. Its my first personal over ear headphones, but the sound and bass is amazinglistening to music around my house didnt have any disturbance, i couldnt go far while answering a phone call thoughif any1 is thinking of buying it, go on.The price is really low for such a device.

Bought these as an upgrade to the t2 i had, and whilst they don’t sound as good as beats, or feel as well made, the beats are 5x the price and are definitely not 5x as good. For £35 they are well worth it, and a good jump better than the earlier t2. – sound is loud enough and has lots of bass- buttons are much easier to find and use whilst wearing them (compared to t2)- very easy to pair, connect and disconnect- nice spoken feedback including when the battery is low- quality is up on t2 and they look/feel far more expensive than they arethe bad. (and i really am struggling to find things)- the drivers clack against the headband quite loudly when putting them on- they feel ever so slightly tight, although i wore them for a couple of hours and they were comfortable enough- they are quite big but that’s down to personal tastein summary, for £35, you’ll pick up a right bargain.

Brilliant with crystal clear sound. Came well on time in very nice packing. Opened them straight away and connection with bluetooth was super easy. I must say these are wonderful and fits very snugly on ears, looks impressive and don’t fall whilst on treadmill like other headphones. Battery life is excellent and i have not charged it for over 2 weeks and they are still running. Can connect with wire as well but i don’t use them with wire as they are difficult to manage in gym. Only downside is on very high volume, other people can listen to sound but i said its only at high volume which most of us never use. At normal range, these are perfectly fine.

I have recommended these headphones and the bluedio company themselves to all of my friends, as these headphones are superbly comfy, and the sound quality is amazing, no matter what music you listen to it with. The way you can adjust the headband is also great, as it makes the heaphones fit nice and snug on your head without making it uncomfortable. Bluedio themselves were also courteous and very helpful, as well as very fast in getting back to me about the question i asked. I have had one of their headphones before, which was the t2s, and whilst they were also great, this is a huge step up for the quality of headphone, well worth the money.

This is so good i cannot hear my wife moan at me.

I’ve got a few pair of headphones, from in-ear wired and wireless ones, one for my playstation, one for the gym. I decided on another pair as i wanted an over-ear set that had a good bass that wasn’t seriously expensive. I know the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ so i don’t expect a surround-sound orchestral experience for low prices. I thought i’d take a punt at these, after reading the reviews. The headphones arrived in a lightening-fast time (i didn’t pay for a faster service either) and the ‘unboxing experience’ at work was good; it all looked like a premium package. There was some charge in the set when i got it though i did fully charge before pairing to my iphone 7plus, ipad and ps vita. They all recognised the bluedio easily and subsequent connecting is straightforward. I like a decent bass, not too overpowering. These headphones deliver that and more than meet my expectations.

  • Superb Company, Quality Heardphones
  • Excellent set of headphones and definitely value for money.
  • Too good for the price

Bluedio T6 Bluetooth Over Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones with Microphone Headphones Rosso_T6

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Truly amazing sound and build quality. I own many pairs of earphones and these are the best i have ever owned. From sony, panasonic, beats(they were shoddy), seinheiser (they are fab), and many more. The bluedios have 57mm drivers which provide top notch sound quality. I do not normally leave reviews but i felt compelled to write this to promote these earphones as i believe they deserve to be a leading supplier. I will definitely consider buying more goods from this company. Also well done to amazon , they were delivered within 3 days, well before the expected delivery date quoted.

Bought for my husband,firstly they didn’t match the picture. They are all plastic and have no metallic bits that the picture shows. Secondly they didn’t work wirelessly. I contacted bludio who did some trouble shooting then arranged a returns label i could print off (i also had to pay return postage) and they admitted the picture on amazon may have been beautified?.Having said all that,bludio arranged to have a black pair sent by parcel force so i would receive them the next day. This pair worked as they should and sound excellent. Overall happy with headphones,just could have done without the hassle.

At £30 they represent very good value. They are a bit bass-heavy and lack detail in the mid and hf ranges for my liking, even using a uncompressed playback source. They operate very well with my iphone 4s. You can certainly walk into the next room before they cut out, and they swiftly re-pair automatically. They seem to work best for audio books, speech radio (such as radio 4 & 4xtra) and light classical. External sound isolation is quite reasonable, they quelled the neighbours’ leaf blower, even though they’re not active noise-reducing. They are pretty solidly-made. The structural components are at least chromed metal, not the fake chromed plastic variant, as often abounds in this price region. Bar the mid-high detail lack, you can’t go too far wrong for the money.

Excellent product- sound is crystal clear with powerful bass. Quality can be felt and heard in this product. Strong alloy body , comfortable ear pieces, nice look. A bit on the heavy side, but for large speakers 🔊 with great sound , can’t complain.So impressed in fact that i ordered the upgraded version t4s and will give these to my wife.

These headphones are brilliant. I initially got them for my t. V, gaming in particular but it turns out they excel in all areas of wireless transmission. No lag whatsoever, incredibly clear with no static, the volume is perfect and goes louder than your normal headphones if desired. The mic is a brilliant feature which works perfectly as a hands free device when on the phone. Battery life exceeded expectations as well at around 8-10 hours of use if not more. Don’t let the price fool you, this headset is far from ‘cheap and tacky’.

These headphones are brilliant, the build quality and sound quality is fantastic, especially for the price. Has a substantial amount of bass and is very comfortable on the ears. It does have a small amount of audio bleed buts its very minor. And overall bluedio’s customer service is one of the best on amazon.

The bass is mental, i listen to a wide range of music from dubstep to classical l and these headphones just seem to take everything in their stride. The noise cancellation is okay not great but miles better than my trusty skull candy hesh 2’s. They sit my head really snug and comfortable, the connectivity is fast and straight forward. Bottom line if you don’t want to spend the earth on a set of wirless headphones these are the best for the price.

I cannot believe the value for money these headphones give the customer. I am a dj & producer so i’m accustomed to listening to audio on the best and clearest of sound systems. These obviously do not quite live up to what i am used to, but with all my experience in audio equipment to date, i know what kind of quality to expect for what amount of money and these definitely exceed expectations in that regard. Great for everyday use (not studio). They are imbalanced towards the low end of the spectrum for sure. This suits me down to the ground as i listen to mostly techno and they provide a good rumble whilst cutting the highs out an acceptable amount. They might not be the best for pop music or melody heavy things like trance and classical, however. It depends on your knowledge of sound in the end. Most people might not notice. They’re a bit rattly and noisy in general when you’re packing or unpacking them, they do sound quite plasticky, but they still seem well built.

  • Superb Company, Quality Heardphones
  • Excellent set of headphones and definitely value for money.
  • Too good for the price

Bluedio T6 Bluetooth Over Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones with Microphone Headphones Rosso_T6

Sound quality – with the exception of some minor and rare crackles the quality of these headphones match most mainstream brandssound volume – great – normally i have my sound on max volume. But for this headset its about half volume it. Sound leak does start going higher than mid. Size – its quite bulkybattery – havent stretch it out yet but its lasted the full day.

Got my brother a pair of t3’s as an xmas gift and they are very good. Sound quality is excellent, very comfortable fit, and very good quality build. The original headphones i received did unfortunately have a charging fault however i contacted bluedio customer services and they dealt with the issue very professionally. They apologised and replaced the headphones without any fuss (did not even have to send the faulty pair back) and i received the replacement pair next day. On the whole, an excellent pair of headphones (for a very decent price) by a very professional company.

This headset is exactly what i was looking for. Very comfortable to wear on one’s ears for a long time. The weight of the headset itself is very acceptable. The foam in the ear piece seems to take up the shape of the ears and so one does not get the hot feeling that i have got from other headsets. The distance i can use the headset from my computer is about 15 to 20 feet. This is plenty big enough for my usage. Delighted with the purchase. Very good value for the money spent.

Bought these as a replacement for a pair of more expensive philips ones i had stolen. These are much better than my stolen pair with the addition of being able to connect directly with the supplied male to male audio cable. The sound quality is excellent and you definitely hear the bass when it kicks in. I found they are a lot louder than the my old pair and so have the audio level turned down a bit more. Battery wise, i regularly get ~20+ hours out of them. Despite the size they are not too heavy and are very comfortable on the ears. Overall a very good purchase.

It was delivered within two of ordering. I bought it for myself and i am very happy to have it. It paired immediately with my iphone and my laptop. Though it is bit heavy but its okay. It folds away and there is handy bag supplied to carry it. Overall i am happy and satisfied with it.

These are my first ever set of bluetooth enabled headphones and although a bit nervous of going down the technological road, i needn’t have worried. The headphones are very well made, although a bit on the heavy side. Pairing them with my fiio x1/ii was a breeze. The only thing i found fiddly at first was the placement of the on/off button & the volume +/- buttons, but i soon got used to it. The sound of the these headphones is very good at this price point; there is also the option of engaging a ‘3d’ sound which is supposed to give a more dynamic range. Personally i didn’t like this option as all it seemed to do to my ears was increase the bass frequencies. All in all these are a great set of bt headphones at a very reasonable price.

Took delivery of these today and they are absolutely great quality. The blue tooth pairing is really easy and the sound quality and bass is phenomenal. For the price nothing comes close. The t3 with new metal casing has a real quality feel and the earpieces are much comfiest than the previous version. The customer service at bluedio is great to having been in touch with them previously a great product and service, have recommended to friends who are current t2 owners.

The pros are the very low cost (assuming you can still find them for about £20), the battery charge seems pretty good – we have not timed the exact hours but we can use them a lot for a couple of days without recharging and they seem to pair and reconnect well. I bought these headphones for my daughter to use with her macbook air. I didn’t want to buy a very expensive set as i didn’t know if she would use them much – she likes them and is using them a lot. I have several pairs of more expensive bluetooth headsets and it is clear you get what you pay for. These are not as comfortable and there is an annoying background noise even when the media is paused. For the price they are a good deal. I see that several other reviewers commented that they seem to break easily and they do seem less robust than my other headphones – i’ll update my post if i have any problems like this but after 1 weeks very solid use they are holding up fine.

 i have this headphone more than a year. I highly recommend it because of quality sound, good fit, nice look, great material, and cheap price. Read below for more details which might be of your interest. Sound quality :: it is crystal clear with a powerful bass. You can increase the volume to the point you zone out of the environment you are in. I use it every day on the bus. A friend of mine was saying it has sound leakage. But to be honest, it was because of its powerful sound, you rarely need the maximum volume. It is like being in a club in front of the speakers.

After being very impressed with the bluedio ht (shooting brake) and used them extensively for about 6 months, i was curious about the new t3 turbine headphones. Although there is a distinct lack of professional reviews at the time of writing this, the user comments and specifications sold it for me – being bluedio, i was confident that it would be up to a certain standard. Build quality & comfortupon receiving them i was immediately impressed by the significant upgrade in build quality. While the ht felt more or less in line with the price tag, the t3 is in a completely different league. They are weighty, the body is alloy and most importantly (for me) the ear pads are much softer and hugs your ears. You feel like you are wearing a set of headphones 3x the value. I own a pair of v-moda crossfade lp2 and although the t3 is on ear, it is equally comfortable and the materials used on the pads very similar. There are a few comments noting the tight grip around your head/ears. With a tight fit it is imperative that the pads are soft – the t3 is perfect in that sense.

Bought this for my 17 year old music mad son – he is bowled over. Says it has a fantastic sound (particularly the bass). Really well packaged and came in a lovely storage box and a handy velvet carry bag.

I have been using bluedio for a long time and would recommend it to anyone who will like quality headphones without having to spend crazy amount of money. Everyone (family members and friends) that have used my headphones loved them and were very interested in making a purchase from bluedio. Customers service was excellentsound was excellent and eliminates outside sounds. Durable headset and bluetooth works perfectlyvery nice on your head and also very stylishi believe i will remain loyal to bluedio, a brand that take care of its customers. You wont regret making this purchase.

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