Bluedio U (UFO) Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Over-ear PPS 8 Drivers with Mic(Purple) : Brilliant.

I have been trying to find over the ear headphones after having to stop wearing my superb sony bluetooth ear buds. I now wearing hearing aids so ear buds are a no go for me. I ordered and tried one other make of headphones but these were awful. So more research done and i kept finding positive references to these bluedio ufo so took a chance and bought them. The headphones arrived and looked well made. The colours good and even came a a hard case which was a bonus. Initially they seemed a little heavy but i have got used to that. I use them whilst out walking to listen to the radio or programmes. The sound quality is excellent and the side control work well. They are comfortable to wear and i have had them on for over two hours.

Very good bass, i still use it every day after 6 month of purchase; slight issue is that after using the bass too much, i can feel now they are a little down compared to what it was before, but the product still stand up to its price.

Great headphones for the money.

The sound quality is great and the 3d sound is incredible when watching movies. The 3d sound also works when i plug them into my xbox elite controller but unfortunately the mic does not work when you do this so you can’t chat with these on. Not sound cancelling but ear cups feel nice while wearing them. Battery life is great and the bluetooth is superb. All in all these are an excellent set of headphone, could not recommend them enough.

A amazing pair of headphones, so recommend.

Works great, the sound quality is amazing. Comfortable to wear for hours. For me those headphones have only one minus, turning on voice in bluedio t2s was nicer.

Comfortable to wear for hours. Sound great, easy to use controls on the right ear. They’re a positive push button, not touch so you know what you’re doing, not having to guess if you’ve hit the buttons or not. My only gripe is that they start up at full volume every time so i’ve got to start playback and turn them down before putting them on otherwise i’d blow my ear drums.

Work very well with other features you don’t expect.

  • ARrrrghh, get on board you bass seeker!
  • How music should be listened to
  • Great headphones

Bluedio U (UFO) Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Over-ear PPS 8 Drivers with Mic(Purple)

Bluedio U (UFO) PPS 8 Drivers Over-ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Bluedio’s principles of fashion and apparent simplicity marry with emphasising music as an important aspect of our lives and delivering a rich listening experience. We are passionate about our commitment to provide professional audio and wireless communication solutions to our clients, and have spread out to more than 150 countries and own over 30 patents.Bluedio U (UFO) the first 8 speaker headphones in the 21st century, is committed to one thing: the superb sound, achieved by Bluedio exclusive PPS8 electroacoustic technology and the built-in DSP processor. Featured an alloy frame and incredible 25+ hours battery life, Bluedio U (UFO) redefines what reference-level wireless audio is all about.

PPS8 Technology Inspired by the physical position of home theatre speakers, Bluedio develops PPS8, 8 speaker drivers, specially arranges and combines multiple drivers to deliver astounding sound, and make them a patented electroacoustic technology.Lifelike Sound Thanks to our PPS8 technology, Bluedio U (UFO) makes your music sound clear, detailed and balanced, enables you to experience a full range of sound frequencies. Plus simply turn on 3D sound, the sound spaciousness is extended to complete an immersion feeling.

Comfortable To Wear The soft leatherette ear pads ensures wearing comfort for long music sessions.Impressive Battery Life Bluetooth version 4.1, its low-power technology and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery provide up to 25+ hours of continuous, wireless music playback. Built To Last Crafted from premium materials, Al-Ti alloy, including robust, lightweight alloyed ear cups, yokes and sliders, the headphone turns out to be sturdy and durable to last for years.

In The Box Bluedio U (UFO) Bluetooth headphones Audio cable Micro USB charging cable Manual Carry hard case with a carabiner

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Well sound is really amazing, but when taking phone call everything isnt so good, loose of signal also other person hears echo and cannot understand propperly what i say. But overall item is realy good and battery holds really good.

These are amazing headphones. Sound is perfect and comfort a+. Pros – sound, comfort, battery life, bluetooth connectioncons – button is a little rattley & lights up blue when connected which can be annoying for others around you. The pros definitely outway the cons for sure. I also picked these up on an amazon black friday for a great price.

Only had these a few days but so far excellent, comfortable and easy to use, happy with the sound, yes quite bassey but more off a warm bass sound than overpowering and i don’t find mid range muffled at all.

Bluedio u ufo wireless bluetooth headphones, for the price, these are unbelievable. They sound so much better than beats. I could not believe the sound quality over streaming over bluetooth. These must be unbelievable when listening to flac. They come with in a very protective case folded up and have excellent battery life. They are very comfortable to wear for long periods and i can’t recommend these enough.

Work well wireless or wired up. Would love a longer connector cable for recording purposes but i love these headphones.

Greatest headphones for this price. I would say best ones i ever had,clear sound,deepest bass and very loud,i cant even listen them on max volume:d i listen to dnb and styles where main part are bass so they completely satisfy me.

Guys, i am not gonna go over the same stuff that’s already been said as others already said many times in the reviews. It has premium quality, fantastic sound, and easy to control. It’s the second headphone i bought from bluedio, the first one was for my wife, and this one i will be the main user.

  • ARrrrghh, get on board you bass seeker!
  • How music should be listened to
  • Great headphones

Bluedio U (UFO) Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Over-ear PPS 8 Drivers with Mic(Purple)

There are a number of features that all make the headphones attractive and my son is a computer geek so know this stuff.

Excellent quality headphones for the price. They rival if not better dr dre beats.

Very pleased with the cordless head phones, it gives me the freedom to move around freely. I especially like the hard storage case to keep from damaging them. They are very comfortable to wear, very easy to adjust the volume up or down, easy to switch on and pair on the blue tooth. I am a reasonably new user of about 2 months but my review would be the same as if i had for 12 months.

I own the bluedio r+ legend and they were awesome. The ufos are on another level. These are undoubtedly the best headphones i have ever owned. The 3d setting is outstanding. When i have enough funds, i might upgrade to the u plus. For 800 quid, these are a great deal.

Fantastic great battery great sound.

First thing i noticed about these headphones is the weight, oh maaaaan they are heavy and boy do they pack a punch. I love these headphones, they are the best ones to date i’ve heard, it’s like having a sound system on your ears i can’t fault these but i can only imagine what the ufo plus are like.

Comfortable fit and good sound. Paired easily with my netbook and give the important ability to roam around.

Great quality,stunningly well made. Great vocal clarity and you can hear every instrument. For bluetooth headphones these are great,just don’t expect them to deafen youupdate,i have just dropped an armchair on my bluedio ufo headset.

The sound is nice and clear though not a pronounced bass.

Firstly, need to say prompt delivery, ordered 3-5 days, here in a day, excellent. . Will update you in a few weeks.

Impressive, especially considering the price.

It kills me that i never managed to get these to connect with my samsung galaxy s6 wirelessly. For context, i’m not a headphone connoisseur and these are the most expensive ones i’ve ever bought, as well as my first pair of wireless headphones ever. They connect fine with iphones and mp3 players, but for some reason my phone never “found” them. Lovely sound quality, decent noise cancellation, good battery life, they cover my entire ear and then some and they’re absolutely gorgeous to look at. They fold conveniently as shown in the picture and they come with a hard plastic case (although it’s too bulky for me so i only keep them in it for storage, not when i carry them with me). They’re also quite heavy compared to non-wireless ones, but i got used to that. Overall i would recommend them, unless you have a galaxy s6.

The best headphones what i ever had.

So comfy around the ears which is important as he uses them alot. Not overly sturdy to be honest but he hasn’t broken them yet and he’s had them for a couple of months so it’s all good. Only down side is battery life last on average of 3 days but they charge to full in just shy of 3 hours so can be done while he’s at school.

These are fantastic headphones i was always a bose fan but these are on a par if not better i now have 2 pairs of bludgeo headphones and i’m that happy with these products i’m now even changing my bose speaker for a bludeo one. Customer service from this company is excemplery fantastic and as soon as you contact them they respond super fast can rate these products highly enough pitty you can’t give 10 stars so please keep up your fantastic service several of my friends have listend to music with these headphones and have gone straight back home and ordered a set for themselveseric.

I have been using these headphones for about 5 days know and i honestly think they are the best i have ever used i have a pair of r+ legend which i absolutely love but there not getting a lookin since these arrived they are a joy to listen to,the sound is so crisp you think you’re right there with the band or orchestra i find myself seat dancing final words on ufo faith series there out of this world,out there with the best if not better i absolutely love them and i have to add my thanks to the customer services team they were fantastic all christmas day emails back and forth again ”/thank you 5/5. Ps i ordered these on christmas day delievery date was for 5th jan and they arrived 31st dec that is some service.  bluedio u (ufo) faith series high-end bluetooth headphones revolution patented 8 tracks /3d sound effect /aluminum alloy build/hi-fi rank wireless&wired over-ear headphones/headset with carrying hard case gift-package (black-red).

I use these for my recording studio and in my opinion are just as good as bose as far as sound goes.

Excellent set of headphones for the price, good frequency response that can give some of the main brands a run for the money.

Features and Spesification

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  • 1. PPS 8 Exclusive Acoustics Technology Want your music to be deep, powerful and balanced? Bluedio exclusive PPS 8 technology makes it come true. With the new innovative 8-driver design, every frequency is accurately reproduced for a full-range listening experience.
  • 2. 3D Surround Effect Dramatically enhancing your music doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply turn on the 3D surround effect, you’ll experience something entirely new-a virtual 360° surround sound from the built-in 3D DSP processor, as if in a concert hall.
  • 3. 24-bit High Fidelity Optimized for high-fidelity sound, the high-resolution Bluetooth decoder achieves a remarkable new level of speed: up to 24-bit signal processing. It helps reproduce abundant details, let you hear new details and nuances even in your most-played favorites.
  • 4. Top Aviation Material: Al-Ti Alloy UFO is beautifully crafted with the top-notch aviation material: Al-Ti alloy, which features high strength performance with extreme lightweight (just 337g).Unbreakable, durable and drop resistant. Absolutely secure.
  • 5. Latest Bluetooth 4.1 Chip The Bluetooth 4.1 is the latest version released from SIG, vastly improved in energy savings. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges in just 3 hours with the included USB cable, and delivers up to 25 hours playing time per charge.