Bluesound Node 2i – Hi-Res Music Streamer – : Serious streamer (and more) for the money

I’ve been looking for a hi res streamer to add to my hifi. I’ve tried a yamaha wxc-50/musiccast as well as a raspberry pi4/iqaudio/volumio set up – both of which were just ok, not quite right. Then what hifi did an article showing the node 2i linked to my amp the rega brio and i was hooked. But what really clinched it was that amazon music joined the hi res fray with their updated hd service for £12. 99 per month as a prime member. So i got this yesterday and got it up and running within 10 minutes. I must say it is a very unimpressive looking piece of kit but it sounds great and is very easy to use with the bluos app. The only mistake i’ve made so far is loading the app on my wife’s phone and showing her how to use it. God help me but she took to it like a duck to water.

Great piece of hi-fi,very please with the node 2i. Using the node 2i to stream to a top class dac,using the optical out from the node 2i,and it sounds fantastic,glad i brought it.

Connected this to a nad amplifier. I was previously using a chromecast audio and wondered whether to splash out £500. The sound quality is fantastic with tidal hi fi subscription especially with master series mqa. I found it quick and easy to set up. Unlike another reviewer, i had no problems connecting banana plugs. Airplay 2 is available from 11 december. Bluesound made it clear it wasn’t available at launch in their documentation and on their website. No i am not an employee of theirs.

Absolutely awesome sounds with the right material (it sounds amazing with hires sources) and the right amp (i have this playing over a supernait 2). App is fast and works well; better and faster than sonos in my opinion. I suspect rather a lot of the complaints in the reviews relate to wifi networks rather than the player itself. I have the player connected via ethernet.

I bought this with trepidation following some of the poor reviews. I can only assume that the previous software update fixed the issues people are referring to. Not a great start as i had numerous attempts connecting to our router. I have to say that i am something of a technophobe. However after a couple of hours frustration and searching the internet it has worked perfectly. Sounds amazing connected to my dac. Software is so good i decided not to get roon. If you are hesitating about this my advice would be to buy it. Prior to this i had returned a project streamer of similar cost and a more expensive cambridge audio. This is miles better in my opinion.

No idea what some of the reviewers above are on about. I have just received my node 2i today and it took me 10 minutes tops to get it set up on my wifi network, log into tidal and start streaming. There’s a guy above who says it doesn’t work with airplay. I had it streaming on airplay absolutely no worries whatsoever. This is an excellent bit of kit.

The sound is great i’m really happy with the purchase. However the only reason i didn’t give a five is due to an issue with connecting my sony headphones via bluetooth. My speaker, phone, pc are so easy, but apart from one occasion i have found it impossible. But saying all that the sound is great.

  • Great sound, fantastic features, bad software
  • Excellent addition to my hi-fi
  • Ignore the Haters. Buy, buy, buy.

Bluesound Node 2i – Hi-Res Music Streamer – Black

Bluesound UK

Node 2i

Bluesound UK

About Bluesound

Bluesound is an alliance of audiophiles dedicated to delivering on the promise of wireless, digitally perfect high-fidelity audio. As designers and engineers who have spent our lives in the music industry, we are not satisfied with anything less than perfection. As the ultimate choice in hi-res multi-room streaming players, Bluesound lets you listen to your favourite tracks in every room of your home, all in outstanding musical detail.


Wireless Multi-Room Hi-Res Music Streamer

Easily connect the NODE 2i to any existing stereo system to unlock and discover a universe of audio streaming. With more than enough analog and digital input/output options to please the most dedicated audiophile, the NODE 2i connects your gear to all the music ever recorded. Online streaming services, Internet radio and even your own digital music library held on a computer, smartphone or external drive—the NODE 2i brings infinite playback choices into your very own high-fidelity sonic domain.

  • Featuring digital and analog input/output options, headphone stereo mini jack, subwoofer RCA mono
  • Seamlessly stream music from a CD player or turntable through the NODE 2i to other Bluesound Players
  • Simple setup directly inside the user-friendly BluOS Controller app
  • Access and stream Internet radio stations, cloud music services, and your own local music library to multiple Bluesound Players
  • Control music wirelessly with the intuitive BluOS Controller app
  • Ask Alexa to play music from today’s top music streaming services, including Amazon Music and Tidal
  • Stream music and podcasts from your Apple devices with AirPlay 2

Node 2i Lifestyle

Reinvent Your HIFI

Designed to connect traditional HiFi systems—including powered speakers—to the expanding world of streaming audio and Internet radio, the NODE 2i instantly breathes new life into your decades-old stereo equipment. Whether it be an aging amplifier or a long-forgotten receiver, the NODE 2i will have your favorite components sounding better than the day you brought them home.

Headphone & Node 2i

Take Your HIFI Wi-Fi

The NODE 2i has enhanced dual-band Wi-Fi which provides best-in-class performance even in crowded airspace. With state-of-the-art Bluetooth, powered by Qualcomm’s aptX HD codec, the NODE 2i can easily support 24-bit streaming directly from your phone or tablet, as well as send studio-quality music to Bluetooth headphones and speakers. High-end DAC technology built into every Bluesound Player allows the NODE 2i to decode and stream MQA files in all their lossless glory.


Set Your Music Free

Featuring an array of analog and digital input and output options, the NODE 2i gives you infinite playback choices to rule your sonic domain. With the ability to connect to a CD player or turntable, the NODE 2i ensures that your physical music collection continues to thrive. Easily stream your favorite tracks from the source of your choice and hear it anywhere in the home.

Mobile App

All The Music Ever Recorded

The NODE 2i is one of the most flexible streamers ever. Premium high-res music services like TIDAL, Spotify and Qobuz—as well as virtually all other popular music services and Internet radio stations can be found directly inside the BluOS Controller app. Access your downloads, your iTunes library and any other content from a NAS drive, all without turning on a computer.

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I got this as it is one of the only streamers that is shown as amazon hd compatible on the product site. I am sure others are, but few advertise it yet. It was a breeze to set up, although it needed a firmware upgrade which said it failed, but when i restarted the app, i found it had succeeded. Lucky this review is for the player and not the app, as the app needs a bit of work, especially with the search function. It does not sound as good as aurender n10, but that is almost £9000 and the node 2i costs £500 and i am more than happy with the performance at that price point. This player won the what hi-fi best streamer under £500 award 2018 and by my ears, deservedly so. I’ve been streaming hd and ultra hd from amazon all day and it knocks my sonos connect into a cocked hat. Like most electronic equipment i am sure the sound will improve with burn in. For full disclosure , i am not using the supplied rca cables but some van den hul “the first” that i’ve had for many years.

This is a proper bit of hi- res hi-fi streaming kit. Only thing ‘missing’ is a video board/ hdmi so we can see album art on a big screen. I’ve used it as a temporary front end to drive my ‘vintage’ lecson amp, replacing nearly £10k’s worth of devialet streamer/ amp. And you know what, the devialet is going to be sold.

Bought the bluesound node 2i a month ago. I found it easy to set up it did take a long time to index my music from my nas but the nas is 4 tb so i wasn’t suprised. When all set up the sound is amazing i am using it in an all linn active system. I was quite suprised how much better than the sonos it is. The app is easy to use and setup. Its also better than the sonos.

This streamer is very good value and is able to access high quality streams from tidal in mqa, providing the listener with the easiest access to master quality authenticated recordings as long as you subscribe to tidal hi-res downloads at £19. Mqa recordings offer the most natural sound of any digital files that i’ve heard at a very reasonable price with the bluesound node 2i, at a third of the price of a roon nucleus streamer.

Easy to set up and use via the app and works very well with qobuz. Couple of minor issues to note: (1) the bluetooth may not connect with older equipment (it is fine with my 2 year old phone but not with my 5 year old tablet) and (2) if you leave a hard drive connected, as i do, every time you switch off and on (i leave it on most of the time) it will re-index all the music. If there is a lot of music (i have 26,000 ‘songs’) this will take an hour or so and you won’t be able to play off the drive until that is finished. But meanwhile you can stream from elsewhere so it is no great hardship.

Love that this one box can stream music from your local network drive, from your ios device via airplay 2, from other mobile devices via bluetooth, via your roon setup, from spotify, tidal, amazon music, qobuz etc. The hardware just seems to work. Love that it can be connected digitally to a high-spec dac and power amp for great high resolution sound. Just feel that the software lets the side down – the ux is quite clunky and not at the same level as the hardware. Using it as a roon endpoint gives a better experience, just a shame that roon does not yet support amazon music hd.

Not my first steamer but by far the best in terms of ease of use and sound quality.

Do yourself a favour, buy one.

  • Great sound, fantastic features, bad software
  • Excellent addition to my hi-fi
  • Ignore the Haters. Buy, buy, buy.

Bluesound Node 2i – Hi-Res Music Streamer – Black

Bought this to stream mqa from tidal. Coaxial digital output from the node 2i to a chord qutest dac and then a rega eicit r and kef r3’s. Quick setup without glitches. I’ve already used a denon heos link for a while, which doesn’t stream mqa. The node2i seems better – the app is certainly much more user friendly than the heos. And the ability to filter searches of your library using audio quality (hires, cd, mqa) is really useful. Sound quality when connected directly to the amp without the dac is also pretty good.

I really wanted to like the node 2i. It sounds great, it has amazing features and it even looks nice. It should be the sonos connect killer. Living with it for a week proved difficult. Please note that my home network is excellent with a top of the line synology router. The node 2i was placed 10 ft away from the router with clear line of sight. The node 2i would occasionally just disappear from the app for no apparent reason. I would have to unplug and reboot to get it back. I use roon and bluesound markets their products as ‘roon ready’. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stream music to multiple Bluesound players all over the home
  • Access and connect to internet radio stations, cloud music services, and your own local music library
  • Apple AirPlay 2 integration & Qualcomm aptX HD Bluetooth
  • Control music wirelessly with an intuitive controller app for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows & Mac OS X desktops
  • Instinctive touch control on unit