Bluetooth bluetooth headset : Great sound

Comfortable with earbuds provided as otherwise it doesn’t fit for me. It may be different to other ears. Glad they gave buds as part of the earphones else had to find it. Slightly bigger than other airpods or buds. But with clippers it fits well. Button isn’t visible thought it was a touch but it wasn’t. Easy to connect and good battery life.

I wanted to buy air pods but they are too much expensive so searched others and found this one. These are just perfect in this amazing price. Sound is fantastic and its material is just so good that i can say these are best one i can get in this price. Battery timing is also good. Charging timing is not much and everything is just as i wanted.

These are a little too big for my ears so they tend to fall out and they make my ear ache a bit after a while. They connect easily and the sound quality is fine. For the money i think they’re great. I am having to exchange mine though as the sound cuts out in one of the pods. Hoping that’s just a one-off on this set.

The product is easy to configure and use. The battery life is very good and the overall item is perfect the only bit that can be better is the dimension of the item compared to my hears that are too small but it is perfect for my girlfriend.

Very pleased with these headphones. The comfort and fit around the ear is great for walks. The sound quality is also good particulary near busy roads. The product comes with a handy carry case ideal for travelling. Overall happy with purchase.

When you walk down the street wearing this wireless headset, it’s cool. Friends ask me where to buy, sound quality good, easy to operate.

I bought this as a birthday present for myself. Really easy to connect compared with my old one. I am glad with this purchase.

Received the headphone in 2 days. The bag is so beautiful and looks cool. Headphones were already had some juice in it and tried them on right away. It took me only a few seconds to connect them to my s9+.

  • Best fit ever
  • Even smaller then the Airpods
  • Great sound

Bluetooth bluetooth headset White

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Very nice wireless headphone. I bought it for when i go to gym. It’s easy to connect and never slide down when running or jumping.

Got these as a little gift for my daughter after not being prepared to shell out on the (in my opinion) overpriced airpods. She’s no audio expert but she says that they sound good and get perfectly loud enough when connected to her ipod touch. The case resembles the apple one in terms of the hinge – it’s high quality and magnetic which gives that satisfying clicking sound when it closes. You also get a larger hard backed zipper case to store the charging cable and spare eartips too which is neat. The pairing process looked easy enough and re-conecting each time is just as easyy. The only little gripe is you’ve gotta make sure you place them back in the case right – evenly pointing outwards so when the lid shuts it forces the earphones on the metal prongs to charge – if you don’t place them right and force the lid shut you could potentially break it somehow. On the whole though – i’d definitely say these are a great alternative to the airpods, at a third of the price too.

Hiare there any possible ways to charge the earpods as i have lost the charging box?please recommend me with any type of charger that is compatible with this earpods.

Super compact and sleek design, easy to set up and fits snuggly. Although did take a minute to work out how they actually fit.

These wireless earbuds fit like apple earphones into the ear but are bluetooth. The smooth design makes it not as big as other bluetooth earbuds and this is why i like it as it fits more comfortable in my ear. The music quality sound is also good.

I like its convenience, but it doesn’t have high sound quality, and when i use it on the bus, i need to turn up to almost 70% of sound volume.

These are cute little wireless earphones. They fit nicely in my ears and has been great for the commute to work. Sound quality is great and the charging dock is small enough to carry around in your bag or pocket.

Needed a small compact earphones for daily commute to work. This works perfect and fits well. I use it for my gym workout and outdoor cycling.

  • Best fit ever
  • Even smaller then the Airpods
  • Great sound

Bluetooth bluetooth headset White

These in-ear bluetooth headsets are absolutely amazing. They connect to my phone very easy. The sound quality is superb. Particularly there is mic on it,you can hear what someone is saying to you/or your surroundings without removing the ear piece. They are also comforatble to wear. The best feature is whilst im at the gym if i get a phone call it comes through the ear. The carry case can charge the ear buds on the go. No negatives just absolutely amazing.

Brilliant pair of bluetooth headphones. It’s a nice change to have two instead of the standard 1 bluetooth headphone. So easy to connect to my phone and the bluetooth range is very impressive. The battery life is also a lot longer then expected. For the price i paid i didn’t expect the quality of the sound or headphone to be so good. I will definitely buy again.

I would like to recommend diyue-uk to the highest degree for their speedy and generous help and advice. I had a problem with my earbuds and this company couldn’t have handled the situation better than they did. Thank you so much, it is a refreshing change when people are so helpful. I will definitely purchase more products from diyue-uk again.

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