Bluetooth Earbuds V5 : Fantastic product, very useful, a big thumbs up!

My daughter has a problem with wired earphones as she breaks them so easily. The music is clear and they are comfortable to wear. The carrying case is compact so does not take up much room in her bag. She uses them for her iphone 7.

My first time to use a bluetooth wireless earbuds. It was a bit strange at first as there wasn’t any cable to connect to my phone but got use to it eventually and found them so much better than using a wired ones. The earbuds are lightweight and easy to pair via bluetooth and with the charging case, there’s no problem when the earbuds has run out of battery. Very pleased with the sound quality too.

Great fit and a pretty good sound. Paired easily although i found it better to turn the left one on first and then the right a second later. Im on android so use an app called ‘baton’ to show its power level. No idea on uptime as just had them for an hour. They stay put very well so will be great for working out or any activity where you are moving a lot. Wish they would have had some other colour options but i got what i paid for so i’m very happy. Update: just been out in the garden and on full charge these earbuds were still working at 20ft (direct line of sight) but once the battery starts draining so does the distance. At 50% the range dropped to around 8-10ft. Still really impressed so far.

Was very rapid delivery and set up almost out of the box with bluetooth – one moan – info on battery and storage charging not very clear.

These are definitely the best earbuds i ever had, great battery life ideal for travelling and going out, sound quality amazingai really recommend it.

I bought these as i was tired of using cables and having them tangled up everywhere. These earbuds are affordable and really good quality, the battery life is very good and lasts a while, they sit comfortably in my ear and don’t fall out easily. You get a charger carrying case from which you can charger your earbuds so that you never easily run out of battery. Overall the product is great.

First impressions, the product comes in a sleek case of very good quality materials and not cheap plastic. Both the ear pods sync effortlessly and can be used separately as well for different devices. With one charge, i have been using it for the entire day to listen to music and for calls, i have not had to recharge. It has a good range for connectivity and hi stereo sound. It is very convenient to carry around in a trouser pocket or handbag.

Well i did have a bit of help to choose these i read the reviews and they are amazing for the price i have compared them to my husbands apple ones and they are good there’s no way they are better then them but a good second which is all i wanted i don’t use ear buds a lot but for traveling they are very good they do knock down the noise around you while using them i’ve only used them twice so far but i wouldn’t pay £159 for apple and for me these are brill clear sound just what i wanted and can’t review working out as i don’t do ear pods for that.

  • great headphones
  • Lasts long after one charge!
  • Just what I needed

Bluetooth Earbuds V5.0, GEEKERA Wireless Headphones True Wireless Earphones In-Ear TWS Sports Headset with Mic HIFI Stereo Sound and Charging Case for iPhone iPad Samsung Huawei Android Cellphones

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Product worked straight away.  easy to pair with your device and each earpiece speaks when they connect.  good sound quality, great value for money , would recommend to everyone , outstanding product.  the sound is crisp and clear. Maximum volume was very loud. The headphones fitted perfectly in the ear and was comfortable.

I chose this style as the unique shape fits my ears perfectly. It’s snug without ever getting uncomfortable. Good battery life, stylish and sounds awesome.

I have bought several earbuds and found them all uncomfortable or they fell out. These are perfect, they stay in place, are really comfortable and the sound is excellent. I bought them to take on a walking holiday, i just got them in time, the following day they became unavailable. I use them with an iphone7 and am very happy with my purchase. I hope these come back into stock.

Amazed at how good these are, my music library has been reborn with these ear pods every song i listen too sounds new despite me having listened to it 100s of times before on clearly inferior earphones, and thats before the joy of no wires, how can something so small bring so much musical joy for such a ridiculously low price compared to apple pods this coming from an apple fan boy *****.

Sound is very clear and loud.

These really are an excellent pair of headphone. Very easy to set up and their connectivity seems to be very good and reliable. I have been walking around the house rediscovering tracks with audio i never knew existed until now due to the clarity of treble and bass that these small earbuds deliver. Already thinking of getting a second set for my sister 🙂 great customer service, politely following up on whether i am enjoying the product – i can thorough recommend.

I needed a new pair of headphones and these are perfect. I found them easy to pair up with my phone and the sound quality is excellent. They hold their charge well and recharge in a short time they are charged with a usb cable which is provided so i keep them charged in my car. They are comfortable to wear and fit nice and secure, so i don’t have to worry about them falling out then i’m running.

I’m very impressed with these earbuds. I didn’t know what to expect given the mixed reviews and the price but for my purposes they are perfect. Sounds quality is good, better than any other budget bluetooth headphones, i’m yet to test battery life but impressed by the charging case they sit in when not in use. They are good quality and we’ll packaged.

  • great headphones
  • Lasts long after one charge!
  • Just what I needed

Bluetooth Earbuds V5.0, GEEKERA Wireless Headphones True Wireless Earphones In-Ear TWS Sports Headset with Mic HIFI Stereo Sound and Charging Case for iPhone iPad Samsung Huawei Android Cellphones

I brought this for when i’m driving as handsfree kit. The pair of earbuds is really small and pretty comfortable on the ear and i tend to wear it for hours and sometimes dont even notice i’m still wearing them. Comes with a charging case which holds afew charges so will last over a day depending how much i use it. Its black and quite discreet which is good. Looks good quality and i’m thinking of buying another pair for a friend who wants it too.

These earphones are excellent, it’s just a small case so you can always bring it with you, also the sound is perfect and the battery last for long i charged it once a week, also they are really good quality especially for workout i used it in the gym and they never fall.

Looks very nice in bright white while not breaking the bank. The music volume is loud when on full but doesn’t distort the music. Battery is long lasting and only require charging the case once a week with daily use.

Excellent battery life, comfortable to use.

Small but powerful premium quality earphonesthese look and feel like the iphone earphones. The sound quality is absolutely awesome. They are lightweight and easy to pair via bluetooth. It can be charged by putting them in a charging box. Overall the product is exceptional.

The explanation stated that 7 hours of play time, i can use my 8 hours hearing. I believe that the volume has an effect on the duration of the battery. I play at low volume so i can hear the noise around. I wore it with only one phone, and another person could even hear my voice even if the microphone was on the right earbud. If you are looking for a bluetooth headset, i will definitely recommend these.

I wanted to get the apple wireless bluetooth headphones but so glad i purchased these instead. For travelling they’re great, cancelled all noise on the plane and has a very long batter life. I had to charge the earphones in the pod roughly once a day but the pod itself lasted without charging almost a week. Be warned the earphones are a little bigger than the apple ones but if you don’t mind that, then they’re a great choice for value for money. One thing though, the mic is located on the outer side of the speaker so it picks up quite a bit of external noise when on a phone call.

I felt i was taking a bit of a chance with these in comparison with some other headphones. Sound is great, they work perfectly with good sound and bass. They charge in the case so are always ready to use if i keep the case charged, my only tiny downside is i’m a small person and need the ear buds slightly smaller but i’m hopeful i can find new silicone ear bud covers. But that’s me, i am a small person. Still wouldn’t swap them for any others.

Very happy with these as they fit great in the ears and are secure when i’m on the move which is important, which is why i would highly recommend them. I love the case that they are as they fit in my handbag nicely and would be ideal for traveling.

It is amazing earbuds, i love it how it has a docking and also act as a case. The docking case is also the charger which is very convenient.

So i bought these in hope that i would get what is described. The answer is yes i didthey fit comfortably in my ears, a little larger than i thought however comfort is key. The sound is really good, i would personally like a tad more treble but it is plenty good enough as when the earbuds are sat in your ears correctly you get a full sound with plenty of bass. Battery seems to stand up well at the moment. They could be a tad smaller but you.

I am very impressed by this headphones which is exactly what i needed, bluetooth connection with my iphone6 to listen to music on spotify, integrated microphone to pick up calls and have long conversations. I can’t comment on the battery as i have never exhausted it but definitely many hours. Very happy with the product.

They are small and fit in the ear extremely well. The sound is actually really good and the battery life is great so far. I’ve already used them for working out. They stay in the ear almost perfectly.

These are great earbuds, have a look of the apple version from a distance. Fit perfectly in the ear and cancel out the noise really well, perfect for running or any activity/sport very comfortable. Battery life is really good to.

To be honest i wanted a pair of apple airpods but i cannot justify spending that kind of money. They are just too expensive. But these earbuds makes a great alternative. They have a similar look and style to the airpods and they sound great too. These are very comfortable on all day and easy to carry around with me. Overall these are good value earbuds.

I did not expect that sound. Before i bought other band product cheap series similar price. Sound was bad and not fits my ears very well. That one perfect fits and good sound for that price. Especially charging dock and silicone quality better than i expected. For me they works great in the pool.

I use this earphone while running to the gym and throughout my workouts and i can say these are great pair of earphone and works wonders. The ear pieces are very easy to pair up with both iphone and android systems as well are quite comfortable. It comes with a great case, extra ear buds, manual, and usb cable for easy charging. These earphones provide stable and seamless connectivity with bluetooth 5. 0 enabled and delivers true hi-fi stereo sound, clear mid-range and a balanced bass and treble performance.

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